2020, the cloud computing this year

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At the end of the year, reviewing the 2020 years of the past, “new crown epidemic” will become our unforgettable memory.

Because this epidemic, it seems to have reshaped our lives overnight. The physical world is like seal, only maintains minimum operation, while in the digital world, we will put almost as much time as possible with the smart terminal and network.

From the beginning of 2020, we have experienced cloud office, cloud conference, cloud class, Yun Xi Di … “Work on the cloud”, “Life on the cloud” becomes a number of companies and countless ordinary people can directly apply and The production and lifestyle of the body experience. Video live, games, short video, and various types of mobile applications have occupied our daily time.

cloud computing is to support the underlying digital infrastructure that supports these online services and products. For enterprises, “Cloud Service” has become a standard for enterprises to realize digital transformation; for the public, “cloud” is no longer just a physical world of weather, but also the elements of daily digital life must not leave.

This year, “cloud computing” itself also achieves transformation growth. How to define “1020 of cloud computing”, we can find the answer from these keywords.

Under the epidemic situation, Yunyun’s technical scene is outbreak

New crown epidemic closes the door of the online physical world, but the online digital world A very vast sunroof.

In the beginning of last year, the epidemic emergence, my country’s mobile Internet’s single monthly access flow reached more than 2 times, online traffic, like torrents, generally flooded into various online application services. .

For example, in order to deal with traffic in the epidemic, the traffic of online office and online education fields, the cloud samples such as container service, nails are urgently expanded 10,000 cloud servers within 2 hours, this The numbers also set a new record of Ali Cloud’s rapid expansion.

The outbody of online office, distance education, online games, video streaming media, etc., greatly accelerated the clouding process of these industries. Because it is undoubtedly the most reliable choice because it wants to cope with the data traffic such as such a short period.

2020, Yunyu Yusheng has entered the real business scene of the company, and the transformation from the technical value to business value. According to Gartner data forecast, by 2022, 75% of globalized enterprises will use “Yun asndial container application” in production.

Therefore, Yun quasi is almost a noun for the most popular in the field of cloud computing in the past two years. It seems that the cloud computing vendor does not mention Yun Into. In foreign countries, Yun City has long been a representative architecture system for a new generation of cloud computing. In China, Alibaba Cloud announces the establishment of the Yunyan Technical Committee and in the double 11 core system for the first time, Tencent Clouds followed into the 8 clouds. Original product, upgrade cloud marsh matrix, Huawei cloud launches Yunyuan Production White Paper and Action Plan. Yun quasi-rack structure has become a key magic weapon to address this online digital flood crisis.

Compared to the traditional IT architecture, the advantage of cloud original architecture is to make full use of cloud computing distributed, scalable and flexible features, through database, big data, middleware, function calculation, container service Waiting for Open Standard Yunyuan Product Service, effectively reducing the threshold of enterprises, sharing the technical value divideration of cloud biochemical. On the other hand, cloud primary technology has better features that make the system more flexible and more fault, loosely coupled, easy to manage, observable, so that companies have power to overcome the cloud of clouds.

talk about the technical value of Yunyun, we can see some new technological trends in 2020:

1, cloud original safety. Yunjing safety capacity is being released in the case of increasingly complex cyber attacks. Seamlessly connected cloud primary safety capabilities, can serve as a cloud service, with higher security levels and lower cost, support elastic, dynamic, complex industrial scenes.

2, the cloud primary data warehouse product (CDW) launched based on the “Data Warehouse Service” (DAAS) concept, can support the calculation and storage nodes, and do not affect the synchronization when the query is calculated. Expand or rescind, no delay or interruption.

CDW fundamentally solves the architecture problem of traditional data warehouses, and maximizes the architectural characteristics of Yun. Just like Ali Cloud’s clouds, the ANALYTICDB is separated by a storage calculation + multiple copies, which is highly compatible with Mysql, Oracle, and the application migration cost is low.

3, the data library large data integration has become the evolution direction of the next generation data processing. Unlike the traditional model, “Database Big Data Integration” is based on cloud primary foundation, which provides elastic extension, mass storage, a variety of calculation models and low cost, etc., one-stop resolving data storage, analysis, consumption Link user needs, power service for digital intelligence innovation, more real-time online, more globally, simpler, more agile. Taking Alibaba Cloud Native Data Lake DLA as an example, it has begun to ground, and high performance is integrated from off-line in terms of high performance by using a laxation, MPP + BSP fusion execution engine, hierarchical storage.

Cloud computing After entering the heterogeneous era, AI’s power expansion

We suddenly realize in the background of this year’s science and technology Cloud computing is a huge value contained in overcome viruses and defeating the epidemic. From supporting viral gene sequencing, new drug development, protein screening, etc.

IDC released in 2020, China Artificial Intelligent Cloud Service Market Research Report, 2019 China Ai Cloud Service Market is $ 166 million, and CAGR will reach 93.6% from 2018 to 2024. AI capability has Become an important consideration factor when the user performs cloud service selection.

2020, AI calculations have become accelerators and boosters that have developed cloud computing industries. For SMEs and social organizations, embrace Ai technology directly, facing problems such as talent, too high technology threshold, and insufficient resources can be put into resources. Then, through the way of cloud services, get AI software applications and AI integration is an inevitable trend of enterprise digital transformation.

From “Yunhua” to “AI), behind this trend, it is the three major resource pools that are computing based on virtualization technology based on virtualization technology. Among them, the growth of heterogeneous accelerators such as GPU, FPGA, NPU constitutes a heterogeneous computing resource of the cloud, which can provide elastic AI computing resources to enterprise customers.

Previously, the pool of the heterogeneous accelerator is still largely bottlenecks with limited network bandwidth and delay. Due to a wide variety of heterogeneous accelerator products, it greatly damages the pool of resources; the distribution of memory is still limited to a single compute node, causing a large amount of memory fragmentation and waste. With some Cache consistency bus and high-speed interconnection agreements such as Gen-Z, CXL, large-scale poolization of these heterogeneous computing resources and memory will become possible.

Currently, there is already a way in which cloud manufacturers have passed software poolization, and the decoupling of heterogeneous accelerators such as GPU, FPGA, NPU and CPU / memory were first implemented. In the next 3 ~ 5 years, with the large-scale pool of the resources such as GPU, FPGA, memory, the calculation resources will implement the ultimate pane, leading the cloud computing infrastructure, bringing users more ultimate elastic cloud original calculations and Storage server system.

Take Ali Cloud as an example, its Shenlong Ai Accelerator and FastGPU, etc., the speed of flexible calculation is brought about by pool, and the cloud server develops from a specific configuration to the Serverless direction. These can help customers upgrade 2 times to 10 times in the training scenario, which increased by 2 times to 4 times in the reasoning scenario, saving at least 50% of the cost.

A significant change in AI calculation on the cloud is that from 80% of AI training, 20% of the AI ??reinforcement, and the cloud AI calculation has been facing each line. Industry, breaking through the traditional single depth learning training task, turning a significant training reasoning, cloud desktop, graphic image design, etc. diversified scenes.

The shaped heterogeneous calculation becomes the most cost-effective way to perform AI efficiency.

Offline digital scene broke out,

call for low-code development wave

“two days development An application “,” demand has been placed next spring “, which sounds like a programmer.

In fact, this is a middle school teacher’s daily, and does not write a line of code. He can take advantage of teaching management, personnel salary, student statistics by nail-free development tools. Application, implementation of the whole line.

“low code development” has become a “trend” technology that helps an ordinary person to develop. The so-called low code development platform refers to tools that can quickly generate applications without coding or by a small amount of code. On the one hand, it can reduce the cost of enterprise application development, and on the other hand, the development time of the original month or even years. Double shortened, helping companies achieve the value of the effect, flexible iteration.

Since this year, the low-code field has developed rapidly. Outsystems, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google have also launched low code development platforms in the track. Code track. In June this year, Microsoft’s low code commercial application platform PowerPlatform officially used in China’s market, locates the unified tools for the three intelligent clouds of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft365, Dynamics 365.

Ali Cloud also introduces the combination of staple +, providing more than 100 graphical development components, users “drag” development components, you can complete the application, do not understand the code of the code Personnel, such as HR, finance can also become a developer.

gives a 2020 case. In Zhejiang Province, the mobile office platform provided by more than 1 million civil servants – Zhejiang Zhengzi nails, a grassroots civil servant has no programming basis, and can use the above “low code” application development platform to help the fishery law enforcement departments have developed “fishing Application of Policy Application, after which he also helped other administrative departments to develop a series of applications such as “office equipment maintenance”, “import and export vehicle approval” and “Hui farmers policy information publicity approval”. Many line processes can be “digitized” by “drag”.

After a difficult 2020 epidemic, more and more industries have realized the importance of digital transformation. Whether you choose cloud manufacturers that are vigorously advocating to build their own business, or have to choose the hybrid cloud model of local and clouds to ensure more words, cloud computing has become a priority option for enterprise digital transformation.

Review this year, we see that the scenes of cloud computing are in a large number, and the AI’s strength demand is also incurs, and Yunyuan has become the shortest path of the company to obtain cloud computing bonus. The public will also get a better digital life experience in these new cloud applications.

Next 2021, cloud computing will usher in what new technology trends and surprises, still worth our expectation.


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