30 top technology and innovative US companies listed on Nasdaq

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The company listed on Nasdaq is usually younger, more energetic, more focused on technology, science and innovation, it is not like a New York Stock Exchange in traditional industries. The following is the list of 30 largest companies in the Nasdaq stock market by market value.

30.intuitive surgical </ h3>

industry: Health care

intuitive surgical Inc. is a medical equipment company, development, manufacturing and marketing micro-surgical platform and future Diagnostic tool. Its flagship product Da Vinci robot auxiliary system allows surgeons to enter and explore the body through a small incision; it is the most approved company in the US Food and Drug Administration.

website: http://intuitive.com – Market value: 5.761 billion US dollars – Stock code: ISRG

29. CSX </ h3>

industry: Transportation

CSX is a railway transportation company. Through the railway network, more than 21,000 miles of tracks are re-combined in the United States and Canada, CSX can enter the main population center of the eastern, Ontario and Quebec. Through rail transport, CSX can reduce the movement of various products while minimizing the impact on the environment, fuel consumption and transportation costs.

website: http://csx.com – Market value: 6.317 billion US dollars – Stock code: CSX

28. T-Mobile US </ h3>

industry: public Career

T-Mobile US, is more simply called T-Mobile, is a wireless voice and data service for multiple mobile virtual network operators and wireless network operators with host networks. T-Mobile is the third largest wireless operator, with more than 80 million customers in the United States in 2019. Its major shareholder is one of Deutsche Telekom, Germany.

website: http: //t-mobile.com – Market: $ 65.81 billion – Stock code: TMUS

27. Intuit </ h3>

industry: technology

Intuit Inc. is a software company specializing in finance, accounting and tax preparation software and related services. It is known for its production of Turbotax, Consumption Tax Preparing Applications, QuickBooks, Small Enterprise Accounting Programs, and Operating MINT, Personal Financial Applications, etc.

website: http://intuit.com – Market value: 6.675 billion US dollars – Stock code: INTU

26. Celgene </ h3>

industry: Health care

Celgene Corporation is a biotechnology company, research, production and sale for the treatment of cancer and severe immune, inflammatory diseases. Celgene specially focused on the manufacture of drugs that could not be cured, including multiple myeloma, bone marrow proliferation abnormal syndrome, chronic lymphocyte leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, triple-negative breast cancer and pancreatic cancer.

website: http://celgene.com – Market value: $ 6.773 billion – Stock Code: Celg

25. CME Group </ h3>

industry: Finance

CME Group Corporation of the Chicago Commodities Exchange and Chicago Futures Exchange is a global market company, operating derivatives, options and futures exchanges in Chicago and New York, and provides settlement and liquidation exchanges through CME Clearing . The Chicago Commodity Exchange Group offers a wide range of financial products, through interest rates, stock indices, foreign exchange, energy, agricultural products and metal management risks and seizes opportunities for all major asset categories.

website: http://cmegroup.com – Market value: 7.235 billion US dollars – Stock code: CME

24. ADP </ h3>

industry: Technology </ P >

Automatic Data Processing, Inc, is often referred to as ADP, which is a company that provides human resource management software and cloud-based services. Through its technical platform, ADP provides solutions for human resources, salary, talent, time, taxation and welfare management, and provides business outsourcing services, analysis and compliance expertise.

website: http://adp.com – City Value: $ 7.265 billion – Stock Code: ADP

23.booking Holdings </ h3>

Industry: Travel

Booking Holdings Inc. is a company with a plurality of travel fare agglometers and travel fare prices for hotel rooms, rental and tickets. The site has about 40 languages ??and 200 countries, mainly engaged in its flagship website http://booking.com, and http://priceline.com, http: //agoda.com, http: // kayak. COM, Cheapflights, http://rentalcars.com, momondo and opentable.

website: http://bookingholdings.com – City Value: 7.698 billion US dollars – Stock Code: BKNG

22.mondelez International </ h3>

industry: consumer is not Durable items

Mondelez International, Inc is a multinational candy, food and beverage company, mainly through the snacks and food brands of Kraft Food. It produces chocolate, biscuits, biscuits, chewing gum, candy and powder drinks, which are commercialized under multiple brands including Belvita, Chips Ahoy! , Nabisco, Oreo, Ritz, Tuc, Triscuit, Lu, Club Social, Barny and Peek Freans, Milka, C?ted & # 39; Or, Toblerone, Cadbury, Freia, Marabou, Fry & # 39; S, LACTA, TRIDENT, DENTYNE, CHICLETS , Halls, Stride, Tate & # 39; S Bake Shop and Tang.

Website: http://mondelezinternational.com – City Value: $ 77.81 billion – Stock Code: MDLZ

21.gilead sciences </ h3>

industry: Healthcare

Gilead Sciences, INC is a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, focusing on the treatment of HIV, hepatitis C, hepatitis C, flu persons, especially production and sales of heavy bomb drugs, Harvoni and Sovald . In addition, Gilead Sciences also conducts research, developing new drugs and therapeutic drugs, and considers the acquisition of other heavy drugs.

website: http://gilead.com – Market value: $ 83.31 billion – Stock code: Gild

20. Gao Tong Qualcomm </ h3>

Industry: Technology < / p>

Qualcomm Inc. is a multinational company with semiconductor and telecommunications equipment. It develops and commercials wireless communication products and services, and its subsidiaries specialize in certain business areas: Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Sales Qualcomm Products & Services, QUALCOMM Technology Licensing is responsible for managing patent licenses, QUALCOMM TECHNOLOGIES, INC responsible Qualcomm Company R & D Activity.

website: http: //qualcomm.com – Market value: 8.351 billion US dollars – Stock code: QCOM

19.Charter Communications </ h3>

industry: Consumer Service

Charter Communications, INC is a telecommunications and mass media company. Charter Communications operates in SPECTRUM, which is one of the largest cable TV operators, paid TV operators and telephone suppliers in the United States.

website: http://spectrum.com – Market value: 8.803 billion US dollars – Stock code: Chtr

18. NVIDIA </ h3>

industry: technology </ p >

NVIDIA Corporation is a company developed a graphics processing unit (GPU) for games and professional markets, as well as “System On a Chip” for mobile computing and automotive market – SOC. It runs the GPU, TEGRA mobile processor of the Geforce brand, and expands the game through the SHIELD brand processing equipment, tablet and Android TV extension. NVIDIA is now also a supercomputer production chip, especially for artificial intelligence and research applications.

website: http://nvidia.com – Market value: 8.861 billion US dollars – Stock code: NVDA

17. Starbuck </ h3>

industry: Consumer Service < / p>

Starbucks is a multinational coffee company and coffee chain. Supply a wide range of hot drinks, coffee, tea, fresh juice and other drinks, as well as a variety of snacks, pre-packaged foods, hot and cold sandwich and drinking.

website: http://starbucks.com – City Value: 999 billion US dollars – Stock code: SBUX

16. Texas Instruments </ h3>

industry: Technology

Texas Instruments (TI) is also known as TI, is a company that produces semiconductor and integrated circuits. The history of Texas Instruments dates back to 1930, which is the world’s largest simulation technology component producer, providing analog chip and embedded processor, digital optical processing technology, and calculator, microcontroller and multi-core processor and other educational technology products.

website: http://ti.com – Market value: 10.43 billion US dollars – Stock code: TXN

15.amgen </ h3>

industry: Health care

Amgen Inc. is a multinational biotechnology and pharmaceutical company. It produces a variety of drugs, including Neulasta, which prevents patients with cancer chemotherapy, Enbrel, a necrosis blocker for the treatment of autoimmune diseases. Amgen focuses on molecular biology and biochemistry to develop health care through recombinant DNA technology.

website: http://amgen.com – Market value: 10.705 billion US dollars – Stock code: AMGN

14. Broadcom </ h3>

industry: technology </ p >

Broadcom Inc. is a manufacturer of semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions for data centers, networks, software, broadband, wireless, and storage and industrial markets. It reorganizes a number of subsidiaries, including Avago Technologies, LSI, Broadcom Corporation, Brocade, and CA Technologies, which are industry leaders in their respective fields.

website: http://broadcom.com – Market value: $ 108.81 billion – Stock code: avgo

13.costco </ h3>

industry: consumer service

Costco Wholesale Corporation, referred to as COSTCO, a multinational company operating a chain warehousing club. Costco in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Spain, Iceland and France Sales include electronic, computer, furniture, outdoor life, home appliances, jewelery and other products.

website: http://costco.com – Market value: 1.1259 billion US dollars – Stock code: Cost

12.PayPal </ h3>

industry: payment </ p >

Paypal Holdings, INC is a company that operates a global online payment system. PayPal provides an electronic alternative to traditional checks and drafts to help online suppliers and business users by supporting online remittance payments. Before being acquired by eBay, PayPal conducted the first public offer in 2002, the latter separated from 2015.

website: http://paypal.com – Market value: 13.397 billion US dollars – Stock code: Pypl

11. Adobe </ h3>

industry: Technology </ P >

Adobe Inc. is a multinational computer software company, initially focused on multimedia and creative software products, and then extended to digital marketing software. It is known for its Adobe Flash network software ecosystem, Photoshop Image Editing Software, Acrobat Reader, Portable Document Format, PDF, and Adobe Creative Suite and its subsequent Adobe Creative Cloud.

website: http://adobe.com – Market value: 13.573 billion US dollars – Stock code: Adbe

10. Netflix </ h3>

industry: Consumer service < / P>

Netflix, Inc is a company that provides video on demand services. Netflix is ??mainly operated in subscribed streaming media, providing movies and television programs for customers to choose and watch. Initially sold and rent DVD, Netflix has turned to online services due to the introduction of media streams. This has enabled it from 2010 to expand internationally, and enter the content production industry.

website: http://netflix.com – Market value: 15.778 billion US dollars – Stock code: NFLX

9.pepsico </ h3>

industry: consumer is not resistant Products

Pepsico, Inc is a multinational food, snacks and beverage companies. The history of Pepsi is dating back to the establishment of Pepsi, 1898, through the acquisition and development of new brands and products, Pepsi has become one of the largest food and beverage companies. Its brand combination includes Pepsi, Tropicana products, Quaker oats and Jia Ze.

website: http://pepsico.com – City Value: 18.71 billion US dollars – Stock Code: PEP

8.comcast </ h3>

industry: Consumer Service < / P>

Comcast is a telecom group. One of the leaders of the United States and the world, Comcast has business in terms of radio and cable TV, pay TV, home Internet services and home phone services. As a movie and TV program producer, Comcast has passed the subsidiary of many industries through its subsidiaries, including the subsidiaries, including Xfinity’s residential cable TV, through Kang Caster business, TV channels provide commercial services, especially with NBC, Telemundo, MSNBC, CNBC, and SKY business services.

website: http://corporate.comcast.com – Market value: $ 18.827 billion – Stock Code: CMCSA

7. Intel </ h3>

industry: technology < / p>

Intel, is often called Intel, is a multinational company and technology company specializing in the production and sales of microprocessors and semiconductor chips. Intel is also diversified in other technologies, including cloud, Internet of Things, computer memory, and 5G connections.

website: http://intel.com – Market value: $ 206.08 billion – Stock code: INTC

6.cisco systems </ h3>

industry: technology < / p>

Cisco Systems is a multinational technology group, development, manufacturing and sales network hardware, telecommunications equipment and other high-tech services and products. Through a number of subsidiaries, Cisco is also focused on the Internet of Things, domain security and energy management.

website: http://cisco.com – Market value: 23.942 billion US dollars – Stock code: CSCO

5. Facebook </ h3>

industry: technology </ p >

facebook, INC is an online media and social networking service company. Facebook is initially limited to students, has gradually opened service to anyone over the age of 13, and current users have exceeded 2 billion. It can be accessed by any device connected to the Internet, and allows users to customize personal data shared with their friends on Facebook, publish text, photos, and multimedia. They can also join interest groups, receive messages and notifications, and use a variety of other embedded applications.

website: http://facebook.com – Market value: $ 494.83 billion – Stock code: FB

4.alphabet </ h3>

industry: technology

Alphabet Inc. is a multinational technology group, which is created by Google’s company restructuring, Google is now its subsidiary. Google Search Engine, Advertising Business and Related Services are the largest components of Alphabet, other subsidiaries have Calico (Biotechnology), Chronicle, DeepMind, GV (Risk Investment), Capitalg (Private equity), X (R & D), Google Fiber, JIGSAW (Technology Incubator), Makani (Wind Turbine), Sidewalk Labs, Verily (Life Science), Waymo (Automatic Driving Technology), WING – Delivery) and Loon (Internet provider through the flat-flow balloon).

Please note that alphabet is listed here once, but it has two types of stocks, there is or no voting rights, listed in Nasdaq, with code to Goog and Googl, which usually leads to Two different entries in the NASDAQ stock list.

website: abc.xyz – Market value: 74.171 billion US dollars – Stock code: Goog / Googl

3. Apple Inc. </ h3>

industry: Technology </ P >

Apple Inc. Design, manufacture and sell mobile phones, media devices, and computers, especially iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. The company also develops and sells a range of related software and services: iPhone Os (IOS), OS X and Watchos operating systems, iCloud and Apple Pay. Apple also sells accessories, support products, and third-party digital content and applications.

website: http://apple.com – Market value: 87.489 billion US dollars – Stock code: AAPL

2.amazon </ h3>

industry: technology </ p >

http://amazon.com, inc is a multinational technology company specializing in e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming media and artificial intelligence. It was originally an online bookstore, which was later diversified, and there were many kinds of products. Amazon has become an unlatable e-commerce leader in the United States. After expanding to many countries, it also develops entities retail business by acquiring WHOL FOODS Market and publishing, electronic products, video streams and production and cloud computing.

website: http://amazon.com – Market value: 88818 billion US dollars – Stock code: AMZN

1.Microsoft </ h3>

industry: Technology </ P >

Microsoft Corporation is a multinational technology company developed, manufactured, licensed, supported and sold computer software, the most famous is Windows operating system, Microsoft Office Suite, Internet Explorer, and Edge Web Browser. It also involves consumer electronics, including Xbox video game console, touch screen personal computers, Microsoft Surface, and related services.

website: http://microsoft.com – Market value: $ 1,006.89 billion – Stock code: MSFT

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