59 seconds to understand the development direction of IT operation and maintenance and professional planning

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IT operation and maintenance is very bitter? In fact, you can be very cattle! Just a few days ago, a small series of friends who engaged in IT operations is ready to leave, and the reason for the leave is, I feel that I have met the bottleneck. There is no way to have a good improvement. Moreover, IT operation and maintenance needs to continue to learn, it feels very tired; on the other hand, it feels that this industry has limited development space, and it is not a harmful. My God is that he is only twenty-four or five years old. It is also two or three years of working in this industry. How can this industry really lonely? In fact, in recent years, in recent years The development of the Internet, the company’s dependence on the Internet is increasing, the market’s demand for IT talents is actually a huge growth state, which can tell the development prospects, but there are still many people in such a good environment. Do not report to this industry. It is actually the main reason is that IT operators do not have a correct plan for their careers, causing self-improvement to encounter bottlenecks, which is not very optimistic about this industry.

Today we will talk about the development direction of IT operators, which is definitely a big topic. Before writing articles, Xiaobian refers to 100 related operation and maintenance development. Article, but still feels not enough after reading, because each of the level of operation is different, so Xiaobian intends to talk from the technical level to the development direction of operation and maintenance, the small friends can be based on their current The situation is hosted.

1. Computer Network

is the most important communication medium, computer network is applied to resource sharing, data communication, electronics Business and other scientific, business, personal extensive fields, people’s dependence on the network rises sharply, and the network performance requirements are increasing, so society has increased the demand for network-related talents, in addition, compared to programming, computers The entry threshold of the network is relatively low, but maintains a high upper limit. Skills: Computer Network Principle, Network Equipment, Network Planning and Design, Network Security Position: Network Engineer; Network Analysis, Planning, Software ; Network Security


Linux stability, security, overall cost is lower, etc. Fabricated with a lightweight role, and because of its openness, it became the first choice for secondary development needs, of course, the entry of Linux relative to the network is more difficult, of course, I don’t mean it is difficult to learn, just because many people have just contacted When Linux, a large number of characters was scared, so I didn’t have to experience the fun of Linux. Skills: LINUX system basic principle, application under Linux, based on Linux development, etc. position: Linux operation and maintenance engineer, Linux R & D engineer, etc.

3. Database

Currently, Oracle is undoubtedly the first choice, the database is roughly divided into two directions of database development and database management, whether it is database development or Management is definitely one of the core positions of the company. Of course, this industry value is very valid, and it is easy to study self-study. Skills: Database principle, SQL statement, basic table structure design, related tools position: Database transporter engineer, data analyst, data mining Teacher, data product manager, advanced system architect

4. Server and storage

do not underestimate the development space in this area, if the data is The core of the company, the server and storage are the core of the platform to carry the data. Skills: Familiar with mainstream manufacturer equipment, related software and tools, server operating systems, SAN storage architecture position : storage server engineer, data center transport Dimensional engineer.

5. Programming Development Automation script

This is much more, such as the desktop program has Java, C #, C ++, VB, C, etc .; Br /> website development includes server-side JSP (Java syntax), PHP, ASP (C # syntax), web app framework, client HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., smartphones have Android Java, iPhone Objective -C etc; multifunction script: Python, Perl, Ruby, etc. (Python has multiple fires without me to say); even artificial intelligence, industrial control, etc., a good development prospect. Skills: How can the skill of the program? The core is all kinds of code position: Program, advanced program, program 猿 management 猿 (joke), most programmers’ ultimate goals are still architects, CTO, of course starting There are also a lot.

The above is the development of IT operation and maintenance from the technical level. There is a wide range of employment, there is always a suitable for you; if you have a deep understanding of the technology, you can consider The following two aspects plan their career

1. Operation and maintenance technology expert

according to his own hobbies, becoming an expert in a longitudinal field, It is network, operating system, and database, etc.

2, advanced operation and maintenance manager and even CTO

The high-grade operation and maintenance manager and even listed companies CTO believe that the goal of many operators.

cannot see a lot of knowledge that IT operations need to be mastered, but in fact, you don’t need you to be an expert in every aspect, that kind of person is a very small number, we What to do is to learn according to demand, learn from the school, as long as you are in a certain direction, it is enough to be an expert. Vomity

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