An authoritative interpretation of six new trends, cloud computing will enter the union period

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Recently, the China Information Communications Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as “China Turn Tiantong Institute”), China Communications Standardization Association hosted, cloud computing industry event hosted by the Open Source Industry Alliance – “2020 The opening of the letter cloud conference. As a “provisive action” of the Credit Cloud Conference, in the industry’s expectation, the sixth release of the General Assembly “Cloud Computing Development White Paper (2020)”.

China Xinxongyuan Statistics show that in 2019, the global cloud computing market has reached 188.3 billion US dollars, 20.86%. It is expected that the market size will exceed $ 350 billion in 2023. In my country, the cloud computing market in 2019 reached 133.4 billion yuan, a growth rate of 38.61%. It is expected that the market size will be close to 400 billion yuan in 2023. Among them, the public cloud service market has reached 68.9 billion yuan, an increase of 57.6% over 2018. The scale exceeds private clouds (64.5 billion yuan) in the first time.

White paper believes that future cloud computing will still usher in the next golden ten years, enter the universal development period: new infrastructure promotes the expansion of clouds from basic resources to the infrastructure operating system; cloud computing will speed up the application Process, fast development in different fields such as Internet, government affairs, finance, transportation, logistics, education; in the global digital economic background, cloud computing has become an inevitable choice for enterprise digital transformation, and enterprises will further accelerate; remote office, online SaaS (Software Services) services such as education will drive the rapid development of cloud computing industries.

At the same time, the white paper believes that the cloud computing will enter the new development stage in the next decade, and the following six trend:

1. Cloud technology from extensive To fine transformation </ u>

Over the past decade, cloud computing technology has developed rapidly, and the shape of cloud is also evolving. Applications based on traditional technological stacks include too many development needs, and traditional virtualization platforms can only provide basic running resources, and the cloud powerful service capability is not fully released. In the future, with the further maturation and landing of Yunjing Technology, users can quickly build and deploy the application to the platform of hardware decoupling, so that the resources can schedulize more and more, more and more convenient, and more efficient. .

2. Cloud demand moves from IAAS to Saas </ u>

accompanying enterprises to continue to deepen, enterprise users The recognition of the service is gradually improved, and new demands have been made to further achieve significance through cloud services. Enterprise users are no longer satisfied with the use of infrastructure layer services (IAAS) to complete resource cloudization, but expect to achieve comprehensive cloudization of enterprise management and business systems through application software services (SaaS). In the future, SaaS services will become an important starter of the company, and the company will help companies enhance innovation capabilities.

3. The cloud floor extends from the center </ u>

with 5G, Internet of Things, etc. The promotion of services makes the edge computing to the industrial concern, but only cloud computing and edge metering cloud computing Development White Paper (2020) 59 is calculated by tight collaboration to better meet the matching of various demand scenes, thus maximizing cloud computing and Application value of edge calculation. In the future, with the continuous landing of the new infrastructure, constructing the end-to-end clouds, nets, and the integrated architecture will be an important way to achieve high-speed interconnection, application integration scheduling distribution, and computational power coverage.

4. Cloud security From the epitaxial native transformation </ u>

is affected by traditional IT systems, enterprises often Business and light security, safety construction is more lag, leading to relative cutting of the security system and the IT system on the cloud, and the various product modules in the safety system are relatively loose, and the role is limited. In the future, with the rise of the original cloud security concept, safety and cloud will achieve deep integration, and promote cloud service providers to provide safer cloud services to help cloud computing customers more securely.

5. The cloud should produce penetrate from the Internet </ u>

With the process of global digital economic development, digitization Development entered a new stage of kinetic energy conversion, the development of digital economy was transferred by consumer Internet to the industry, the digital economy is entering a new era. In the future, cloud computing will combine 5G, AI, big data and other technologies, and help companies from electronic to informatization to digitally set up ladders, through their technical advantages, to develop, produce, and operate , Management, business and other fields, transformation and reconstruction, and then drive enterprise repositioning and improving current core business models to complete digital transformation.

6. Cloud Location From Basic Resources to Becus Operating System </ U>

Digital Transformation of Enterprise Digital Transformation, Cloud Computing It is regarded as a parent, flexible basic resource, with the clear definition of new infrastructure, the positioning of cloud computing is also changing, the connotation is also more rich, and the cloud computing is becoming the management of management and network resources, and is other new Technical provides an operating system for deploying the environment. Not come, the cloud computing will further exert its operating system attribute, deep integration force, network and its cloud computing to develop white paper (2020) 60 he new technology, and promoting the new infrastructure Employment industry structure continuously upgraded.

China Tongxingyuan Cloud Computing and Data Institute deputy director Ziwei shared China Xinyutongyuan based on long-term observation and research results on cloud computing market.

“Cloud computing as a service form has been accepted for industry. With the continued growth of the market, cloud technology is constantly moving out.” Tu Wei believes that future cloud technologies will be refined from thick. “With Yunyuni, micro-service, no server and other technologies, it is increasingly close to the application layer, resource scheduling particle, business coupling, management efficiency and efficiency utilization rate will be improved.”

< P> Digital transformation has become an important trend in economic and social development. Turkwei said that with the new generation of cloud computing technology, architecture, safety, cloud computing plays an important role in digitized transformation. According to the report, 95% of companies believe that the use of cloud computing can reduce the IT cost of the company, including over 10% of users cost more than half. In addition, there are more 40% of enterprises that use cloud computing to increase IT operational efficiency, reduced IT operation and maintenance effort and safety improvement is 25.8% and 24.2%, respectively.

Sui Wei introduced that Xinxint Institute survey showed that the cloud should be increasingly widely penetrated from the consumer Internet. However, there is not much digital implementation in traditional industries and traditional information infrastructure. Lisu believes that the main reason is that there is still a pain point in the technical architecture and IT management. At present, the industry is accelerating the promotion of enterprise technology architecture iteration upgrades to promote traditional digital transformation. In this context, the Xinxint Institute is about to launch the company’s digital infrastructure micrigerant management and service capacity maturity model, which is “put pulse” for the digital infrastructure capability of enterprises.

This article Source: China Turn Tiantong Institute, Xinhuanet

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