An Overview of Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (Beta)

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We often face exams, and this doesn‘s just stop with schools and colleges. Exams help to validate our abilities and skills in a particular technology. All our life, there are some of the other exams that assist in taking the lead to improve career. One such recently launched exam is the AZ-500 Exam: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (Beta).

AZ-500 exam preparation makes the candidate eligible for the respective role of data security along with significant knowledge about Microsoft Azure security technologies features and services.

Wondering what is this AZ-500 exam and if you need to take it? Let us enlighten the details to you!

Introduction to AZ-500 exam: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

It is one of the many role-based Azure certifications that are being conducted by Microsoft. It comprises of one single exam and is presently under the Beta. It is anticipated to be fully available from June 2019, however it is tentative. Rather just focussing on various features of Azure and its services, this certification is more focused on the career path, which is making it rock the market.

The Microsoft Azure security certification helps the cloud security professionals gain knowledge and expertise over security areas and niches that come under their responsibility. One needs to pay the US $165 to register for this exam.

Who is the Aspired Audience for the AZ-500 Exam?

The Microsoft Azure security technologies target professionals who are employed in the roles of security engineers and who control the security features and services of organizational data, applications, and network. This certification escalates the performance of such individuals and helps them to investigate and implement remedies and solutions to security breaches.

It also helps them to work among a larger population of security and protection control team who are devoted to cloud-based security and systems applications. Based on an end to end infrastructure, they also get exposed to hybrid environments as a part of the study.

Modules Covered in the AZ-500 Exam

The Microsoft Azure security certification emphasizes on an extensive variety of objectives and skills overall. Which is why the syllabus of the exam is vast, covering a wide range of topics. The domains covered in the AZ-500 exam: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies are:

  • Manage Identity and Access

This domain contributes to around 20-25% of the content for security control. This involves configuring Microsoft Azure and its directory. The students will have to learn how to identify, manage, install and configure Microsoft Azure AD connects and its users. Also, it also targets on identifying privilege identity management along with configuring tenants and transfers across them.

  • Implement Platform Protection

This part contributes to around 35-40% priority to security control. It involves implementing a security network across network groups, configure services to Microsoft Azure firewall. Further, implementing host security and container security among the network is another task to be learned along with resource management permissions and security.

  • Manage Security Operations

This section grazes along 15-20% of the security and its learning. This configures security services, alerts, and security policies overall.

  • Security Data Application

This skill portions to be about 30-35% of the learning and outcome benefitted from the study. Here the students are required to learn how to configure the security policy for managing data, enabling authentication, auditing. Further, the storage accounts are to be managed. Work upon the encryption of data and storage encryption. Additionally, the student requires to be proficient in security validations along with managing keys to vaults.

On completing the entire course module and passing the certification exam, the candidate is awarded the Microsoft Azure security engineer certification, which is valid for job increments and getting newer advanced jobs.

What are the Prerequisites and Outcomes of Taking the Azure AZ-500 Exam?

The student who wishes to fulfill the criteria and become certified in Microsoft Azure AZ-500 exam is expected to have enough knowledge about Microsoft Azure administrator associate to grasp the concepts to Microsoft Azure secure technologies.

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Apart from becoming a certified Security engineer, the AZ-500 certification validates your skills to perform the following tasks:

  • Individualize the classifications of specialized data in Azure.
  • Analyze the tools available in Azure and understand the mechanisms behind its functionality against data protection.
  • Describe and establish proper channels of data encryption methodologies.
  • Shield the internet protocols and learn ways to improvise and reconnect them with Azure.
  • Implement the features of security and services of Microsoft Azure.

It requires that the targeted professionals have at least one-year hands-on experience with Azure workloads and security controls.

Why take up AZ-500 exam?

If you are currently working under security profiles, you might be trying to get an opportunity to raise your standards. So, this certification is for you. As a student you will master things like:

  • Develop and build skills that are required to employ security controls.
  • Investigate and find solutions enforcing various security tools available on the event of a vulnerability.
  • Execute and perform the security posture and control for things under your control.
  • Understand and learn to use several security tools available for each application.
  • Adopt the use of available security tools and assist in protecting data, networks, and applications.
  • Exercise the threat protection and implement them.
  • Finally, you will be able to handle and respond to escalations insecurity.

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Benefits of Getting the Azure AZ-500 Certification

Learning several security tools, especially under a single exam track, is very beneficial to gain knowledge as well as experience. The security engineer certified by Microsoft Azure will be distinguished from most of the other common professionals who haven‘s taken up the exam. They will be able to assess more of the security tools available and apply it to everyday security threats and vulnerabilities compared to non-exam takers.

Further, a professional who is taking up Microsoft Azure security certification stands up better chance to grab and gets better job opportunities than a non-certified professional biasing under AZ-500 exam takers category. The AZ-500 exam takers make better impact and brunt in their workplace, which makes them potentially capable of grabbing better roles in security assignments.

A candidate who has been certified under the Microsoft Azure security technologies can avail several specific features like

  • Gait a profound knowledge and understanding of networking and controls.
  • Deep-rooted knowledge about the various Microsoft Azure and its several services offered.
  • Inherent knowledge on virtualization and cloud N-tier architecture which seem to be influential in several modern-day applications.
  • Validates a candidate to be professional about security management and control.
  • Access Azure and other Microsoft products with proficiency and implement protections.

Finally, a candidate who has taken up intense training for the exam would be able to develop strong skills and pass the exam to become a Microsft certified Azure Security Professional.

Final Words

Azure AZ-500 certification is more than just an exam that you might undertake to validate your cloud security knowledge. Try to insist on picking up the right pace to pursue the certification course and exam. Though it鈥檚 a new exam for security engineers, it will be soon added to the list of top cloud security certifications. it is highly rewarding for the efforts that you put in it.

Once you have been able to qualify the exam, you will get a chance to stand higher among your peers as well as upgrade your career to better. Of course, a right set preparation for the AZ-500 exam is one important factor that determines your success apart from luck.

Good luck!

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