Artificial intelligence and thinking

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Since the Alfa Dog defeated the top master of humanity, artificial intelligence has become a hot topic. People are worried that the development of artificial intelligence will have an angel robot to become human enemies, and even become the end of the world.

Artificial intelligence This is a very effective intelligent means that it can be deeply learned, deep memory, and quickly compare each other, and make judgments. We can only say it is a smart means, not true wisdom. Because there are many related fields under the wisdom, the wisdom contains thinking, emotion, values, awareness, aesthetics, and so on. Wisdom still has a very important thing is to conscious, consciousness is who I am? Where did I come from? Where can I go? To the current point, all artificial intelligence has not been conscious. In the foreseeable future, it is necessary to complete the artificial intelligence to have awareness or difficult, in other words, according to our current level of knowledge and thinking, it is still unimaginable. After breaking some of the elements of artificial intelligence, we will raise the Alpha dog, you can find that he copies all the chess pieces ever, then classify all the chess, whenever he discovers a chess game, He can take all the game to make a comparison, analyze, then find the best response. This process is a process of learning, memory, comparison, and choosing the best program. We can only say that such artificial intelligence is just a fairly simple artificial intelligence, not a senior intelligence of human beings, he wants to threaten human wisdom. The dominant position is still waiting for time.

In this case, we need to consider, the rise of artificial intelligence, let us think about what kind of response should be made.

We know that memory is generated by the morphological changes of proteins, such as distortion of proteins, and decompose the process to complete memory and recovery memory. In the radio and television system, there is no complex biological system, so it has a very fast memory, and the memory is very accurate. This is certainly not something that can be surpassed in a structure, but I think we are in front of artificial intelligence, we should first consider how we categorize and retrieve our memory. These methods can be used to deal with artificial intelligence challenges. We can be divided into: work issues, life problems, social issues (mainly interpersonal communication issues), in this problem, we will have their own problems need to remember the experience, lessons, and some of us Achievements, classify, and then give some points, make a marker, so that we look for the same memory. These marks can be a piece of music, lyrics, poetry, or some items, wine glasses, tea, or scenes. When we make a logo for these memories, we will be easy to follow the imitation of these scenes, find a memory, find To memories, compare some memories of the past, then know how you should face the current problem.

Artificial intelligence gives us a good inspiration, a lot of tips, we should make the achievements of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence to our revelation into us to improve their thinking mode. Ways and methods. Artificial intelligence brings us challenges, not a threat, challenge is a one we can deal with, and we don’t blindly deal with it. We should not treat it as an enemy, and we should regard artificial intelligence as the medium we experience, so that our intelligence is more likely to come. In fact, the most important organ of human development is the biggest brain. When our senses have heard, taste, contact, information is getting bigger and bigger, our brain’s processing capabilities It is constantly exercising and strengthened. Today we are facing the stimulus of artificial intelligence to us. I believe that our brain induction, digestion, and absorption will make our brain more powerful. Apart from what we have just said, we should respond to some favorable conditions in learning, memory, comparison and classification, we should also think about something, learning and memory is a relationship, we often teach yourself not Dressed hard, because the hard back is a forgive memory, that is, a hateful memory, we have to cultivate a happy type of memory, happy memory is not a gift to us every day, But it can be created by us.

When we face artificial intelligence challenges, when we panic, our memory will become more passive and worried. This memory emotional part will not want to face it, want to put this This situation has elapsed such a memory method, in addition, we should regard artificial intelligence as an extension of our own intelligence to a certain stage. Early human beings, no tools, he all rely on your own muscles, to complete the natural understanding, processing, and enjoy the natural gift. When we extend the tool, there are various tools, this kind of tool has also been continuously developed, and we say that we have a hoe, then slowly develop into a forging machine, water pressure machine, and slowly develop into a CNC machine tool. Online, we can think of artificial intelligence as the benign extension of our human intelligence, so you can make our intelligence toward the top of the higher. We can develop more artificial intelligence, and more intake, exterior, etc. in terms of subjective consciousness, objective consciousness, emotions, etc. The world gives us a good condition that enjoys life and life, artificial intelligence, and human intelligence is that human intelligence is to coordinate all aspects of spiritual activities, such as consciousness, aesthetic, will, memory, stopping force, etc. Our spiritual activities are all levels. Human intelligence is to coordinate a variety of spiritual activities into a powerful, efficient, and creative activities, and coordination skills are the ability to artificial intelligence has not yet developed, which may develop in the future. However, we should coordinate manual intelligence into human intelligence before he developed, so this is a topic of human intelligence: self-confidence, self-confidence is a very valuable quality of our human intelligence, we have not found it yet. There are other organisms, or other artificial intelligences can make such confident expression, we can find that artificial intelligence can coordinate the artificial machinery, coordination refers to the coordination of the activities, but can develop all kinds of spiritual levels. The exercise trajectory is not yet. When we use this human intelligence to see artificial intelligence, I believe that our human smart will be more stepped.

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