Betten in the heart and abdomen, prosecuted by Cisco, Ren Zheng non-mistakes, how to rebirth in the crisis in crisis?

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In 1997, Ren Zheng did bought a BMW car, drove to the wind, and I happened to see IBM boss Guo Shi, Ren Zhengfei shouted: “Is it a BMW?” Guo Shi didn’t care. 1. Abandon 2G route, miss Unicom CDMA investment

These two seals, corresponding to the current 5G, the main communication industry and the mobile phone series, such as the day of the day, from now on it is not possible forgive.

is just relative to decision-making mistakes, but also a bigger blow is still in its own.

2000, his own heart, Li Yimei, dig away a large number of talents and core products, became an opponent of Huawei.

2001, the mother suffered a car accident, as a son’s Ren Zhengqi rushed back to Kunming, I saw her last side.

2002, Zheng Bao, who is “one person,” is fainting, and later checked with cerebral cancer.

During this period, the two cancer surgery did gradually realize that his own accomplices quickly sent Huawei to the road, and he decided to let row, no longer serve as Chair. Huawei also began to implement the CEO-shift system under his arrangement.

2003, this winter ushered in its climax.

On 22 January of the year, Cisco officially prosecuted Huawei, the Marshall Town Federal Court in eastern Texas, has a total of 21 people, Huawei ushered in him overseas The first battle.

The Huawei’s inside and outside said, everyone is waiting to see the joke of this Chinese leading technology corporate collapse, and the Huawei is unprofitable in this winter. Prepare.

counterattack, the arrow is on the strings.

03, counterattack

Ren Zhengfa made a mistake made in the field of Tony, so that UT Starkang rises rapidly, in 2004, more than 21.3 billion yuan, the same year is also prepared to develop 3G technology .

The management is decentralized, decided to enter the small lownut and mobile phone fields.

Huawei’s first battle is aiming at Timark’s UT Starka in the field of Tony.

After a five-year IPD renovation, Huawei is almost “brakes”. In only 6 months, the breakthrough of small Lingtong technology is achieved, and the shipping price of Xiaolongtong mobile phone is also lowered to 300 pieces, which is equivalent to white.

Just one year, UT Starcon has fallen by 21.3 billion yuan in 2004 to a loss of 530 million US dollars, helplessness to maintain existing products, give up the 3G product line, which also makes this company Directly become the last flow.

After completing UT Stark, the next goal of Huawei is the “betrayal” company Li Yi male.

After Li Yifan, he left Huawei, established his company: Harbor. And directly opposed to Huawei with Huawei in the core technology.

Ren Zhengfa has been ignorant in that year, he constantly complains about the group of people who have been drunk and the group of people who have been drunk and betrayed Huawei: “In the inside and outside of the company, you drive splitting, I have been very glorious. ”

Huawei’s strategy is very simple, it is not technically hard to hard, after all, the core technical products are too similar. So Huawei established a special “Hong Kong Office”, from the project, as long as it is your harbor project, I have no limit to the price.

Li Yizhang’s physical volume is more than Huawei’s many years of grievances, one year, has spent 400 million Hong Kong. Under the pressing of a few years, the harbor finally lost its resistance and had to pay the surrender.

This battle directly launched Huawei’s repayment in China’s technology companies, which is both fearful and forward. This is the evaluation of China.

However, compared to the domestic battles, Huawei’s prosecution of Cisco is more calm in foreign countries.

In 2003, after the prosecution of Cisco, Guo Ping, the total command of Cisco Frontline came to the United States.

His classmate Zheng Bao is used to treat cancer treatment in a foreign country, and the teacher Li Yizhang has only “rebellion”, Huawei’s people have only one.

Facing the prosecution of the first overseas technology company, Guo Pingfang step is camp, first hired a famous American law firm to address the lawsuits and negotiations, and hire an Edmman International Public Relations to specialize in public opinion.

Huawei gradually went out of the predicament, July 28, 2004, terminates a lawsuit against Huawei.

The Huawei at each time will win in three battles, and the core backbone of the company has also been exercised. In 2004, Huawei revenue exceeded 46.2 billion RMB and broke through 66.7 billion yuan in 2005, gradually played at the World Stage.

Huawei is coming.

04, national

For Huawei’s doubts have not stopped. 996, 251, crushing staff, wolf culture … and some people tend to bundle Huawei and patriotism. But in front of these questions, someone has been supporting and supporting Huawei.

What is the reason? Is it a loveless fanatic?

In fact, it may not everyone know what IPD is ipd, what is GSM, but they know that Huawei produced products represent the Chinese hardworking and wisdom.

“Made in China” no longer represents theft, low quality and garbage products, now this English is already a high-end and high quality of the manufacturing industry.

From the collapse of the Qing Dynasty to today China’s prosperity and prosperity, there has been no doubts about the Chinese have not stopped: “The Chinese can’t go?”

Today, Huawei achievements and the United States The death is blocked and has already handed over the best answer to this question.

: white 阳阳

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