Cloud computing challenges

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1. What is cloud computing

cloud computing_ 百度 百科, is a network service on demand, is network storage, resilient calculation, load balancing, database , Integration of mesh computing, virtualization and other technologies. In general, the basic work of the previous self-built server, network, storage, etc., all abstract, form an infrastructure, so that developers focus on business development. A comparative metaphor is that cloud computing is a power plant in the industrial era.

2. Development Characteristics of Cloud Computing

The earliest shape of cloud computing is the performance calculation, and the computing power of the mainframe is sold to the user in a certain unit; Secondly, the mesh is calculated, the task that cannot be completed, is broken down to multiple machines, this mode is limited by technical standards, versatility, and no promotion. The recent cloud computing is Google proposed in 2006, but the earliest launch of cloud computing services is amazon. Cloud computing is the result of naturally occurring, including virtualization, database, load balancing, CDN, network storage, elastic calculation Integration of technologies.

3. Combined with Taobao analysis cloud computing development inevitable results

Amazon is the development of e-commerce business, discovering excess server resources Unable to digest, the idea of ??IAAs, scale is the core indicator of cloud computing. Taobao is basically relying on database + webpage mode support transactions. The DBA at the time is a core person in Taobao, but Taobao’s front end traffic grows at 30% per month, relying on Oracle and small machines to support business growth. . Therefore, TFS has been launched in 2007, start deploying CDN, and refactoring the entire website architecture, converting the pressure on the database into the center (trading center, commodity center, account center, search, middleware, etc.) Distributed architecture and use Tair to optimize the concurrent request for the database.

Taobao established the infrastructure established after 2007, has certain commonality, which is the technical foundation of Ali Cloud development. So Ali Yun is built in 2007 Taobao because of business growth. And open this ability to other small people, relying on scale for profitability.

4. Technology Stage and Limitations

Including Amazon and 2010 Alibaba Cloud Service, its technical architecture has passed ! These techniques have developed on the basis of Google Scale Computing, facing business pressure in the PC Internet era. The PC era, the user calculates, the mobile Internet era, the user is calculated in units of 1 billion, and the number of nodes is calculated by 10 billion units. The cloud computing platform born in the PC Internet Age, barely supports the mobile Internet age, but the large data traffic in the Internet of Things era is invincible, which requires a turning point similar to the 2007 Taobao infrastructure innovation.

The essence of existing cloud computing is a storage, network, and a three-element element. Storage is built on the KV mode of GFS; the network is built on the CDN of the 1980s; the computing power is based on cluster elasticity. They are all typical central models. Storage and CDN cannot be loaded after the personal data and the Internet of Things data are generated. Calculation capabilities cannot be loaded on the face of video transcodes, rendering, large data processing.

5. The speed of the human data is

based on the growth trend of the number of equipment nodes, the future data storage amount is doubled every two years. Moreover, these devices generate data from PC and mobile phones because these devices are recording human digital life, and the data generated will be the amount of days, such as DROPCAM, which is far more than youtube uploaded. We can foresee the strikes of oversized traffic data in the near future!

6. Challenges

Take Taobao as an example, the annual CDN and IT facilities have doubled, 2014 reached 30-4 billion budget, CDN bandwidth budget 7T, which is still based on Ali’s own business, and does not have too much cloud service and personal storage. From this table, we are hard to see the road to sustainable development!

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