Cloud computing internal volume? See how Amazon Cloud Technology will reshape the New Times

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2021 is the 15th anniversary of the famous Amazon S3 service. On March 14, 2006, Amazon’s launched S3 service was taken as a cloud computing era with modern public cloud represented. At that time, the iPhone still does not exist, and social services such as Twitter have not appeared. Facebook is only used by a few universities and college students. Of course, it is more impossible to share a taxi using the app call, and even the Amazon at the time is not today. 2% of the scale. Who thinks that after 15 years, the public cloud represented by Amazon Cloud Technology has deepened the ICT industry, and the digital economy is unstoppable.

compared to 15 years ago, a large-scale innovation burst, today’s public cloud industry has begun to enter the internal volume and lying. “Inner volume” and “lying” are the vocabulary of two new era. It is that competition has exceeded the extent to which they have entered the “small porridge” and a serious internal consumption and stagnation. And many practitioners are in this situation. Select the “lying” posture that is not active. In fact, the cloud computing model has experienced repeated technical iterations over the past 15 years. Different cloud service providers have accumulated the technical assets of different periods, and customers who truly use cloud computing and actual use of clouds are in the primary stage.

As the world’s largest market share service providers, Amazon Cloud Technology is more qualified than any other cloud service provider, but Amazon Cloud Technology refuses to “lying”, more Reject “inner volume”. In the past 15 years, Amazon Cloud Technology continues to strengthen the cloud computing and reinventing the calculation itself, and helps customers cross the “internal volume” while overcoming its own “internal volume”, such as the Amazon S3 service has occurred over the past 15 years. Major innovation, and the future Amazon Cloud Technology further through specialized chip design, reinventing the system architecture, thereby breaking the binding of inefficient and bloated centralized processing architecture.

I know how Amazon Cloud Technology refuses to “lying flat”, “inner volume”, reshaping the new pattern? These will be surprised by the 2021 Amazon Cloud Science and Technology China Summit held in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, in July, August and September, and this article is the first to disclose.

Reject IAAS “Inline”

so-called IAAS “inner volume”, can be technically understood as the internal consumption of the IAAS technology. In fact, IAAS is from an early data center outsourcing, and inherits are traditional enterprise computing architecture and technologies. The traditional enterprise calculation architecture, technology and equipment utilization is relatively low, and the core concept of IAAS focuses on large-scale enterprise computing equipment and improves utilization.

Amazon S3 service is an example, in the past 15 years, Amazon S3 service has stored more than 1 trillion storage object, serving hundreds of millions of calls per second, while Amazon S3 service serves electricity from the earliest The data store of the merchant website is now serving data applications such as satellite image analysis, vaccine development, and automatic driving automobile development, and its services are expanded and extended. “Simple” is one of the five major design philosophy of Amazon S3 service, because Amazon S3 expects how dramatic changes in software in the design and user use Amazon S3 complexity and unpredictability, only to simplify hardware and software infrastructure Avoid “internal volume”.

Amazon S3 Replication Time Control (RTC) is an exemplary example of Amazon Cloud Technology to help users deal with “internal volume”. Storage data is extremely important for corporate applications in different data centers and regions. In 2019, Amazon Cloud Technology released Amazon S3 RTC, which can automatically complete the data of any size within 15 minutes, while users only click on the mouse to call the capability. But for Amazon Cloud Technology, it is necessary to deal with extremely complex system challenges – including automatic management bandwidth allocation and storage capacity planning, but also “disturb” has been stored in the Amazon S3, hundreds of trillion data objects and hundreds of millions per second Secondary call.

Amazon Cloud Technology spare no effort to continuously eliminate the IAAS “inner volume”, and even redesite the ASIC chip. Traditional virtualization software and CPU combinations, resulting in up to 30% of processing capabilities being wasted to manage management functions, not to process computing tasks. In 2017, Amazon Club released Nitro projects based on self-design software, running on ARM-based chips, transfer management procedures, networks, and storage virtualization to dedicated hardware, and releases nearly 100% of the CPU, This is the next generation of Amazon EC2.

is because Amazon Cloud Technology rejects IAAS “inner volume”, according to Gartner’s latest statistics, Amazon is still ranked first in the IAAS market in 2020, accounting for up to 40.8% market share.

Reject PaaS “Inner Volume”

PaaS is further abstraction to IAAS, so that users do not need to manage the underlying cloud infrastructure, but only need to focus on application development, deployment and Manage. Typical PaaS services include databases, devops, security, etc., so-called PaaS “inner volume”, that is, uncomfortably designed and managed these PaaS service software, so that you cannot better serve different applications from users.

Take the database as an example, the traditional enterprise database is mainly based on the relational database, and all data and data relationships are processed with relational databases, and for many reality, the relational database is like a Take the “big hammer”, obviously can’t use the “big hammer” one knife to handle all the questions, which requires a variety of private databases for different application scenarios. In the

Private database, the graphics database is a relatively small, rapidly growing enterprise database. The graphical database is a special database that is the relationship information between the graphical theory storage entity, such as the relationship between people and people in social networks. In recent years, graphical database has grown rapidly, and the application range of graphics data includes social networks, recommendations, fraud identification. Amazon Cloud Technology specializes in the Amazon Neptune graphical database, automatically expands the storage capacity to store billion relationships with millions of relationships in millions of relationships, and can be found in highly connected data. The graphical database is the basic technology of the knowledge map, and Amazon Neptune is used to expand the knowledge map of Alexa.

Currently, Amazon Club provides a number of targeted databases, can handle different database requirements such as relationships, time series, graphics.

is similar to the database, the programming language has also experienced the development of the assembly language, Fortran, Lisp, Cobol, Basic, C and SQL to Python, Java, Rust, Swift, etc. A variety of programming languages ??have been coexist, allowing developers to choose the development language of “Power”, but requires a suitable development tool assist completed programming, which is Amazon CodeGuru REVIEWER released in June last year, which uses machine learning Way help developers find key issues in code, security vulnerabilities, and difficult BUG. By May 20021, Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer has scanned 200 million lines of code, providing the developer with 165,000 modifications, today more than 250,000 Amazon engineers are using it every day.

is because Amazon Cloud Technology rejects Paas “inner volume”, according to the study of CCID consultants, Amazon Cloud Technology Listel 2020-21 China PAAS market leader quadrant.

Reject the cloud computing professional “inner volume”

With the scale development of my country’s digital economy, cloud computing industry talent gap is huge. In fact, not only China’s cloud computing talents are huge, but the world has continued to have huge talent gaps since the world’s most cloud computing industries. As the nasal ancestors of global cloud industries, Amazon has also experienced the process of quick supplementary cloud computing talent gaps. Therefore, the Amazon Cloud Technology has attached great importance to the cultivation and education of cloud computing talents since the birth. Summit, held around the world, is not only a grand meeting of cloud computing industries, but also the education of cloud computing technology – the most cutting-edge cloud computing technology and innovation to the industry, through systematic training to avoid cloud computing people “internal volume”.

in China, Summit is named Amazon Cloud Technology China Summit. Since 2014, China is also the eighth year of Amazon Cloud Science and Technology Summit this year. Amazon Cloud Science and Technology Summit features knowledge and dry goods, 2021 Amazon Cloud Technology Summit will be held in the Shanghai World Expo Center on July 21-22, in Beijing National Convention Center, September 15, Shenzhen, China Sheraton Hotel is also held, which is also another line of technology and education events in the past.

2021 Amazon Cloud Technology China Summit is the theme of “Building a New Pattern Recommended”, and will open the two-day schedule in Shanghai, Beijing, with more than 200 wonderful speecions, 9 Although the schedule is only one day but the content is equally extraordinary. The eight major technical forums of this summit will focus on modern applications, databases, big data and intelligent lake warehouses, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Internet of Things and edge computing, corporate IT migration cloud, trusted cloud infrastructure, cloud security Topics such as compliance. In addition, this summit has also established medical, education, automobile, manufacturing, retail, finance, e-commerce, game eight industry sub-forums, and the day of entrepreneurs, China’s regional service special, multinational corporate special, cross-border e-commerce partners Special, digital marketing partner, etc.

It is worth mentioning that this summit Shanghai station will debut the first time to Wanping’s immersive exhibition area, real restore 14 technical application scenarios, and more than 200 industries and technical display, cross-border E-commerce ecological zone, digital media, cloud experience, numerous factory, innovative finance, numerical education, number health, digital marketing, game park, developer home, Yunzhi travel, etc. should have. The Amazon Deepracer event is a top-level automatic driving event in the science and technology circle. Participants trained to strengthen learning models through cloud-based 3D racing simulators, and operate a fully automatic 1/18 proportion of Deepracer racing, this time is also Amazon Deepracer automatic driving line The event came to the scene of the mainland in China for the first time.

[Full text Summary] </ b> After 15 years of evolutionary Amazon cloud technology, not only represents the forefront and the most comprehensive technology in the field of cloud computing, it is still a cloud computing knowledge. treasure house. To avoid cloud computing “inner volume”, it will eventually improve the technical level of practitioners, break the “internal volume” in higher knowledge dimensions. The Amazon Cloud Science and Technology Summit is the technical education event that breaks “internal volume” and refuses to “lying flat”. It will be with China’s cloud computing industry, reshaping the new pattern of digital economy after the epidemic. (Text / Ningchuan)

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