Course Review: Certification in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)

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What is CRISC? Why take a CRISC course during preparation for the final exam?

The Certification in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) is for IT and business professionals who develop and maintain information system controls, and whose job revolves around security operations and compliance. It is developed by a team of risk management industry-leading professionals.

The CRISC certification is an ANSI accredited certification, meaning that it is an internationally recognized standard of performance. According to ISACA, the CRISC certification was ranked among the top 15 highest-paying IT certifications, in 2019. The certification and course are focused on the following four domain areas:

Domain 1: IT Risk Identification

Domain 2: IT Risk Assessment

Domain 3: Risk Response and Mitigation

Domain 4: Risk and Control Monitoring and Reporting.

Cybrary can help you prepare for succeeding in this exam, by offering a prep course with the following competency areas: Risk Management, Information Management, Information Systems/Network Security, Infrastructure Design, Network Management, Threat Analysis, and Vulnerabilities Assessment.

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Can a CRISC course improve knowledge on the topics?

Yes, a CRISC course will improve knowledge on the topics, even if one has no experience in risk management.

Why? Because, even if the difficulty level of the course is advanced, it is relatively short, and one’s understanding of IT risk management, upon completion, will be lifted to a confident level. This course is perfect choice for anyone involved in risk management, within their organization, including IT, Cyber Security, Business Analysts, Risk Professionals, PM’s, and Management / Executives.

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

    • Effectively prepare and enact strategic and focused plans to mitigate risk,
    • Make competent risk-based decisions,

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  • Set common language and perspective risks that can become the baseline for risk management within their organizations.

Which topics does the CRISC course cover? How consistent is the course content with the course structure?

Following the primary four main domains of CRISC, as required for passing the exam, the CRISC course has a manageable scope of content, with lessons arranged logically. This course aims to prepare an individual with the skill sets to accomplish and enact the certification’s main objectives (as stated at the beginning of the article) and prepare the student for the certification exam.

The structure of the course consists of 6 modules and 63 lessons:

Module 1: Welcome and Introduction 鈥?4 lessons

Module 2: Preliminary 鈥?8 lessons

Module 3: Risk Identification 鈥?18 lessons

Module 4: Risk Assessment 鈥?9 lessons

Module 5: Risk Mitigation 鈥?21 lessons

Module 6: Risk Monitoring and Control 鈥?3 lessons

What type of content is used during the CRISC course?

Cybrary has prepared extra materials for a better understanding of the key terms and concepts taught during the course. All of these types of content work towards the purpose of exam preparation.

During the course presentation, the instructor uses slideshows with text and images, including definitions of the key concepts, numbered or bullet-point lists, and case studies. Also, the instructor makes relevant references to external sources for further studies, such as standards and best practices.

Extra materials are available to download, such as:

  • Syllabus and the outline of the course,
  • Study guide
  • A glossary.

How long is the CRISC course? Does it fit easily into a busy schedule? What pace was set for the course?

The IT professionals attending this course shall schedule at least 6 hours and 30 minutes to complete this course.

Whether one prefers to prepare on their timeframe or wants the additional guidance and interaction that comes with online instruction, anyone can complete a lesson a week, or they could go at their speed, choosing what works best for their own study needs.

How is the quality of the audio and visual components?

The quality offered by the Cybrary platform, for all of the courses, is professional.


  • Easy enrolling, just register with Cybrary,
  • Customer support for the online course,
  • No need to interact with the teacher at all, if you do not feel like doing so,
  • The course is available anytime you need to review it again,
  • Possibility to record 7 CPE/CEU.

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