From Sina digital transformation, seeing the new ten years of the Internet

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Today, social media and mobile information platforms have become part of our lives. We are accustomed to living in the super information transferred by the Internet, and often ignoring these digital survival infrastructure is a deep transformation.

2000 to 2010, can be regarded as China’s Internet laid in the PC era; starting from 2010, smartphones as infrastructure, brought social media, mobile payment, O2O represented The mobile Internet decade; and in 2020, the new infrastructure system brings 5G, cloud, and AI’s infrastructure upgrade, and the intelligent Internet age is coming.

As the Internet platform, especially the national internet platform like Sina, how to adapt and seize the changes brought about new infrastructure, seize the opportunity in the new year, re-departing – continues to develop rapidly In the industrial integration and innovation, this issue that is about hundreds of Internet users has gradually had an answer.

Today I want to talk to everyone, I am very familiar with Sina’s digital transformation in recent years. In this Internet platform, the newly calculated, newly composed new infrastructure system is being integrated into the base and core scene of the Internet platform through “knowing” bridges.

From the digital transformation partner to “understand”, to the new path of the digital transformation of Internet companies, we can see the Chinese Internet industry from the story of China’s Internet industry.

Flow change situation, transformation direction

Enter 2020, China and foreign events have frequent, the entertainment circle is also “eating melon”. The flow of flow in instantly has become the daily day of this year. But careful users will find that under so many traffic flood peaks, Sina News and other systems have no problems with adverse problems.

For Sina, it has become a primary task for the new year’s digital upgrade of massive traffic in Sina. Sina has a large number of users, may have hundreds of millions of users at the same time. Once a public hot topic is burst, countless users will influence in the first time, causing the instantaneous sudden peak traffic to achieve a maximum of 5 times. How to deal with this situation, providing a social media service for the nationals, turned into the problem that Sina has to solve in the current stage of development.

In fact, this is also a Chinese Internet industry after platform development, it must solve basic technological innovation issues in the next stage. Traffic tidal is being applied with AI applications, 5G bandwidth, and the infrastructure of the Internet industry is about to face further carrying tests.

Why should the flow of flood peaks do? The technical system of returning to social media and mobile news will find that emergencies are often instantaneous, and the flow pressure caused by the platform will not be expected to be suddenly released. Several key challenges must face:

1, the flow flood peak will suddenly appear, how to ensure that the carryingability of the network system is the core problem;

2, the expansion speed of the cloud server is relatively slow, it is not possible to meet the massive expansion needs;

3, the instantaneous expansion has high operation and maintenance costs, The operation and maintenance is difficult, expanded to reduce the process;

Based on this, avoid the hot search and downtime, not just the problem of expanding the cloud server, but must be established. Above the overall digitization of the Sina system. In order to better complete the digital upgrade, Sina selection and Huawei cooperation, explore the road to new join and new computing.

Sina is then starting, Huawei Full Assistance

In fact, Sina in the “growth of the lesson”, now it is already in the cloud expansion, data center, Network architecture, etc., in the forefront of the industry, with the ability to withstand flow flood peaks experience time and event test. Even some believe that Sina has become one of the most successful cases of digital transformation in Internet companies.

If you explore the reasons behind it, it will find that Sina has brought a lot of changes in cooperation with Huawei. Huawei’s technical advantage and understanding and experience of Internet scenes, for Sina’s digitization, escort, quickly passed the “burst flow” reef zone.

It is particularly worth noting that the digital transformation of Sina is not an update to a facility and service, but from the inside, from the local data center to the cloud carrying, expansion, and disaster preparation capabilities. Digital upgrade. The Flood Fall will hit the dam from the weakest link, while Sina relying on Huawei’s ICT technology leading strength, established a full-scale high-concurrent traffic carrier system from cloud-to-join. We can see the Huawei technical system and the integration of the Sina platform:

1, Huawei cloud, through the ultimate elasticity, the flow flood peak.

Solve traffic bearing issues, cloud expansion is undoubtedly a core solution. After cooperating with Huawei Yun, Huawei provides fast expansion capabilities for Sina, achieving thousands of scale container clusters, and provides automatic identification of expansion scenarios, flexible response alarms, timing, cycle three telescopic strategies, implementing virtual machines Speed ??elastic telescopic. Solving Sina’s flow bearer pressure is solved by intelligent strategies and speed flexible cloud expansion capabilities.

In addition, Huawei has brought high-performance virtual machine strength for Sina, and the overall calculation performance leading industry similar products, the network package forwarded the PPS industry broke through 10 million mark. Under the comprehensive empowerment of Huawei, deployment capabilities and intelligent technology, Sina digital upgrade has taken a key step in the cloud.

2, the Data Center iterates the wings in the wings.

At the current stage, cloud expansion capabilities must cooperate with Sina’s data center capabilities to meet multi-complex flow tidal needs. With the help of Huawei, the data center of Sina continues to evolve, and take a footsteps to the new era of intelligence.

Huawei is based on the advantages of the whole industry chain product, and analyzes the pain points faced by the enterprise construction and the operation data center. It is integrated by business and application depth assessment, integrating intelligence, professional, and high availability for Sina. Data center. Use professional planning and design tools and deployment tools to reduce the data center construction cycle, build quickly, quickly online, help companies quickly transform.

At the same time, Huawei and Sina continue to strengthen the joint innovation cooperation of Zengpeng, based on massive data processing and storage, using artificial intelligence technology, continuously optimize the operation of the enterprise data center, improve resource effective utilization and save and optimize OPEX. Zeng Peng Wizhao Wings in Sina’s data center, helping the national social media platform opens the construction of data centers in the intelligent era.

3, the data center network is fully intelligent and upgraded.

Dealing with the flood tide of the flow, is of course the core, but the load capacity of the network is also the same as passing efficiency. In the data center network level, in order to cope with the continuous increase in Sina users and the expansion of business expansion, Huawei helped Sina to implement the network scale on the data center network, improved network scalability, and simplification of network operation and maintenance, fast fault location Quick recovery with your business.

Huawei is a network construction of Sina’s data center, providing a 128,000 series switch with high port density, constructing high-performance DCI backbone network, meets high-income services such as hot news, live broadcasts on network performance. At the same time, the DC908 is used to improve the fiber utilization, and the main cost and power consumption of the waveguide device are reduced by advanced correlation algorithm. Reduce the fiber optimization logo, freely, and freely adjust one-touch open technology. A large increased DCI network deployment speed and support business rapid expansion expansion. Under Huawei DC908, Sina Data Center Network implements simplified from “mainframe” to “server” style, 1 2U device meets points to point 1.6T bandwidth, 52% of optical fibers, saving 50%.

At the same time, Huawei also helped Sina to put network architecture from 10G to 25G smooth evolution, reduce network congestion, and improve business availability. Realize the need to meet the needs of network expansion in the next 3-5 years, build distributed network & amp; ordinary business.

From the public cloud to the data center, the network architecture, Huawei’s technical leadership and industrial advantages are integrated into Sina’s digital transformation demand in multiple fields, helping Sina fast upgrade iteration of digital systems. Behind the efficiency and quality of this case, the Internet industry is implied in the “understanding” road to the upgrade of the Internet for the next decade.

starting from knowing, starting the Internet New Ten Years

no doubt, the Internet industry is a precious crystallization of China’s science and technology, is the witness of China’s economic taking off miniature. In the Internet industry, innovation, as a synonym, must not stop in today’s results, stopping the footsteps.

PC has become a decade, the golden decades of the moving era have also stepped into an end, and the Internet industry should actively realize digital, intelligent transformation, and twisting in the next ten years. Industrial key? From Sina and Huawei’s cooperation, establishing the “mutual understanding, mutual understanding” between the ICT infrastructure and the Internet, and the future technology upgrade, is the key to the upgrade of the Internet industry.

In the new foundation, the Internet industry should not only be the construction of the new infrastructure, but also the first batch of beneficiaries, try people. And if you want to make new infrastructure achievements and Internet industries, it is crucial from Sina case. It is important to have path-integrated technology systems, new ICT industry results; and ICT supply chain must understand the Internet The scene of the industry, the appeal and the future direction – built “know” at this moment to cultivate a trustworthy future.

From Sina’s industrial practice, with the continuous in-depth development of Internet platform development, the demand for digital infrastructure has entered a new stage: “National” platform is high elastic High concurrent traffic bearer; for future, the Internet platform must strengthen the exploration of intelligent technology, and strengthen intelligent operation and maintenance, management capabilities of their own business system; the online entry is innovative, and the new proposition, business is being becoming the Internet industry. The change will bring the upgrade of the digitized base.

New development task requires new communication, new technology, and new cooperative relationships. From the case of Sina digital transformation, you can see the digital upgrade of the Internet platform and integrate new ICT technology. We will find that Huawei’s “know” concept is also deeply reflected in the cooperation with Sina’s digital upgrade:

1, understand Internet scene: in cooperation with Sina Huawei brought a series of enterprise-class technology, platform, service system, which adapted to Sina business needs, and a large number of customized optimizations for the core business of Sina, gave many scenario solutions. This is exactly the core appeal of the Internet industry to digital upgrades, that is, a scene-centered, establishing all new partnerships to the business.

2, understand ICT technology change: comprehensive, Huawei and Sina cooperation show a wide range of ICT technology leadership. For example, Huawei brings a complete ICT industry chain supply to help Sina has established a package of solutions from the network, data center to public clouds, avoiding vulnerabilities in the weaker ring of the chain, and avoiding supply system cutting brought compatible Sexual problem. On the other hand, Huawei’s ICT technology has also helped Sina to add a large number of cloud computing, AI and other fields in the digital base to achieve a future digital base upgrade. Because Huawei knows technology change, Sina has obtained a feasibility path to the new infrastructure technology system.

3, understanding collaboration and sharing: For the Internet industry, the company itself has a high degree of innovation capability, digital level, and often has unique technological development ideas and directions. In this case, ICT companies need to work together with Internet companies to innovate and work together. In the cooperation between Huawei and Sina, both sides have conducted a lot of ecological innovation, and in-depth cooperation in the SDN, intelligent IP network, network visualization, and Pengpeng ecology. Collaboration and common innovation, let Huawei have established a new type of cooperative relationship with Sina.

The Internet industry has now come to a new stage of new ten years, technological diversification, innovation, and business complexity. During this period, there is no need to refer to European and American business model. It must be used to explore new possibilities on the basis of technical changes. In this context, Internet companies need more to return to the technology base, return to the trend itself, understand technology and understand the future.

and for the ICT industry chain, China’s Internet industry’s shipment has built unique service groups and cooperation ecology. The Internet industry has high requirements, strong independence, and complicated. In addition to ICT technology, understand the core scene of the Internet, understand the development trend of the Internet, can truly promote the new ten years of Internet industrial decline, even the drive engine.

A change is driving, and the new ten years of the Internet is being twisted after a key called “understanding”, starting to issue a roar of turbocharged. And when the new ten years of the Internet, encounter the brilliance of Beijing in Beijing, more stories are driving on the way.

The front road is infinite, so it is wonderful.

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