Git Fundamentals Online Course Launched

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The love and support of our wide community of users drive our dedication to come up with new training courses. We are pleased to announce the launch of the Git fundamentals training course. The popularity of Git as a reliable tool in modern software and application development lifecycles is the prime reason for learning more about Git. And so on your demand, we鈥檙e happy to launch Git fundamentals online course.

Version control is one of the fundamental components of software and application development. Why? The process of code development involves various modifications and bug fixes throughout the lifecycle of the project.?The?Git fundamentals training course?is the perfect tool at your disposal to improve your skillset as a developer. The requirement of version control systems for maintaining integrity and functionality of code establishes promising employment opportunities for Git experts.

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The fundamentals course on Git involves promising inputs from Git professionals and experts. You could find the Whizlabs fundamental training course on Git as the ideal instrument for learning the foundations of Git. The following discussion reflects on the important features that we bring to you in our Whizlabs?Git basics training course.

Why Learn about Git?

Prior to an outline of the feature in our Git fundamentals course, let us paint a brief illustration regarding Git involving its definition, its history, and its significance. The description of these elements can serve as the prologue for your journey in the world of Git. Git is a distributed version control system (VCS).

What is a version control system? Simply put, version control systems are software tools that help in tracking the modifications in the code at different stages of development.?Version control systems help in comparing the previous versions of the code to develop code effectively. The importance of version control systems is one of the foremost aspects of the introduction to the Whizlabs?Git fundamentals online course.

Git is one of the first version control systems to separate merging and committing. As a result, Git supported improvement in data integrity and speed for development projects. Therefore, pursuing a Git fundamental online course is highly credible for a software development professional.

Git provides benefits in the three essential areas of flexibility, security, and performance in version control systems. Performance characteristics of Git are stronger in comparison to other alternatives. You can notice the optimization of various processes such as merging, committing new changes, branching, and comparison of previous versions. The algorithms of Git provide comprehensive insights into the modifications in source code alongside access patterns.?

The other important aspects that would be underlying themes in Whizlabs?Git basics online course?are security and flexibility. The secure algorithm of Git, SHA1, provides security for the content of files and real relationships between files and versions, tags, commits, and directors. The support of Git for nonlinear development workflows, diverse protocols, and systems, merging and reverting changes that affect tags and branches, accounts for its popularity among version control systems.?

Whizlabs Git Fundamentals Online Course

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Whizlabs?Git fundamentals online course?is our initiative for helping you figure out the basics of Git. Expertise in version control systems is one of the promising additions in the resume of a software or application developer. Our course helps learners know about the core features of Git alongside insights about its various components.

The effectiveness of our course is the outcome of the simplicity that learners get with the course. Rather than focusing on elaborated discussions and lectures, we have kept it crisp and short for the audience. The key to understanding the basics and getting started right away with Git is the focus on significant topics in an introduction to Git. Here are the topics that we have covered in our?Git fundamentals online course.

  • Introduction
  • Git Installation and Configuration
  • Working with repositories in Git 鈥?Part 1
  • Working with repositories in Git 鈥?Part 2
  • Management of tracked objects with 鈥済itignore鈥?
  • Repository Cloning
  • Understanding Git Logging
  • Working with Branches in Git
  • Merging and Pushing Changes in Git

All these nine topics, apart from the introduction, focus primarily on helping learners access the primary learning material. It’s like getting a flashlight while treading on a path of confusion. You get the idea about what Git is and how it works as a version control system with an assortment of advantages. Now, let us point out some of the important highlights of our?Git basics online course?for your better understanding.?

  • 2 Hours of training videos. We swear! That’s all we have, and it’s all that you鈥檒l probably need to learn the basics of Git.?
  • A total of 9 lectures on each topic as mentioned above.
  • Detailed coverage on all topics in the lectures.
  • Unlimited access to the training videos.
  • Lifetime validity for the training course content.
  • Complete accessibility on all PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Have any questions regarding Git or Git fundamentals online course? Write in Whizlabs Forum and get answers by our Git experts.

How could Whizlabs Help You Learn Git Basics?

Whizlabs has been serving as an important support for the career of many professionals. Therefore, our courses always aim at resolving prominent concerns of learners such as convenience, compatibility of learning style, and support. Let us point out some of the ways in which the Whizlabs Git basics training course can help you.?

  • First of all, learners receive the most cost-effective offer for learning the fundamentals of Git. Now, cost-effectiveness here is not just the fact that you won‘s have to empty your wallet but also the assurance of your investment. The 100% unconditional moneyback guarantee of Whizlabs on its training courses proves that you would put your investment in a trusted place.?
  • The comprehensive coverage of all topics in the lectures is the foremost advantage for every learner. The lectures vary in duration between 9 minutes to 15 minutes. However, our subject matter experts have designed the lectures with a focus on covering all the crucial topics. In addition, the step-wise distribution of topics provides a streamlined approach to your learning with the course.?
  • The advantage of unlimited access to the training videos in Whizlabs?Git fundamentals online course?provides convenience for learners. You can access the videos anytime, anywhere, from any device! Therefore, learners can just sit back and relax, even after a long day of work, at their laptops, in the comfort of their homes and watch the training videos.?
  • The customer support of Whizlabs is always available round the clock for users. The primary focus on resolving the doubts of learners and issues in accessing the learning materials in the course improves Whizlab’s customer support. In addition, learners could always avail the support of subject matter experts for clearing their doubts regarding the course.?

Are You Ready to Learn Git Fundamentals?

Now you could get an easy and flexible way to learn about Git. The initial steps may be a little unstable. However, you can gradually find your way around the training videos. Furthermore, learners always have the option of accessing customer support for the Whizlabs?Git fundamentals online course.

The future prospects after pursuing the Git fundamentals training course can include an overview of the learning guides on Git. Observation of various use cases and participation in Git forums and discussion groups could provide additional support to your understanding of Git. Most important of all, continuous learning and improvement is always the key to perfection. You can always return back to the basics for refining your understanding of Git, just like a version control system!

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