How to Become Azure Security Engineer?

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Cloud security is one of the foremost demands of almost every business nowadays. Microsoft Azure is a noticeable mention among the various popular cloud service vendors operating now. Recently, the demand for Azure security engineer job roles has been increasing gradually. The initiative of Microsoft to introduce role-based Azure certifications is very appreciable due to attention on relevant skills.

The security engineer job role is also the basis of one of the new certifications by Azure. The attention on Azure cloud security has been improving over the years with many security incidents. System downtime, loss of important data, and many other issues increase the overall impact of security incidents.

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Limited attention to security aspects of your cloud infrastructure can result in far higher costs than you imagined. Therefore, professionals with expertise in Azure cloud security skills and technologies can fetch promising career prospects. The following discussion would take you through different pieces of information that are essential for reaching your goal of becoming an Azure security engineer.

The discussion would outline the basic information about the process to become a security engineer on the Azure platform. The other details in the discussion would include info on basic skills and role-specific skills for the security engineer job. Furthermore, the discussion would also reflect on the essential Azure certifications, job description, and salary of security engineers with Azure.

Start with the Fundamentals to Become an Azure Security Engineer

Before preparing for Azure security engineer associate certification, you should have an idea about the fundamentals. An individual could not become a security engineer all of a sudden. You need to get the relevant Azure certification to become a security engineer. However, the starting point for all aspiring Azure security engineers is Azure basics. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification is the ideal tool for candidates to gain knowledge about the basic concepts in Azure.

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals of the AZ-900 exam improves the confidence of candidates to approach role-based Azure certifications. Since security engineers have to recognize and resolve vulnerabilities by using different security tools, knowledge of Azure fundamentals is mandatory.

A clear note of the specific audience for the Azure Security engineer certification exam is also important. You can easily find out whether the job of a security engineer is ideal for you or not.

  • Professionals involved in the implementation of security controls, identity and access management, the security of data, networks, and apps can choose this career path.
  • Candidates with prior experience in the identification and resolution of vulnerabilities through security tools and implementing threat protection are also ideal.
  • Candidates with previous experience in on-premises system security and management can also opt for a career in azure security engineering.

Reasons to Choose Azure Security Jobs

As the complexity of Azure products and services increases, the demands of security on Azure also increase alongside. Candidates can be able to build upon their existing knowledge of system security to learn more about cloud security. You can get the opportunity to learn about new Azure services and features by opting for a role-based certification. So, the first reason to become an Azure security engineer is the constantly changing landscape of Azure services.

An Azure security engineer could often become part of teams involved with the management of cloud security. The role of security engineers in these teams is generally a managerial one. As a result, candidates could find better job positions in an organization as security engineers. Azure security certification is in high demand by notable employers for taking care of cloud security. So, an azure certification in security engineering can secure a good career path for the candidates!

The money factor is also an important reason to go for the Azure AZ-500 exam. Certified individuals are more likely to get better salaries than non-certified candidates. The specialization of Azure-certified professionals separates them from the rest of the crowd and fetches prospects for higher salaries. Certified professionals can depict in-depth knowledge and expertise in Azure security skills.?

If you have any doubts while choosing Azure Security jobs, have a look at the Google Trends for the Azure Security Engineer role over the past 5 years.

Basic Skills for Azure Security Professionals

Candidates should always focus on the basic Azure security engineer skills before starting their preparations for the AZ-500 exam. Here are the basic skills that you need to become a security engineer on Azure.

  • Understanding of the basics of implementing security controls.
  • Basic knowledge of cloud security and infrastructure management.
  • Expertise in maintaining security posture.
  • Candidates should also have skills in identity and access management.
  • Ability to protect data, networks, and applications.
  • The ability to work in a team and implement security practices for the Azure infrastructure.

These basic skills validate the primary tenets for pursuing a career in Azure security engineering.?

Role-specific Skills

Skills specific to the role of a security engineer also serve as crucial additions among Azure security engineer skills. These skills are mandatory to fulfill the precedents of the role-based certification model. Here are the role-specific skills for Azure security engineering professionals.

  • Promising fluency in scripting and automation.
  • Comprehensive understanding of cloud features and services.
  • Wide-ranging knowledge of MS Azure products and services.
  • In-depth knowledge of virtualization, networking and N-tier architecture.
  • Experience in working with cloud and hybrid environments as well as an end-to-end infrastructure.

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Certification Needed for a Job as Azure Security Engineer

The Azure certification AZ-500 is the ideal certification to pursue a career in Azure security engineering. The importance of a certificate is unquestionable as it provides solid evidence of your skills in Azure security. The certification exam is known as the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies exam, and its code is AZ-500. The exam is ideal for security professionals with knowledge of implementing security controls and threat protection. The AZ-500 certification exam is also an ideal instrument for conveying your dedication to Azure security. Check out the table below to have a quick at the AZ-500 exam information:

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ccnp exam

Exam AZ-500 Basic Information

Name of Exam

Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies


Microsoft Azure



Number of questions

40 to 60 questions

Exam Fee

$165 USD

Exam language


Prerequisites for AZ-500 Certification Exam

The prerequisites for the Microsoft Azure Security technologies exam deal with basic concerns. Although it is not mandatory, a Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certificate is favorable for testing your knowledge on Azure basics.

On the other hand, certain prerequisites are essential to appear for the AZ-500 certification exam.

  • Candidates should have formidable expertise in scripting and automation as well as networking and virtualization.
  • The AZ-500 certification exam also requires candidates to have a strong knowledge of N-tier architecture.

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Objectives of the AZ-500 Certification Exam

If you want to become an Azure security engineer, then it is also important to reflect on the exam objectives. A brief overview of the different objectives in the Azure security engineer associate certification exam can support this discussion better. The objectives help candidates know the exact topics that will form the foundation of questions in the AZ-500 certification exam. Here are the objectives of the AZ-500 exam.

  • Identity and access management.
  • Implementing platform protection.
  • Security operations management.
  • Data and application security.

A closer look at subtopics in these objectives can help in effective preparation for the AZ-500 certification exam. Let us take a brief yet deeper look into the objectives for the Azure security engineer certification exam, i.e., AZ-500.

Identity and access management involves the following subtopics:

  • Configuration of MS Azure Active Directory for workloads.
  • Configuring MS Azure Active Directory for Privileged Identity Management.
  • Configuration of MS Azure tenant security.

Implementing platform protection involves the following subtopics:

  • Implementation of network and host security.
  • Configuration of container security.
  • Implementation of security for MS Azure resource management.

Security operations management involves the following subtopics:

  • Configuration of security services and policies.
  • Management of security alerts.

Data and application security involve the following subtopics:

  • Configuration of security policies for data management.
  • Security configuration for data infrastructure.
  • Configuring Encryption for data at rest.
  • Configuration of application security.
  • Implementation of security for application delivery.
  • Configuration and management of Key Vault.

Job Description of Azure Security Professionals

The Azure security engineer job description is also an important component for the candidates aspired to become Azure Security engineer. Here are some of the common precedents you can find in almost any Azure security engineer job description.

  • A security engineer has to support the development and implementation of cloud security architectures on the Azure cloud.
  • Work closely with senior staff for developing new security strategies and designs.
  • Frequently communicating with clients through open channels of communication for understanding the requirements and project objectives.
  • Working in collaboration with external clients and resources as well as internal resources.
  • Comprehensive documentation of the implementations for the sake of clients.

Salary of MS Azure Certified Security Engineer

The most important driving factor for candidates is the Azure security engineer salary estimate. Almost every candidate aspiring to become an Azure security expert looks for the predicted salary estimate before anything else. The average Azure security engineer salary in the US is $136,500 per annum or $70 per hour as per Mid-range professionals with four to seven years of experience can get an average salary of $120,000 per annum. Senior professionals with over eight years of experience could fetch an annual salary of $225,000.

Azure Engineer Salary (Source:

Final Words

On a closing note, the dream of becoming an Azure security engineer is within your reach! All you need to do is follow the right path to your final objective. The journey will not be easy, and that makes the objective more desirable. Candidates can start with the official AZ-500 certification page on Microsoft’s website. You can find detailed information about the certification exam clearly alongside options for training.

However, candidates can also opt for professional online certification training providers to improve their preparations for the exam. Another important element that can support your journey refers to practice tests. It is recommended to take Azure AZ-500 practice tests before sitting in the real exam to boost your confidence and get fully ready for the exam.

So, follow the updated and relevant information about the AZ-500 certification exam and commit yourself to achieve the goal to become an Azure Security Engineer!

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