Huang Holong: About 3 predictions in the future of cloud computing

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The reason why mobile Internet can get it because 3G, 4G is cheap. When I was young, I was tense, I was afraid to exceed the standard, and the salary of a super standard 1/4 was gone. So when I had a series of tools to monitor your mobile phone, we will put a switch on the desktop, help I close the mobile traffector of the phone.

It is also the same, and wants to weaken the existence of the backbone network from the state of mobile Internet to all the things to do. US National Telegraphs Company AT & AMP; T already starts to do an experimental network, but AT & amp; t is not important, Google Fiber’s network has spread all over the United States, and China needs such things.

At the same time, we still need a very important thing – SDN, why is the SDN is critical? Many people think that SDN is to let everyone rely on the switch, is actually not like this. The problem we have to solve is that the static network defined by Cisco is clearly defined, and it becomes a 100% dynamic network. SDN has a new branch-SDN-WAN, that is, software-defined backbone network, under which we can usher in the next step in mobile Internet.

So, after infrastructure and agility, it is critical to reduce costs. I have mentioned this when I talk about wide price. Live industry is the most popular industry in 2016, there are thousands, and they have a huge overhead in bandwidth. At this level, the infrastructure level requires new changes, we urgently need to make our country’s infrastructure, the ICT industry, becomes more cheap, more agile, so that we can welcome our national infrastructure ICT industry in the next 3-5 years. Come on the next step.

So this and cloud computing have a relationship? This is what we do in our aas layer. It turns out to cover Computing Power, now you have to override SDN-WAN across China, which is very important for our country.

The storage of the functional level of next year is a key area, especially for object storage, NAS, Flash San, Virtual SAN. Because IAAS must be PaaS and SaaS, once the industry focuses after PaaS and SaaS, there is no hard disk in the corporate eyes, where is the data? There is a data to do without a hard disk, so there is a business that can replace the hard disk – network disk, which will also become a big demand next year. This has a certain correlation with the first point of industry, and the storage of the functional level will have a round of booming next year. I believe in investment and industry research will have a consensus.

PAAS layer Decomposition, development and iteration </ h3>

The third point of the cloud computing future development is the decomposition of the PaAS layer, and the PaAS layer will be divided into three steps and iteration, different manufacturers. Will play different roles. The first is Technical PaaS, the second is Solution PaaS, the third is Industry PaaS.

Technical PaaS

My team starts in the third quarter of 2015, it is not investigated in IaaS, bare metal, machine virtualization, container and unikernel After IAAS basically four full coverage, the road is already clarified. Why is the PaAS layer becomes critical? Because too many developers and Party have no tolerance to stay in the operating system level.

Qingyun QingCloud mainly serves the financial industry bank, insurance, and securities customers, and other industries also look, we will do a lot in the future. At the PaAS level, we do the most banking customers we do as an example. The banking industry basically no development team will still spend time to install middleware and database. Everyone thinks is to find a series of middleware, in fact, in the middle part, we also call Technical PaaS.

Technical PaaS is more automation of the middle space level, which allows developers to compile code, run code, and maintenance code without contacting the operating system, because it not only makes hardware transparent, and Let the technology itself also transparent. Those who write code only need to understand the data model, code logic, test logic, and simply say that a bank’s software engineer’s first task is to understand the bank’s deposit, loan, and bond a variety of business, this is critical.

Solution PaaS

Solution PaAS faces a transitional stage, a packaging scheme with common problem.

We just talk about one-on-one resolution of specific techniques, and Solution PaaS is a packaged thing to solve the customer’s application, it is composed of a biased middleware. This transition phase Si (system integrator) is very advantageous, we clearly observe whether China or the United States is basically a senior SI (system integrator).

Industry PaaS

Industry PaaS is the ultimate form of PaaS, which is a PaaS platform with industry properties. Cloud platform like BAT is the characteristics of strong Industry PaaS, Netease Clouds and Jingdong clouds are also very typical.

In the next two years, a word is widely seen in China and the United States. We will see bank cloud, insurance clouds, securities clouds, logistics clouds, don’t be surprised, this is because people ( Developers, CEO, CTO, CTO, CIO) are increasingly unbearable for technical things. At this time, the technology is left to us, so we will solve hardware, network, storage, security system, operating system, middleware. , Dispatch, operation, upgrade, version management control, etc. Then we output the API, working with partners to create Industry PaaS, and finally hatch all SAAS applications. This way, our industry can solve technical problems from the basic level to hatch the slump of the next revolutionary IoT.

Welcome the beautiful IoT era </ strong>

After IOT arrive, everyone will find that the practitioners in each industry are very unprofessional, but in the industry very professional. This is the point I have always emphasized: let the professional people do professional things, and companies only need to put their energy in their own business and innovation.

For example, how to make the pig’s things be extremely scientific, this is not the technical issue of IT and CT, but the problem of pig pigs, you have to understand pig, you have to know it mood Ok, when will I listen to the piano, listen to Mozart or Beethoven. I am not a joke, this is a matter of the farm of a farm in Beijing.

If you can do three big changes in the above cloud, I believe soon will usher in a more beautiful IOT era than the mobile Internet. I often say that when there is no reporter to interview IT and CT industries, IT industry will not go to entertainment head lace news, IT and CT become highly transparent, simple, and cheap, it has become the foundation of society.

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