Industry and scarce – tactics

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The upper article mentioned that people should work hard to enter the Chaoyang industry, and strive to become the most scarce resource leader.

However, most people have no such eye, or reality, personal abilities do not support him to become such a lot of people. Then, from the perspective of ordinary people, a person is in a certain industry, how makes themselves scarce.

First, we look 10 years ago, what kind of company is the most willing to enter the company in 2007?

The technical industry is Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Cisco, SAP. In the past ten years, the talents from this company have indeed become the backbone of the Chinese technical community, and they have worked as the core power in various companies, which supports half a day in the technology circle.

Take another five years ago, what kind of company is the most willing to enter?

is BAT, as well as Flag of the United States. At that time, these companies have made big, listed, stock prices rush, all the way to raise the fierce, and they should be squeezed in. In five years, the talents from such companies have indeed become the backbone of China’s Internet Circle. They have experienced experience and resources from large Internet companies, and to SMEs become heads, or to establish initial creation to join the previous camp, forming the Ali, Tencent Department, Baidu system.

Review now, what kind of company is the company’s most willing to enter the company?

The previous life is still willing to go to BAT, but the previous sings have been willing to develop in the entrepreneurship. why? Because the BAT’s dividend is close to the past, the people in the big company are talented, and the rising channel is basically closed. The above layers of the boss are just a strong, the ceiling is obvious. Therefore, excellent talents are more willing to enter entrepreneurship, fighting a future.

From a historical point of view, excellent talents have a significant character: because it is too much effort, it is highlisted and not long-suited, but the direction of their recognition can represent the high-income level after the next decade. Typical middle class features.

can say this:

Strategic NB people can discover the market and layout in advance, and become the industry leader through many years. This group of people is a championship.

The person who tactical NB can follow the trend and discover the signal-wide signal and put it in. After many years of hard work, it became the backbone of the industry. This group of people is a singer, and it is a signboard.

The people who take the stage have risk and may pay for a loss. But people who sing well, the stage collapsed his strength, but also changed to the stage to continue performance.

then let’s see what these excellent students have got out in different choices?

learned in large foreign companies is the experience of large-scale enterprises. They learned the construction of rules and regulations, process management management, which is that any enterprises from small to large development need, but it is difficult to cultivate it. So they became a scarce.

The Internet company has learned, the rules of barbaric growth, the perception of the demand, the control of Internet technology, controlling the internet operation, these are the core of the Internet. These freshmen in BAT plated to master the key ability of the Internet and become a scarce person in the Internet.

We can see that these people are not necessarily the core team of the original company, because the core team is already in strategic grade, the interests are also tightened together. These people may be added, may be just for gold plating, so they may be just a very ordinary screw when they are in the original company. But exactly because of the overall property of the company platform, they still have learned a lot and brought the improvement of personal brands. After 5-10 years later, they left the original company to become the fragrance of other corporate eyes, from the original company’s ordinary people a scarce talent of other companies.

Whether it is a corporate company or an ordinary company, it is always a group of people who become more and more likely to be more likely to be more likely to be more likely to be a group of corporate culture and cultural methods. This group of people have similar skills given by the company, which is sparsely common in the original company, most of which can only become the middle of the middle. However, once the original company is separated, these skills may be the ability of other companies that may be their scarce, so they are willing to make a salary and hire them to become the main force.

So from tactics, young people are very simple, choose a good company that is rising, and identifying the company still survived after 5-10 years, and there is a famous gas, then inquire, this company is the most What skills are needed, and the cracking skills will take a resume.

At the same time, there is also a trap here, which is suitable for the job.

Many people will hop for 30-50% of the salary increase in their eyes, I think it is not suitable. It is said that the value of human values ??is ultimately determined by the scarcity of his ability. Then, no matter where, this person should be assimilated by the company’s excellent culture, and temper the core technology of this company, and cultivate its own personal characteristics. When the hopping, the scarcity relying on this ability plays a greater value in the new position, and wants to make it, it cannot be simplified by the new company soon, otherwise it becomes less scarce.

, a person is suitable for the time point of the job, it should be that he has learned the core value of the original company, even if it is just part, and recognizes the scarce of this value, you can personal or team hopping, In the new company, it is still possible to maintain this scarce and can be strictly implemented and not simplified. If you have these conditions, he is worth the hopping, otherwise it can only be a short-lived passenger will soon usher in the next job.

After all the same is more than a learning state, while maintaining independent scarce is an output state, and the hopping must master the switching point of this input and output.

Of course, there is another kind of hopping, that is, the original company is too SB. If you don’t get a new thing, you have not cultivated the core competitiveness, then you have to hop to another company to continue learning .

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