Microsoft announces $ 26.2 billion acquisition of professional social networking network Linkedin

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According to Wall Street Journal, Microsoft, Microsoft, will receive a global professional social networking site in $ 26.2 billion. It is reported that there is currently about 15 billion US dollars in LINKEDIN.

In this, Linkedln China CEO Shenbo Yang confirmed in a friend circle, “Yes, this is true. This is one of the biggest acquisitions in science and technology. Libelion China will continue to maintain independent development, get more resource support, work hard to connect to the global workplace. Thank you for your attention and support. ”

According to the agreement, Microsoft will Pay $ 196 for each LinkedIn stock, which is 50% over Friday. As of press release, Microsoft (MSFT) stock prices fell 0.35% to $ 51.3; Linked (LNKD) Pan up 48.71% of $ 194.89.

Microsoft said that it is planned to issue new bonds to financing for this transaction, and this transaction will expect to reduce its earnings per share of the remaining time of fiscal 2017.

This transaction is expected to be completed by the end of this year, and LinkedIn is currently CEO Jeff Verna will continue to lead the company and report to Microsoft CEO Satia Nadra.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft has tried to acquire LinkedIn many times, but regrets, eventually missed opportunities.

Microsoft said that Jeff Werni will still serve the brand, cultural and independence of Linkedin CEO, Linkedin will be reserved. It is reported that Microsoft and Linkedin Boards unanimously approve this transaction, Jeff Wern and Linkedin Chairman and Joint Founder Hoffman also supports this transaction.

A few years ago, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner insurance Sold the company to Microsoft with $ 2 billion, but fortunately, Microsoft retreats.

BI has reported that in the 2011 IPO (First Open Prospect)), Microsoft has tried to acquire Linkedin many times before Linkedin in 2011.

Initially, Microsoft quoted $ 500 million to acquire LinkedIn, although nearing agreement, but finally. In the month of Linkedin IPO, Microsoft gave the final offer: nearly 2 billion US dollars.

However, Hank Vigil, the vice president of the Microsoft Strategy and Cooperation, was retired, and considered that the offer is too high, and finally give up the acquisition of LinkedIn. Virgil has left Microsoft in 2011.

LinkedIn was founded in 2002, and the website on May 5, 2003 officially launched. As the world’s largest professional social network, Linkedin members have exceeded 300 million worlds.

However, don’t buy Linkedin for $ 26.2 billion, LINKEDIN is too early. In those years, Microsoft has acquired Nokia mobile phone business, hotmail, skype, and finally one brand basically funeral, especially Nokia mobile phone business fate The most dull.

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