Microsoft announces the latest cloud plan, will launch financial, manufacturing and non-profit organization three industries cloud

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Microsoft announced three new industrial cloud plans to increase efforts to support companies that require specific industries.

Microsoft announced that Microsoft Cloud service will be launched to financial services, manufacturing and non-profit organizations within the coming months.

Microsoft will launch three major industries Yun

last year, Microsoft Cloud is first applied to the field of healthcare, and is officially launched after a few months. Today, Microsoft CLOUD announced its retail industry last month will be officially launched in March this year.

It is understood that although the product of a particular industry may look like a marketing strategy for selling the same cloud to different industries, Microsoft is selling a series of different tools, including “Unique Templates, APIs, and Additional Industry-Specific Standards.

This will include additional safety and compliance capabilities for financial companies, as well as customers aimed to simplify loan applications, and customers aimed at simplifying loan applications and “loan manager”, The tool provides a centralized platform for banks and credits for schedule schedules, virtual customer meetings, and teamwork intelligence. For previously announced health care clouds, Microsoft also provides remote medical scheduling features through Microsoft Teams and bookings applications.

“Three Public Cloud Suppliers” dispute plus

According to the recent CANALYS, the fourth quarter of 2020, the cloud infrastructure expenditure increased by 32%, reaching 39 billion US dollars . “Three Public Cloud Suppliers” Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft Azure and Alphabet Google Cloud have announced a record-selling sales.

This is at least to a certain extent due to the transition of the remote operation, and the increase in consumer services such as online games and video streams. Microsoft’s Azure occupies 20% of the market share in cloud infrastructure services, lagging behind AWS 32%.

Microsoft continues to enter the vertical market in a specific industry, representing the increasingly competitive competition with Amazon and Google and other competitors. Amazon has provided cloud services for numerous industries, including intelligent factories for manufacturing business. A few months ago, AWS launched Amazon Healthlake to help health care and life science organizations aggregate data into a centralized data lake in AWS hosts across the islands and formats.

Last year, the Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian expounded the company’s cloud computing strategy and pointed out that the company pays special attention to five industries. These more or less are Microsoft’s goals, including financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and media and entertainment.

For Microsoft, some data indicate that financial services and non-profit organizations are currently two industries in the bottom of Azure, which may be the reason why the company wants to improve their competitiveness through different cloud services. one.

Microsoft Cloud for financial services will release public preview in the end of March, and the manufacturer of manufacturing and non-profit organizations will be released at the end of June.

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