Network security learning route:

Clearing the Certification isn’t considered to be that much easy, you have to go through rigorous training and lots of CCNP 300-630 DCACIA Certification Dumps would be needed to go through unless you have some expertise training courses like such offered at the EveDumps.

I believe that you just learn the network security is unbearable. I don’t know how I should use it. I can use the time to point, to maximize the benefits, then today we discuss this title on the network security learning route. How to learn online security is the best, if there is a mistake in this article, it is wrong to correct;

Understand network security

We should go into the network security, primarily understand safety introduction, security laws and regulations, operating system applications, computer networks, HTML & amp; JS, PHP programming, Python programming, and Docker basics. Let the primary entry make aware of the network security foundation, understand the network security history, understand the historical human time, and understand the SEC / CTF / AWD, understand the website construction / penetration process / penetration related noun explanation (eg WebShell / Write Up, etc.).

Web Security Test and Terminal Construction

as a network security engineer, including web security overview, web security foundation, Web Security Vulnerabilities and Security and Enterprise Web Security Protection Strategies. And there are many things that need to be tested, in order to successfully test whether their learning results are effective, the target range is born, and the common targets have DVWA / SQLI / UPLOAD. In these targets, we can practice the understanding of injection. SQL injection principle and SQLMap, and the content included in the penetration test, penetration test overview, penetration test environment construction, penetration test tool usage, information collection and social worker skills, web penetration, intermediate penetration, and intranet infiltration require beginners Take a purposeful learning. It should be paved with simple interests of interest.

Utilization and ideas of security tools

As a network security engineer, it is very important for the understanding and application of tools. At this time, we should learn some tools such as Burp Suite / MateSploit / Kali Linux, etc., to distinguish and know all kinds of tools such as: port scan tools / data sniffing tools, these tools can be given to us. Safety test / penetration test brings great convenience, we can see some articles similar to MSF to deepen their own understanding. At the same time, we should simply understand the usual invasion routine such as data-driven attack / forged information attacks / attack methods for information protocol weakness attacks / ICMP packets, thus facilitate their post-study.

Familiar with the platform

We should gradually be familiar with the AWD guard platform / Vulnhub platform, target the target installation in the platform and Related offensive and defense training, understand the purpose of learning network security, targeted training, focus on learning Kali Linux basic usage and code to understand the foundation development.

CTF actual combat

We can learn about the principle of WebShell / getshell after you have gone, in major CTF The platform is practiced, gradually learning the principle of XSS / XXE / CSRF / SSRF and cooperate with the UPLOAD target.

Computer language learning

For a network security engineer, the learning of computer language cannot stop a moment. The computer language of network security is not much, but it has a great impact on the development of our integration, such as in-depth understanding of languages ??such as Python / C ++ / PHP / Java / SQL / C is critical, if No PHP, then we can’t make the most common code audit, will cause a lot of inconvenience to test work, so we must practice the audit capabilities of computer language code, exercise more, which is also in major CTF platforms. Have a question bank.

Recommend several platforms: I spring and autumn; bugku; experimental building

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