Oracle database headman’s Chinese love

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Andy Mendelsohn, the executive vice president of this Oracle company database technology, also known as the Oracle database “handleman”, has already remembered how many times in the 36 years of Oracle career, how many times .

In fact, since the first time in China, the first time in China, Andy Mendelsohn has visited China almost every year. Behind the reason, not only one of the largest database markets here, but also because there are many old customers who have accumulated a lot of more than ten years, or even thirty years.

Andy Mendelsohn

, China’s study, China, has been in 1987, therefore, in digital transformation 2.0 era Today, Oracle also hopes to provide the ultimate product and service experience to many Chinese customers through continuous listening to Chinese customers, and hope to complete digital transformation from them “side by side”, which is both the value of Oracle, and it is The new era of new mission is located.

As said: “Oracle attaches great importance to the Chinese market. In the past three decades, Oracle has accumulated a very large number of core database software customers in China. This is a very advantage of Oracle. Let Oracle have full capacity and confidence to deal with various challenges that may arise in the future Chinese market. ”

side shoulder

in Andy Mendelsohn The Chinese market is a very important strategic significance in Oracle. On the one hand, Oracle has accumulated a very large number of core database software customers in the Chinese market over the past three decades. Most of these customers have deployed the core products of the Oracle database locally, and more and more customers are actively using Oracle Adw business. The solution of the data platform, this shows that Oracle has a wide “mass base” in China, which is also an important “base” in the Oracle database business.

On the other hand, many customers do not only have massive business data, but their business scenarios is also very complicated. For Oracle, if you can meet the customer needs of these complex scenes of China, then these solutions can be copied to all parts of the world, and more bacheloristic technology is more. Obviously, China is also an important “trial field” of Oracle.

How to better bring the world’s leading technology, products and services to China, “tailor-made” in different industries, different sizes, different business needs Helping them to transform solutions has always been the focus of Andy Mendelsohn and Oracle for the face of the Chinese market.

To this end, Oracle has set up a customer advisory committee specially in China in China. It has been awarded nine this year so that he can better listen to the recommendations and expectations of Chinese customers on database technology. Andy Mendelsohn is a special time a year.

andy mendelsohn accepted an interview at the 2019 Oracle Database Cloud Conference

Andy Mendelsohn said: “Oracle has always held an international advisory committee regularly, but due to the official language of the meeting, we found that the effect of inviting Chinese customers to participate in the meeting is not very good. So, Oracle has specially held a customer consultant for Chinese users specialized in China. Board, through this meeting, we hope to maintain communication and exchanges with Chinese customers, and can listen to the sound of Chinese customers for Oracle business. ”

It is worth mentioning, this It is also the first customer advisory committee, which is outside the US headquarters, visible to the importance of Oracle to the Chinese market.

According to Andy Mendelsohn, there are currently more than 30% of Engineers in Oracle, are all Chinese, and they can also communicate more deeply and Chinese customers, and solve customers’ feedback and opinions in the first time. This is also very important and role in Oracle understanding the needs of Chinese customers.

From this point of view, through many channels including the Customer Consulting Committee, the sound of Chinese customers is constantly listening to the voice of Chinese customers, and Oracle has achieved “pair of side by shoulders” with Chinese customers, and this is undoubtedly Oracle. The Chinese market and users pay attention to and affirmation, but also demonstrate the determination and confidence of Oracle in China’s localization.

Employment China

Not only that, Oracle also has always brought the latest technology to the Chinese market, just at the 2019 Oracle Database Cloud Conference Oracle is in the world’s first Oracle block chain local solution.

According to the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric technology, it has a safe, transparent, efficient characteristics, creatively providing customers with a development platform to build their own network, and quickly integrate Oracle. SaaS and other existing third-party applications, as well as other block chain networks and Oracle PaAS services. In addition, the service also supports the user with a block chain network, connecting other organizations, and deploying and running intelligent contracts to update and query the classification.

In addition to the latest technologies such as blockchain, Oracle’s first worldwide is also the only autonomous database with “autonomous driving”, “autonomous security” and “autonomous repair” function. And in this foundation, the Oracle ADW business data platform is further developed, and many customers have also gained many customers.

Currently, Chinese companies such as Qiaoxin Group, Maxim Group, Baiguo, and Hegu are also using Oracle ADW to become a pioneer of self-cultivation.

andy mendelsohn speech at 2019 Oracle Database Cloud Conference

on this, Andy Mendelsohn Stressed, in order to better empower China’s local market, help Chinese customers complete digital transformation and upgrade, innovation and change, future Oracle databases will continue to innovate and invest in three major fields, for more industries, more Customer’s comprehensive digitization is solid found.

First, in the field of core database software, in addition to continuing to support the old version of the old version of the software to 2026, future Oracle will also create database innovations for all deployment scenarios, continue to lead the whole Database market.

For example, in the latest Oracle Database 19c released earlier this year, Oracle has updated three important functions, including optimization of the IIS written; optimization of SQL queries for database objects; And strengthen the capacity of data protection.

Second, in the database hardware field, Oracle will also be committed to bringing integrated machine integration into more users, through the latest software and hardware integration, Oracle hopes to bring Come more powerful hardware platforms.

, the latest Oracle Exadata X8 is a new generation of optimized platforms for all database workloads, not only supports databases to run in all environments, but also provides better performance, scalability And reliability to help customers build differentiated advantages.

Three, in the field of autonomous database, Oracle will continue to strengthen technical capabilities and achieve complete integration with related cloud services, such as the localization deployment of autonomous databases. ability.

Andy Mendelsohn said: “Oracle is not only able to support autonomous databases not only on its own public cloud, but also quickly can help customers achieve their own data center autonomous database in the customer’s data center. It can help Customers realize the function of the autonomous database, while complying with China’s laws and regulations, this is also very value for many Chinese customers. ”

can be seen, the road leading to digital transformation At the same time, Oracle passes the continuous technological innovation, while helping more Chinese customers to realize digital transformation, always adhere to the introduction of the latest technology into China, and this has achieved the differentiation and unique assignment of Oracle in the Chinese market. Can advantage.

Being innovation

Objectively said that today’s database market is facing unprecedented changes, on the one hand, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, letting database There have been more forms; on the other hand, the customer’s mining and utilization of the data is increasingly necessary, which has made a lot of new challenges to Oracle.

During this process, Oracle has always been the leading and innovation of technology, then how is Oracle implement? What kind of success is there?

2019 Oracle Database Cloud Conference on-site

, Andy Mendelsohn said: “Actually Our engineer team is constantly asking yourself, which is in such an environment and challenge, how do we make Oracle in the next five years, in the next decade? Our answer is that behind this There is no secret, the key is that it is not possible to stop innovation, but it needs to remain innovative. ”

His example said that the entire database market has developed large-scale development and growth across the database market in recent years. Oracle has also started a transformation of comprehensive micrigeration, but the value of the core is still not changed, that is, let customers use the technology of Oracle in each platform.

Therefore, the research and development of Oracle core database software not only pays attention to customers’ demand innovation in public clouds, but also attaches great importance to the localization of customers, so that customers can make customers in public clouds and private cloud environments. Can get an experience and service with an enterprise and consistency.

At the same time, Oracle also pays close attention to hardware technology. Andy Mendelsohn believes that the development of hardware technology is an important impact of the entire software core architecture. Based on this, Oracle has always adhered to the collaborative innovation of hardware and software. This is not only the important difference between Oracle and other opponents, but also to ensure the key reasons for the market leading position in the next five to ten years.

Senior Vice President of Oracle and Li Hanzhen, General Manager of Asia, Whole

Be apart from the Oracle Database Cloud Conference, you will be able to pay attention to the demand for old customers, and the focus of Oracle is also one of the focus of Oracle in technology innovation. Andy Mendelsohn finally said: “Regardless of how technology is developed, Oracle will guarantee all the traditional products of all old customers in the past, and the new application developed can run faster, reliability. Better, more scalability, let them achieve common growth together with Oracle. “

is no doubt, it is this kind of innovation and innovation, so that Oracle has achieved the entire database. The leading and leading the market. Data show that Oracle has been ranked for 13 consecutive years of Gartner analytical data management magic quadrant leader’s status; IDC data also shows that in China Database Market, Oracle has also ranked first for 5 consecutive years.

Over the point of view, as a company that has been leading database technology innovation, Oracle has always stood at the forefront of technology and application, and always listens to customer needs, while the environment and customer needs Changes continue to iterate, which brings unlimited possibilities to promote customer digital transformation, but also makes Oracle truly becomes the best partner in China’s digital transformation.

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