PMP Domain #2: Planning

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The Task Management Professional (PMP) is definitely a authorized tag of the Project Management Company, Inc.

In this article, all of us will cover everything you need to find out about the second website of the PMP?? exam: Planning. Planning covers 24% of? the PMP exam, meaning that approximately 42 questions will certainly test your ability to carry out the tasks required to program task management or a stage of the task.

Preparing consists of correctly identifying the range and goals from the task and setting out the alternative to follow along with to be able to obtain these goals. To successfully deliver task management, you should be capable of develop and stick to task program; the task program is generally a number of particular programs, this kind of since just how you’ll take care of range, requirements, timetable, price, quality, marketing communications, assets, dangers, purchase and stakeholders.

The task strategy is definitely money record, meaning it could be up-to-date or transformed when required because the task advances. Preferably, when the range, period and price primary are established, the task strategy ought to just become transformed through the described modify control procedure. The amount of fine detail needed in the task strategy and extra preparing files required depends upon what particular task as well as its requirements.

You will find 13 jobs inside the preparing website, as defined by the PMI?? itself. They are:

Task 1: Review and assess detailed project requirements, constraints and assumptions with stakeholders based on the project charter and lessons learned, and by using requirement-gathering techniques in order to establish detailed project deliverables.

Task 2 : Develop a scope management plan, based on the approved project scope and using scope management techniques in order to define, maintain and manage the scope of the project.

Task three or more: Develop the price administration strategy depending on the task range, plan, assets, authorized task rental and additional information, using calculating methods, to be able to deal with task costs.

Job four: Develop the task plan depending on the authorized task deliverables and breakthrough, range and reference administration programs to be able to deal with well-timed completing the task.

Job five: Develop your reference administration strategy simply by determining the functions and required the task associates to be able to create a project organizational structure and provide guidance regarding how resources will be assigned and managed.

Task 6: Develop the communications management plan, based on the project organizational structure and stakeholder requirements, in order to define and manage the flow of project information.

Task 7: Develop the procurement management plan based on the project scope, budget and schedule, in order to ensure that the necessary task assets will certainly be accessible.

Job eight: Develop the high quality administration strategy and establish the high quality specifications meant for the task as well as its items, depending on the task range, dangers and requirements, to be able to avoid the incident of problems and control the price of quality.

Job 9: Develop the modify administration strategy simply by determining just how adjustments will certainly become resolved and managed to be able to monitor and deal with modify.

Job 10: Arrange for risikomanagement simply by having a risikomanagement strategy; determining, examining and prioritizing project risk; creating the risk register; and defining risk response strategies in order to manage uncertainty and opportunity throughout the project life cycle.

Task 11: Present the project management plan to the relevant stakeholders according to applicable policies and procedures in order to obtain approval to proceed with project execution.

Task 12: Conduct kick-off meeting, communicating the start of the project, key milestones and other relevant information in order to inform and engage stakeholders and gain commitment.

Task 13: Develop the stakeholder management plan by analyzing needs, passions, and potential effect to be able to efficiently deal with stakeholders’ targets and indulge all of them in task decisions.

Preparing Jobs

Review and Evaluate Comprehensive Task Requirements

To figure out how task management will certainly become shipped, you need to figure out what will certainly become shipped. Requirements may be the requirements and targets of stakeholders or features that are officially or lawfully needed in the product/service/result. Collecting requirements in depth and examining all of them may be the basis for identifying the range and also influences price, plan and procurement. This work will often result in a requirement document and a requirement traceability matrix that links each requirement to the objectives and deliverables.

Develop a Scope Management Plan

A scope management plan is used to outline how the product scope is defined, validated and controlled. It includes the processes intended for preparing the scope statement, creating the work breakdown structure, approving and maintaining the scope baseline and getting formal acceptance of the deliverables.

Develop Cost Management Program

An expense administration program describes the way the task costs can end up being approximated, budgeted and maintained through the entire task. This describes device of measure, amount of accuracy, amount of precision, control thresholds, company treatment links, confirming platforms and so on. Additionally, it may have got any extra details associated with price like proper financing options. The master plan may be the utilized to calculate the cash necessary for every activity, which usually can be after that aggregated to look for the spending budget.

Develop Task Plan

Depending on the agreed scope and deliverable, a project schedule needs to be created to make sure project can be completed in time. In order to do this, the project manager needs to define the activities/actions needed to achieve the deliverables, identify the associations and dependencies between those activities and their duration then balance that against the resources available to create a schedule that can be used to execute the task. The task plan can format the connected actions, prepared schedules, stays, breakthrough and assets.

Develop Hrm Program

The task supervisor is in charge of the task group. A persons reference program describes ways to calculate, acquire, deal with and make use of group assets. It will likewise format the tasks and duties, business charts, training strategies, methods for developing the team, methods for ensuring team members are available when needed and a plan to recognize and reward team members appropriately

Develop Communications Management Plan

Communication is the exchange of information. It is important that project information is usually communicated appropriately based on the needs of the team, stakeholders and the project. The project communication plan outlines the approach and plan for communication activities; these activities can vary widely from project to project. It should summarize the stakeholder communications requirements, information to become disseminated, which includes vocabulary, structure, articles, amount of details, reason behind distribution, person accountable and more, and strategies or technology utilized to connect details, assistance and layouts, glossary of common terms, restrictions and so on.

Develop Purchase Administration Program

Purchase administration consists of obtaining items, providers or outcomes required from outside of the group. This involves some type of contract between your customer and vendor. The purchase program describes the purchase decisions, strategy and recognizes potential retailers. The master plan ought to include a plan of purchase activities, any constraints or assumptions, procurement metrics to get managing contracts and so on. It should be coordinated with other parts of the project as well.

Develop Quality Management Plan

Quality is the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfils requirements. The quality management plan outlines the quality requirement and requirements to get the project, how you can accomplish the quality and how to demonstrate or show these requirements/standard have already been fulfilled. It can typically consist of quality criteria just for the task, quality goals, quality tasks and duties, task deliverables that require quality review, quality control and quality administration actions prepared, quality equipment and some other quality related techniques.

Develop Alter Administration Program

The task program might need to alter to get different reasons during its existence cycle. For example , scope may need to become reduced because of a setback in the routine. Such changes are certainly not just randomly implemented; they must become raised as being a alter demand and move through a big change control procedure, where they may be evaluated and a choice is certainly disseminated. The alter administration program details just how adjustments towards the task can posted, examined and applied.

Develop Risikomanagement Program

Risikomanagement aspires to spot and take care of dangers that aren’t tackled simply by an additional project management process. Risk can have a bad effect on one of the project objectives or the entire project. The danger management strategy should summarize the general approach to controlling risk, specific methods and tools that will be used, functions and obligations pertaining to the danger management team members, funds required for risk management, when and how often it can be performed, risk groups, stakeholder risk hunger and definition of risk probability and affects. This plan of action is certainly after that utilized to recognize dangers, execute qualitative and quantitative risk evaluation? and program risk reactions.

Present Task Administration Intend to Stakeholders

When the task administration program is certainly prepared, it really is provided towards the stakeholders by task supervisor. This could be performed using the strategies discussed in the stakeholder administration program.

Perform Kick-Off Conference

Preferably, by the end of preparing, prior to the group begins carrying out the task, the task supervisor ought to organise a kick-off meeting to communicate the objectives of the project, the part and responsibilities of stakeholders and get the commitment of the team. The precise time kick-off takes place depends on the size of the team and how involved they are in the planning. This helps guarantee most people are on the same page.

Develop Stakeholder Management Strategy

A stakeholder is definitely anybody who can become affected positively or negatively by the project. These individuals need to be recognized and active in the project according to their requirements, goals, passions and potential influence. The master plan describes workable techniques for effective and successful stakeholder participation when creating decisions or during task delivery.

What you should Concentrate on

It is necessary to notice which the task administration examination is founded on duties described over and discussed in the evaluation articles put together, not really the PMBOK. Nevertheless , you are going to discover all the details you will need in the PMBOK. You ought to concentrate on the next:

  • The procedure for the purpose of developing the task program and everything the elements? range, routine, cost, quality, resources, communications, risk, procurement and stakeholder management plans
  • Collecting requirements, determining scope and creating a work breakdown structure
  • The processes pertaining to developing routine
  • The processes pertaining to calculating cost and determining budget
  • The processes pertaining to identifying risks, analyzing them and planning a response.
  • Getting the knowledge and skills needed

Specific Skills and Knowledge pertaining to Planning

  • Modify management planning
  • Cost management planning, including project cost management tools and techniques
  • Communications planning
  • Contract types and selection criteria
  • Estimation tools and techniques
  • Human resource planning
  • Lean and efficiency principles
  • Procurement planning
  • Quality management planning
  • Requirements gathering techniques (e. g., planning sessions, brainstorming and focus groups)
  • Regulatory and environmental impacts assessment planning
  • Risk management planning
  • Scope deconstruction (e. g., WBS, Scope backlog) tools and techniques
  • Scope management planning
  • Stakeholder management planning
  • Time management planning, including scheduling tools and techniques
  • Workflow diagramming methods


I really hope it has provided you with a much better knowledge of the look website, the jobs, understanding and abilities. Make sure you seek advice from the related topics with this series to learn most five domain names from the PMP examination, and also content articles covering examination information, job prospects, and more. Happy studying!


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