SAP and Amazon AWS have been completely turned into microsoft?

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Between a time, Microsoft and SAP carry out cloud cooperation of the Yun cooperation brush the IT industry circle. It is understood that by this cooperation, Microsoft will use SAP’s S / 4 HANA database to replace the old SAP software to help run their core internal financial planning functions, and SAP means that it will run more than dozens on Microsoft’s Azure cloud service. Key internal financial system.

Some people say, SAP and Amazon AWS are 掰; even some people say that SAP may even be acquired by Microsoft; SAP teamed up with Microsoft against Amazon AWS … This speculation seems to be a hole, but it is very Rely. Review SAP and Amazon AWS can find that this is already a long time for a good friend.

In May 2016, AWS announced the introduction of the X1.32XLARGE instance type with 2TB memory, specifically used to deploy large-scale SAP HANA deployment in AWS cloud;

in August 2016, AWS announces SAP certification and supports large-scale extended HANA clusters, reaching up to 7 nodes or 14TB RAMs. Subsequently, 1TB RAM’s X1.16XLarge instance type;

in May 2017, AWS announced the introduction of the X1E.32XLARGE instance type of memory for 4TB, in order to run SAP HANA and other memory Design of intensive applications. SAP supports 17 nodes of ultra-large HANA transverse expansion clusters or 34 TB RAMs. At the same time, its 2018 development path is to support a larger Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance, and the capacity of RAM is between 8 TB and 16 TB.

Today, AWS announces that SAP has extended a larger SAP HANA transverse expansion cluster, which utilizes 25 x1.32x large nodes or 50TB of RAM.

To say SAP and Microsoft, there is no AWS, it is obviously not logical. The reasons are three:

1, Amazon AWS is the world’s largest public cloud service provider, SAP is the largest management software provider, under the big trend of software clouding, SAP is obviously less than Amazon AWS Cooperation, and with its cloud service, its cloud application;

2, Microsoft’s market share in public clouds is second only to Amazon AWS, SAP and Microsoft to deepen cooperation is also for business considerations. In fact, the top three of the SAP and cloud computing fields (AWS, Microsoft, Ali Cloud) have cooperatives;

3, from the perspective of the user, public clouds are not a field that is not here. As an application provider, SAP needs to deploy their own clouding applications to more public cloud platforms to maximize end users.

SAP and Microsoft’s cooperation, in addition to Azure in the IAAS field, in both parties in the Saas field, there is also a small fit point in the Saas field. In recent years, the business in Microsoft Saas has Office 365, Dynamics 365, Skype, Xbox Live, Linkedin, Windows Update, etc. From the perspective of management software, these software has a high fit with SAP products, and the two parties strengthen cooperation will be successful.

As for SAP, it may be acquired by Microsoft. This possibility does not exist at all, because Microsoft has continued to increase in the Saas field in recent years, and acquire LinkedIn with huge sums. As for Microsoft, is Microsoft to go to a deeper enterprise management. This depends on the strategic direction of Microsoft, from the current point of view, Microsoft’s transformation in the field of cloud computing has been able to point, but should not increase the SaaS Inforation in the field, even acquisition SAP, this decision is not good.

This is also a large extent because SAP is a relatively traditional management software company, not like http: //, LINKEDIN, etc. Software Enterprise, which is built from the creation of cloud computing. The acquisition SAP is not the acquisition like better.

For the public cloud service provider such as AWS, Microsoft, Alibaba Cloud, they also need to introduce more excellent cloud applications, into their own cloud market, to meet more User application cloud computing service needs, only this can truly play the scale advantage of the cloud service, while reducing costs can also achieve the growth of revenues.

If you say so much, you still don’t quite understand, let’s change a way of understanding: a developer of a mobile application software, the application is on the iOS, don’t you choose to go online in the Android market? ? If a company has opened the channel for the WeChat public number, Weibo, is there any headline today? (Technology self-cultivation “,” common sayings “, Author: Ding Yanyu)

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