Soft test – Do you know the network engineer?

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2020 Network Engineer Exam Expected Registration Time at the end of July, the exam time is on November 8.

The intermediate subject of the network engineer examiner soft test, like other subject certificates of soft test, have the advantage of the evaluation, points, and enhances its competitiveness.

The subject of network engineer should investigate is “Basic Knowledge” and “Application Technology”, “Basic Knowledge” Examination Time, 9: 00-11: 30, the subject is a choice question, full of 75 points. “Application Technology” exam time is 14: 00-16: 30, the subject is a question and answer question, full of 75 points.

Test books:

test outline, textbook, test questions analysis and answer three books.

I have collapsed a test point to list it:

LAN technology

network interconnection technology

operation System, system development

channel characteristics

modulation technology, multiplexing technology


digital coding and coding efficiency

SNMP Protocol

Network Storage

Network Attack

Computer Virus

Ethernet CSMA / CD

Ethernet MAC address

Ethernet frame structure

Ethernet transmission medium

high speed Ethernet

switch exchange mode </ P >


VTP protocol

GVRP protocol

STP protocol

link aggregation

encryption Way

Table Base Technology





< P> IP datagram format

firewall technology

intrusion detection IDS and intrusion defense IPS

traffic and error control


ICMP protocol

Linux system

file management

device management

software development model

Software Test

Project Management

Exam Requirements:

(1) Familiar with the basic knowledge of computer systems;

(2) Familiar with the basics of network operating systems;

(3) understand the design and development method of computer application system;

(4) Familiar with data communication

(5) Familiar with the basics of system security and data security;

(6) Master the basic technology and major security protocols of network security;

(7) Master the basic principle of computer network architecture and network protocol;

(8) Master computer network related standardization knowledge;

(9) master local area network networking technology, understand Metro network and wide area network basic technology;

(10) Master computer network interconnection technology;

(11) Master the networking method and network application technology of TCP / IP protocol network;

(12) Understanding access network and access technology;

(13) Master the basic principle and method of operation of network management;

(14) is familiar with network system Performance testing and optimization technology, and reliability design technology;

(15) understanding the basic principles and techniques of network applications;

(16) understand network new technology and its development trend ;

(17) Learn about the laws and regulations of intellectual property and the Internet;

(18) correctly read and understand English information in the art.

The content of the assessment is still more, and there is a lot of knowledge that needs to be grasped. If you want to pass the exam, you will have to hurry. If you want to pass the exam, you have to firm all the knowledge points firm. master.

I hope that your exam is smooth!

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