Some think about network security

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Two days before Weibo, I saw a video “Bilingual Short Sphi: China Super APP is changing the global Internet”, and the empire built by WeChat, when all things use WeChat this How is the super app completed?

How to change the entire Internet – online play – Youku, video HD Watch

Imagine if a time period, WeChat’s server has a short problem, and how many users will be directly affected, can you imagine other applications that can be used instead of WeChat? The current WeChat seems no longer only belongs to Tencent, more time contact with several aspects of this country.

If it is a scene that is told in the American drama “Suspected Tracking”, the consequences are unimaginable.


I used to understand some social engineering knowledge, and I have also blackded some network accounts of strangers, including the mailbox. , Weibo, Jingdong, Taobao, ICLOUD account, etc.

Of course, I have not to do illegal, illegal things, but more often want to test the correctness of a method and possibilities.

So I don’t have to bind the book, the mobile phone number, and set a different land to reminder or equipment lock, and can reduce the decentralized Black possibility.


The first two years have just started a small rice mobile phone, always like to upload the photo, address book, SMS, etc. to Xiaomi Cloud backup, later Worried that millet clouds can’t survive, and specially opened automatic backup in Baidu Yun, trying to avoid the loss of information through this double backup.

When the Baidu account is registered, in order to facilitate your own password, use a common atrium number, and use this practice in a lot of password settings after yourself, but I will start reading the article on the password analysis in the relevant forum, I started to be extremely worried.

So after I declared the account password of my usual and important platforms, including the bound mailbox and mobile phone number, etc., basically ensure that each platform account is different, reducing the hit base possibility.


Don’t think this is far away from you.

Are you registered, mobile phone number, and the same password login in most platforms?

Once the account information of one of the platforms is leaked or black, the information on other platforms is not guaranteed.

In some cases in my black success, most of them are a mailbox account, a password universal. After knowing the account password of your A platform, I will go to B \ C \ D \ E to try, and the cat can always touch a dead consumption.

Retracence to the case, most people’s Baidu account password setting is extremely simple, you may think that in Baidu is a few pieces, there is no other important thing. It can actually act according to your Baidu account, after logging in to Ctrip, where to go, can easily get your ID card information, mobile number, name, etc. After this information, continue to black other The account is extremely easy.


There is a piece of Baidu account, I don’t know if I noticed this:

(this is the screenshot of my personal Baidu account page, I closed Historical record function)

(this is a look that the Baidu history function, all the search words and the address of the page can be viewed)

Imagine, If your Baidu account is stolen, and your historical record function has been open (the default is open), it means that in addition to Baidu Yunli will be checked by others, his own retrieval behavior can be I look at it, it is a bit horrible.

Since it is written here, I suggest that you have a Baidu account, you can consider closing this historical record.


(here is my personal Google Account screenshot)

Are you like me, accustomed to storing some websites in some websites using a browser Account information, the existence of these browsers does help us very busy, saving unnecessary time waste.

, if you want to be stolen if you have the account of your browser, what should I do?

I have tried the Google Account (not opened two verification), after logging in, I can directly view the website, the account number and password information you use. Explanatory views).

So sometimes, even if Google, Taobao, Tencent’s own network security standards, it is possible to provide you with the highest authority of the account, but you won’t use it, or don’t know It is also no harmony. Responsibility is in your own, not in these platforms.


temporarily think of these, where is it written, some zero do not weird.

Some TIPS:

Open the secondary verification of important accounts such as Tencent, Taobao, Baidu, Google, or the safety function such as equipment lock; </ p>

mailbox password regularly, don’t set it too simple, turn on the off-site landing protection function, and any abnormal SMS reminder; </ p>

Don’t a ticket holder A password is engaged in all nets. It is important to say three times. The important website, the password, at least three: case, number, special symbol; </ p>

Of course if you don’t do What are you don’t want to be public information, then this article doesn’t apply it very much; </ p>

Some children should not be suitable for communication information, key technical documentation and other content, archived in you Local computer is good, it is best to add a secret. If it is placed in the iCloud, maybe it may be put on the Internet, think about the Observations of Hollywood, yes. </ p> </ ul>

When your information is data, you have the right to make it brings, there is also the risk of matching; network security, It’s really more important, it is getting more and more concerned.

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