Ten trends in the development of the Internet of Things industry in 2020

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Under the driving of policies, economy, society, technology and other factors, GSMA proposes that the compound growth rate of 9% in 2019-12022; It is expected that by 2022, China Internet of Things industry will exceed 2 trillion yuan, ie 2130 billion yuan. Combined with the 13th Five-Year Plan in my country’s Internet of Things Industry, the scale of China’s Internet of Things industry is 150 million yuan; but according to the current situation of the current logistics network industry, the goal of the 13th Five-Year Plan is expected to complete. The top ten trends in the Internet of Things industry include:

Trend 1: IoT and mobile Internet integration development Become the main driver of the information industry

Digital Economy Under the data, data is an important asset, and the source of the Internet of Things devices will become the entrance of the intelligent Times era. In the process of wave-style information and communication industry development, mobile Internet and Internet of Things are considered to be two major industries: mobile Internet mainly facing individual users, more focused on mass consumer, global services; Social production and social management, more focused on industry, regional services. Horse freezer remote monitoring and fault warning system is a typical industrial networking system. The system includes: Horse BMCloud100 freezer remote monitoring platform, BMG700 edge computing gateway, PLC data acquisition. Integrated data acquisition, PLC protocol / MQTT and other communication protocol conversion, 5G / 4G wireless communication, cloud platform application, remote monitoring control, etc.

Trend 2: IoT smart town will prefer smart city application promotion

During the construction of smart urban construction, the Internet of Things is played It is not ignored that the Internet of Things is the coordination of urban transportation, hydropower, medical and other industries, and high efficiency operations provide strong technical protection, enabling municipal administrators to become more scientific and reasonable for urban management. However, smart cities are too large, and the application of Internet of Things technology needs to be overcome and complicated. The intersection of smart small towns is the extension and expansion of new smart city philosophy, and is the foothold of a new smart city.

In the new foundation, 5G drive, Hima Technology uses the BMG8200 series intelligent gateway as a carrier, through the smart road pole, multi-function pole building smart town, can effectively realize people, things, urban function systems Intelligent self-perception, adaptive, self-optimization, intelligent self-unity, adaptation, self-optimization, intelligent self-perception, adaptation, self-optimization, intelligent self-satisfaction, intelligent self-satisfaction, public security, environmental, public safety, etc. Intelligent optimization and timely response.

Trend 3: Operators will have to force network infrastructure in 5G and NB-IOT bases to improve network infrastructure

5G and NB-IOT technology have been selected Used to deploy nationwide to support smart cities, sharing bicycles, smart charging piles, and smart agriculture. Operators are accelerating the layout of 5G and low-power WAN to bring new features and commercial landing to the Internet of Things.

Trend 4: Industrial Internet of Things will enter the solution to the solution to the solution Perfection period

Industrial Internet of Things is the value economy, the development driver is to solve and Optimize all links in industrial, energy, transportation and other industries and related development issues. As the previous platform is basically perfect, the overall Internet of Things solution is expected to gradually lay out and successfully landed in 3-5 years.

Trend 5: NB-IOT will inspire smart home and other Internet of Things application scenario

NB-IOT low power, wide coverage, massive connection The characteristics can meet the intelligent lock, smart hydropower meter, smart appliance, security alarm, intelligent wear and other applications, simplify the complexity of the terminal, reduce power consumption, and control the cost of massive connection and signal transmission.

Trend 6: The determination of the VIT V2X band will attract more business giants accelerated layout

V2X is the artifact of the car into the driver’s eyes, It can take the driver to see the caudal deer that suddenly runs on the road or see the parking sign at the corner of the car with the side of the car and reminds the driver. With the determination of smart network vehicles using the 5905-5935MHz band, the development of the vehicle network industry attracts many giants followed, and seizes the opportunities for the plan.

Trend Seventh: 2020 Consumer Internet of Things will achieve leapfrog development

consumer network, that is, the mobile network and mobile Internet Internet of Things, gestational wear equipment, intelligent hardware, smart home, intelligent travel, healthy pension, etc. The continuous optimization of consumer gland applications and consumer application products, and consumer network industries will continue to be strong.

Trend 8: Edge Calculation and Cloud Computing Two-wheel Drive Based Networking

Horse edge computing gateway can not only help solve the Internet application scenario For higher security, lower power, shorter delay, higher reliability, lower bandwidth, can also utilize data, further reduce the cost of data processing, with the support of edge calculations, The real-time and safety of a large number of Internet of Things scenes are guaranteed. Longitudinal data empowering the “Yun one end” collaborative implementation is the maximum value of the IoT in the IoT.

The dispute of the IoT ecology is getting worse, and the cloud double core has accelerated the layout. The cloud data processing capability begins to sink, closer to the data source, so that the edges become an important junction in the Internet of Things industry. The information of Xinxongyuan shows that more than 75% of the data will need to be analyzed, handled and stored in the future, so the edge calculation has become a new round of layout, and multiple giants have entered the advantages, including communication enterprises, industrial enterprises and Internet. Enterprise, etc.

Trend Nine: 2020 Solutions In the Internet of Things industry, the funds in the Internet of Things industry will exceed 50%

Global Internet of Things technology is growing rapidly, most IN Solutions and Market Distance Mature Estimation It takes 5-10 years, small some IOT technology may be implemented within 2-5 years, and the Internet of Things solutions are still blue sea markets, and players will swar.

Trend 10: Safety Status is worrying to predict the Internet security accident increased by nearly 6 times


In the background of the fast-growing network of Internet of Things, the Internet security incidents are frequent, and global network security expenditures will continue to increase. Currently, the Internet-based attack and become a reality. According to Gartner surveys, nearly 20% of businesses or related agencies have suffered at least – sub -ly based on Internet of Things over the past three years. In order to prevent security threats, Gartner predicted that the global network security expenditure will reach 2.6 billion US dollars; including approximately $ 541 million, the gateway safety expenditure is approximately $ 1,589 million. US dollars.

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