The biggest hand since the establishment of Oracle: 30 billion US dollars acquired Cerner into the healthcare field

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According to reports, the world’s largest software supplier Oracle is negotiating the acquisition of electronic medical information, Cerner, the value of this transaction may be as high as 30 billion US dollars, will promote this enterprise software giant to further enter the army. Healthcare field. According to “Wall Street Journal”, the agreement may be reached soon if the negotiations do not have rupture or delay. If the transaction is reached, it will become the largest acquisition in the history of Oracle. Cerner’s market value is approximately $ 23 billion, and if you want to get a typical merger premium, you may be worth $ 30 billion. < </ RTI> </ RTI> The leader in the EHR is reported that Cerner Corporation is headquartered in Missouri, founded in 1979, is a leading supplier of the US healthcare industry information system, providing health Information technology services, equipment and hardware. In 1986, Cerner was listed in Nasdaq. In the late 1980s, Cerner’s customer group has grown steadily and reached 250 in 1990. As of February 2018, its products have been used in more than 27,000 supplier facilities in more than 35 countries, such as hospitals, integrated network, outpatient office and doctor’s office, developed to now Cerner has become one of the giants of the US medical informationization industry. As a leader in the field of EHR (Electronic Health Record), Cerner not only has built a comprehensive health network architecture, but also provides solutions to self-funded employers. Constructing a health network architecture Cerner constructs a health network architecture, a set of integrated IT systems, unifying all software products into an architecture, including targeting Various solutions for medical suppliers, employers, patients, health plan suppliers and government agencies mainly involve population health management, clinical solutions, continuous care, pharmacies management, laboratory, openness, and income cycle management and Other services and technology. Cerner’s customers can purchase the entire health network architecture system, or choose in a single application, add applications as needed, and achieve seamless information flow across applications. Cerner’s solution is a well-known product of Cerner Millennium. This is an electronic health care platform that integrates various care into a hospitalization and outpatient. On the platform, the care provider can access the patient’s health data in real time without leaving the clinical workflow, thus making informed, data-driven decisions, specific features include drug management documents, data analysis, audit reports and experiments. Room and drug alarms, etc. For medical institutions, CERNER’s solution connects multiple facilities and the entire nursing process, connected to hospitals, clinics, doctors, long-term care organizations, etc., realizing information sharing and access . In terms of performance management, Cerner’s income cycle solution is closely integrated with clinical processes, allowing medical institutions to work together. In the patient, Cerner’s portal is integrated with EHR, allowing patients to access their records to participate in care. Patients can communicate, book or change, view clinical information, request complement, update information, and send files. Through this portal, the doctor can share the certified evidence-based data with the patient with more than 3,000 topics. Although as a leading supplier of the US healthcare industry information system, Cerner also has a greater influence in NHS (National Medical Services System). According to Cerner’s website, the Millennium platform is used by more than 144,000 health care professionals of 24 NHS trusts per month. In summary, it is not difficult to see from the above introduction, Cerner’s status in the field of medical information and its performance in international business, which is not difficult to understand why. The handwriting is urgently acquired. The acquisition will bring a large amount of data to be a large amount of data in the field of medical research and development. The most important thing is data. “Jeff Lam, General Manager, North Asia, China . In 2015, “Medicine Clinical Test Data Check Storm” in the Chinese Medicine Industry, CFDA released the “most stringent data verification requirements in history”, directly leading to new drugs for more than 700 pharmaceutical companies. The test data has been withdrawn or not approved. According to this, Oracle has launched a variety of products and series of programs at the time to help drug companies better conduct clinical experiments. In addition, Oracle also provides a health care for hospitals and doctors, helping doctors for medical analysis, personalized medical, and providing electronic case storage solutions. It also integrates solutions in the two fields of medical development and medical health, and realizes patient-centered medical research and medical management. “For Oracle, we also pay attention to how to better utilize this real-world data. For example, a lot of data can be obtained from the EHR electronic case, but most of them are unstructured data. Therefore, how to analyze and use these big data, whether it is from clinical perspective, or from the perspective of submitting to regulatory agencies, “Oracle Health Science Global Division Product Strategy Global Vice President James Streeter At the time, I was introduced. It is developed to the current point of view, and Oracle has occupied a place in the field of healthcare, and this transaction may have brought a lot of data for Oracle, which will help the Department of Bone Company training and improve its artificial intelligence. Cloud service helps it to further transform to cloud, while upgrading the status in the field of healthcare.

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