The opportunity of the rear cloud calculation

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The new technology nowhere is endless, from the previous cloud computing big data, to today’s hot AI and IOT, and 5G and block chains, I am more interested, I feel that there is a chance to calculate, cloud Calculation is almost the foundation of all technologies, so regardless of how other technologies change, the most basic cloud computing does not change much, not to follow others all day.

The opportunity on the cloud is very much, take AWS as an example:

AWS: </ p> </ ul>

AWS believes that Cloud needs cloud architects, which is the development and operations personnel in the cloud business, which is the most basic requirement. Of course, there are also some network, data analysis, security, machine learning, and voice assistants.

Google Cloud Platform: </ p> </ ul>

GCP authentication is also given a general classification:

Cloud Architect </ p>

Data Engineer </ p>

Cloud Developer </ p>

devops </ p>

network engineer </ p>

security Engineer </ p>

collaborative engineer </ p> </ ol>

azure: </ p> </ ul>

Azure authentication is too More, although there is still not much attention to “” Although the certificate on the market is dazzling, where is the real chance? Where is the opportunity on the cloud?

Yungean helps enterprises in the clouds and architectural design of the architecture design </ p> </ ul>

Cloud archigist is a traditional architect understanding the design concept of the cloud And an upgraded version of the design mode

Data Analyst and AI Engineer </ p> </ ul>

This is mainly

of the analysis of big data and data.

Network Engineer and Security Engineer </ p> </ UL>

This is mainly to understand the network SDN of cloud computing, then understand the

                  • devops engineer of cloud security </ p> </ ul>

This engineer should be to configure and manage the

in the cloud business

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