True · Wealth is thick, Microsoft 7.5 billion US dollar full cash acquisition B social parent company

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The gaming world exposes major news. Yesterday evening, Microsoft announced that it will officially acquire Bethesda SoftWork (B) parent company Zenimax Media with the price of $ 7.5 billion (about RMB 51 billion), and all of them pay in cash.

The game fan knows the BCC, which may be more unfamiliar with his parent company Zenimax Media. The Zenimax is headquartered in Washington, which is a world-renowned gaming publisher. It has a large number of studios in Europe, America, and Asia, creates a large number of games in many platforms such as host, PC, handheld and mobile equipment.

Microsoft’s evaluation of Zenimax is: the world’s largest, one of the most evaluated game developers, the publisher, Bethesda Softworks, Bethesda Game Studios, ID Software, Zenimax Online Studios, Arkane, Machinegames Many excellent game studios such as Tango Gameworks, Alpha Dog, Roundhouse Studios. Zenimax has more than 2300 people, and has “Elder Scrolls”, “Radiation”, “German Headquarters”, “Destruction Warrior”, “Star”, “Prestige”, “Shame”, “Evil List” and other well-known game IP .

Microsoft’s commitment to Zenimax, the organizational architecture of B, will remain unchanged, and the game IP will continue and carry forward, Xbox will also support the resources.

Microsoft as a global top technology company, its game industry is not underestimated, and it is also a leading position in the industry, but at this stage, it is slightly weak. This acquisition will undoubtedly let Microsoft will re-acquire Microsoft. Leading in the game industry. US $ 7.5 billion, is also three times the price of Microsoft’s acquisition “My World” developer Mojang (not considered inflation).

Although we look at the price of $ 7.5 billion looks quite huge, it is almost equivalent to Yubi, but analysts believe that Microsoft has no loss, even this price is & # 34; accidentally Low & # 34 ;.

DFC analysts believe that Zenimax has a well-known game issued company with a range of classic IPs, which have a major, long-term potential. However, BC has not been intended in recent years, because it is struggling for sale, such as “radiation 76” and other bad reviews.

Although Xbox hardware can’t have the same level in the market in the short term, this acquisition undoubtedly mean that Microsoft has prepared for long-term goals. B Social can enrich the game library for XGP and cloud streaming services. & # 34;

Analysts believe that BCC key game series, including “radiation” and “Elder Scrolls”, etc. RPG games, these games are very good on the host and PC, single one The series is $ 7.5 billion.

B community is acquired, a universal question is: whether the future game will become exclusive, do not land the PS. If the “Elder Scroll 6” will log in to PS5, then you choose to purchase XPG, or choose $ 60 or even $ 70 to buy a PS5 version?

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer said, future B Whether the game is landing on the Xbox / PC unexpected platform, you must see the situation.

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