[Ultra Details] Amazon AWS Cloud Services Based on Windows 10 (Based on P2.XLARGE Server)

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Because of the use of AWS, the Raiders for novice small white is small, and almost all Linux systems, leading to a lot of detours when deploying cloud computing, other simple steps can be taken The official website is doing, I mainly think about some pits that will be mistaken even when the official steps will be made. I hope this Raiders can help like me. Less nonsense, enter the topic:

registered AWS. A credit card is required when registering. I personally bind my Visa card, free turnover. </ p> </ ol>

2. Log in to the account, enter your EC2 Service setting area.

In the upper right, select the area because we need to find the area with the P2.XLARGE server, and only some areas can choose this server. Because I am in the UK, I choose to close Ireland. (There is no P2 server in the UK area). Classics in China can find a P2 server in this area.

then finds a cloud server called P2.XLARGE, which is a cloud server that is very suitable for deep learning. It is equipped with 12G memory Tesla K80 graphics card, 4 core CPU, 60G memory , And 500m network speed. I personally use this server, of course, you can choose your favorite server.

You will find, 咦, how to give me the quota is 0. Because this server is very hot, you need to submit an application to apply for this server.

Click the submit application button on the right. Fill in the following:

I have a very greedy, only one application, and the application will be required. My application is: I am A student from xxx and i need to do some deep learning projects. (I am a student from XX, I need to do deep learning projects.) Reason your own compilation, reasonable is reasonable.

After about half a day, Amazon reviewed.

3. [If you are a student’s words] Apply for the student use of the Credits, after all, AWS is a commercial thing, people must make money, the cloud calculation using people must pay, apply for Credits, which is equivalent to Amazon to make you free. The next thing. The student’s words generally give $ 40.

Enter this and the website, register, then wait for Amazon’s reply.

is about two days, I received a reply. Give 40 US dollars, sprinkle.

4. The next step is to open your virtual machine. This official website has a very detailed tutorial.

goto the EC2 management console </ p>

click on the “launch instance” button. </ p>

click & # 34; aws marketplace & # 34; </ p>

search for & # 34; Deep Learning Ami with Source Code (CUDA 8, Ubuntu) & # 34; AMI. Here I am using Udacity their teacher as an example, what Tensorflow in this ami, CUDA is installed. </ p>

Click The & # 34; SELECT & # 34; Button for the & # 34; Deep Learning Ami Cuda 8 Ubuntu Version & # 34; AMI. </ p> </ ul>

Click on The “Review and Launch” Button & # 39; </ p> </ ul>

5. Heavy weight —- Editing Safety Group

Click & # 34; Edit Security Groups & # 34;

Select & # 34; Create a New security group & # 34; </ p>

set the & # 34; security group name & # 34; to & # 34; jupyter & # 34; </ p>

click & # 34; add Rule & # 34; </ p>

set a & # 34; Custom TCP Rule & # 34; </ p>

set the & # 34; Port Range & # 34; To & # 34; 8888 & # 34; # 34; and & # 34; 22 & # 34; this top of the world! ! ! Setting 8888 is because Jupyter Notebook is required, set 22 because of the Windows system, to open it on the talent and the server’s Ubuntu system. (The scene here is that my computer is Windows, the other server is Linux, the dialogue under this scene requires 22 ports) </ p>

Select & # 34; Anywhere & # 34; as the & # 34; Source </ p>

Finally click on the “Launch” button, this time he wants you to create a so-called Authentication Key Pair. Anyway, it is a safe key. Click “Create A New Key Pair”, click & # 34; Download Key Pair & # 34; and then generate a “.pem” file. There is a folder with this PEM file. </ p>

Finally click the “Launch Instances” button. Your remote server is started. </ p> </ ul>

starts from this moment, Amazon began to collect your money.

6. Connect your own Windows computers and remote Linux servers (Instance).

See Connecting to your Linux Instance from Windows Using Putty

The giant written is quite quite quite.

7. According to the above steps, when the link is successful, a shell window is popped up, the Linux style. So set up the JuPyter’s stuff. To make Jupyter to be smoothly opened smoothly on the remote server.

Enter the following two Linux commands in the shell:

Jupyter Notebook --generate-config
Sed -ie & # 34; s / # c.notebookapp.ip = & # 39; localhost & # 39; / # c.notebookapp.ip = & # 39; * & # 39; / g & # 34; ~ / .jupyter /jupyter_notebook_config.py
</ pre>

then installing some necessary packages. For example,

sudo python3 -m pip install tensorflow-gpu == 1. 1 UDacity-pa tqdm </ code> </ pre>

8. Finally, use the Project of Yida City to test it ~ (not advertising, but Ying Da Xi City is really great.)

git clone https : //github.com/udacity/aind2-dl.git
CD Aind2-DL
Jupyter Notebook - IP = - NO-Browser </ code> </ pre>

There will be a URL coming out, follow the prompt, copy

< Code class = “language-text”>: 8888 /? token = and all stuffy </ code> </ pre>

then open the browser, enter

xxxx: 8888 /? token = and all Dongdong </ code> </ pre>

, XXXX is the IPv4 IPv4 of the server.

9. Click & # 34; IMDB_IN_KERAS_SOLUTIONS.IPYNB & # 34; Sprinkle.

Friendly Tips: When you don’t need to run the server, you must turn it off, click “Terminate”, be careful not to “Stop”. Otherwise, Amazon will always receive your money ~~~~~

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