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White Tianlong Royal Sketch Pingxia Joint Defense Facilities 200 True Committee Chairman – Henry Kasinger

David & amp; # 8226; Wilcker: I think you are right enough . Cori & amp; # 8226; Gude: Yes. Gonzalez said that when this person came to introduce himself, the chin fell down. The Chair took Gonzalez into the hall, telling him that it must be slightly polite than the previous big wave. He came in, he said that he and intuitive first-known police guard had an intuition, that is, everything is going to stage, from the beginning, all everything is set to dramatically.

David & amp; # 8226; Wilcker: What is the purpose of dramatic? Cori & amp; # 8226; Gude: In order to create a feeling, the strength of Tianlong people is not weak, this is just a play, show strength. David & amp; # 8226; Wilkock: Ok. What is the characteristic of exhibiting power, site layout and display? Cori & amp; # 8226; Gude: When they walk into the hotel lobby that is closed for this purpose, it is not a previous look, and it is an ultra-large blanks. Column, I only see the reptilesman hand holding a long knife giant gun, they are standing there, the two-foot spacing is wide and standing in a bit of a state. Behind them is the creatures and other insects, and their standing is loose. Then they walked away, and the squad was standing in the middle of the team.

David & amp; # 8226; Wilcker: This is the leader of all Tianlong people, boss? Cori & amp; # 8226; Gude: He claims to be himself. David & amp; # 8226; Wilkock: Ok. Cori & amp; # 8226; Gude: He immediately seized the consciousness of Gonzalez, Gonzalez said that he was could not.

David & amp; # 8226; Wilcker: Wow. Cori & amp; # 8226; Gude: Gonzaleth said that before that, he thought I was definitely exaggerated. At that time, he was very clearly told that repeating all the content I said, so that everyone can hear. He said: The blue bird in the spherical alliance lies you, in fact, we are very powerful, our lord is very powerful. I was sitting at the table at that time, Gonzalez said: This is the first time that they have a higher class leader. He also clearly said that any human followers cannot be prosecuted, and you have to process them, all aliens groups and Tianlong people must be allowed to leave the solar system freely, if they do not agree, the surface of the earth will be war catastrophe. He has always said that he does not stop …

David & amp; # 8226; Wilcker: is like false flags, lonely ? Cori & amp; # 8226; Gude: Yes, in order to establish loosh energy. David & amp; # 8226; Wilcker: This is not like a reptile person who wants to wear a big knife to rush to the surface of the earth. Cori & amp; # 8226; Gude: is not. He will use their “people” to manipulate events on the earth surface.

David & amp; # 8226; Wilcker: But didn’t they have done? Cori & amp; # 8226; Gude: Yes, but this … they are talking about large-scale actions. We talked about that they threatened the Third World War, and the Spherical Alliance guaranteed to us, all such things were not allowed. David & amp; # 8226; Wilcker: It looks kind, such as a spherical alliance, may have other existence, helping them not let the Dragon people do. Cori & amp; # 8226; Gude: Yes. That’s right, how many times attempts to cause the third world war have been blocked. Let us say later. Anyway, this …

David & amp; # 8226; Wilcker: , now they are more efforts than before. Cori & amp; # 8226; Gude: They have created this threat. David & amp; # 8226; Wilcker: is right. Cordi & amp; # 8226; Gude: After he did a variety of threats and intimidation, he cut the link with Gonzalez and turned it. Then he and his entire delegation went out, Gonzalese left its slow and clumsy left. Gonzalez suddenly cracks, feel disgusting, symptoms with me last time, he just wants to leave there quickly. When they left, the President came out and took them out, telling the seriousness of things, more dramatic, he said, they have to listen and accept this white Tianlong Royal Protection. They went back and went to the roof into the cabin and flew back to report.

David & amp; # 8226; Wilcker: Listening to Tianlong people seem to have a very impressive secret, a very valuable Weakness, that is, they listened to a single lord. Cori & amp; # 8226; Gude: is right, and this Lord is a lord, even Langoshares will also smell. He said: We believe that this is the same lord, and it is also responsible for the external inter-unsatisfur / super-space manual intelligence. He said: There are a lot of clues to bring together at this moment, and I have received relevant information very early before. He said: This is a very important confirmation. I asked these reptiles, whether the Dragon people are artificial intelligence. He said: If not, then they are also one.

David & amp; # 8226; Wilcker: Space Project Alliance does not fight the same champion of the Dragon people? Is there a way to clean up these artificial intelligence? Do you mention artificial intelligence predict yourself a threat in the future? Cori & amp; # 8226; Gude: Yes. You can simply answer your question, but I can’t say too fine, there is indeed a plan to clean up all artificial intelligence signals in the earth and the solar system. David & amp; # 8226; Wilcker: Soon we will get rid of these? Cori & amp; # 8226; Gude: can.

David & amp; # 8226; Wilcker: If the control center pulls out from the center, then all drones will be paralyzed. Similar to this principle? Cori & amp; # 8226; Gude: All artificial intelligence will be taken out in this action, as I said, I can’t explain in detail. David & amp; # 8226; Wilcker: If there is no signal, what will be the life of the nano robot? Cori & amp; # 8226; Gude: Nano robot will sleep. David & amp; # 8226; Wilcker: If these lives are energy, if they have a symbiotic relationship between them, then they are afraid that they will be suffering. Cori & amp; # 8226; Gude: Yes. If we continue to discuss, we will involve an exemption to the so-called external domain, with human beings with entity connectivity, which is connected to these entities, and they will be affected when they are driven back to the outside. . Let’s look back and discuss this topic.

David & amp; # 8226; Wilcker: Ok. We discussed too detailed on this issue, but you might not care, because this is really a victorious. I am David Wilkock. This episode “reveals the universe” to this, let’s see you next time.

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