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The most widely defined definition of cloud computing is: Cloud computing is a model that supports everywhere, convenient for shared configurable computing resource pools (eg, network, servers, storage, applications, services). , On-demand network access, you can use the minimum management work or service provider to quickly provide and release these resources.

The cloud saves money for us, but the unusual bills have surprised many IT leaders and executives. Cloud, flexible, agility, and smart, but many people are locked in a single provider, these providers are not ideal and require a lot of migration costs to achieve change. In many ways, cloud computing reflects humanity. Everyone believes that their ideas are the best. Regardless of the data, people sometimes follow their beliefs blindly. There is no cloud provider, cloud service or cloud architecture is perfect. There are three main cloud service models: INFRASTRUCTURE-AS-A-Service (iaaS) Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) Software-As-A-Service (Saq)

is currently more than classic applications with server cloudization and application. Serial Cloud

Traditional application server to find a computer room, buy a host, buy storage, buy bandwidth and other hardware devices, and then hire professional employee maintenance, these Need to invest in ahead of money. Then bought machines are fixed performance, and there is a situation in which resources are short of resources in some peak calculations. </ p>

So cloud computing services (server cloudization) is that there is a local luxury company to buy 100 times the resources you need, then install the physical device, build a cloud platform on it, and then labeled these physical resources Server common resources and sell them. As long as you use more customers to use, you can recover your investment. </ p>

For example, I have to build a forum, I found a discuss version, the traditional, I want to buy a machine, buy a bandwidth, registration record, etc. These bought equipment I have to put a money, I can only sell second-hand words, the price is not good. Then, if I choose Ali Cloud, choose 2 CPUs, 4G memory, 100G storage, then pay 30 yuan per month, 360 yuan a year. If you buy these estimates, you must invest 6 to 70,000. And you need to ask employee maintenance. It is still important for entrepreneurship. </ p>

is also very important that the cloud resources I have purchased are not fixed, and can be applied or reducing resources as needed, so it is only necessary to pay the amount of money that requires resources. Just like only 2 people in normal travel, the drip truck is a general sedan or carpool, but it is necessary to pull 6 passengers like promotion activities, so I can choose 6 business cars. If you are more than double eleven, I can choose a face. bus. In this way, I can only use a special car to use different special car services. Cloud computing is also the truth, but how much resources need to be needed (according to the number of people), how much is the application, do not buy the server (buy a car yourself). </ p>

The server is clouded, that is, the CPU, memory, storage, network, etc. are all resource, and by a local luxury company, providing computing resources, just like providing hydropower. The server is mainly for the service provider. Individual users have no effect. </ p> </ ol>

Application End Cloud


The application is a classic classic is a network disk and Office Cloud. </ p>

network disk, such as Baidu network disk, providing network storage, current broadband and 4G provide sufficient bandwidth, so you can implement multi-device access. </ p>

Office cloudization, previous Office requires software to install Office2010 to use, then now Office365 provides the use of browsers to open and edit the Word document and store files in OneDriver, so that the cloud is implemented. Store it. </ p>

Office clouds, you can achieve collaborative office, such as TIM’s collaborative office, or “writing” can be edited simultaneously, these editing changes are processed in the cloud. </ p>

Client cloudization is the biggest impact on ordinary users, which will be an important technical implementation of future tablets to replace laptops. </ p> </ ol>

Other cloud computing also reflects various advantages in industry applications, because cloud computing natural distributed storage features is very fit, such as chain, such as chain Sales, finance, transportation, medical, etc. These industry applications have a distributed feature of physical dispersion logic, and the flexible application of independent operation, safe operation, and integrated operation can be completed through the cloud computing platform.

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