What is cloud computing

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I learned a computer, the first time I listen to the cloud computing so clearly </ h1>

in recent years, in the Internet technology industry, “cloud” – this virtual word appears frequent frequency The higher, the presence of the professional nouns “cloud computing” will also come. However, mentioning “Cloud Computing” and many people are both husband and two monk, so today we will talk about what is cloud computing.

Let’s start from the four industrial revolutions:

The first industrial revolution is marked with the invention of steam engines, mechanized, and human beings enter the steam era; / p>

The second industrial revolution is a sign as a battery and an internal combustion engine. It is characterized by electrification. The human beings enter the electrical era;

The third industrial revolution is based on computer. Sign, informatism, and human beings enter the information age;

The fourth industrial revolution in the operation is based on industrial intelligence, Internet industrialization, comprehensive micrigeration, and big data. Humans will enter the intelligent era with intelligent, automated.

and cloud computing is the concept of life in this round of industrial revolution.

1. What is the cloud computing

First, give a definition of the cloud computing: Is a service related to information technology, software, and the Internet.

Cloud computing is a model payable by usage. This model provides available, convenient, on-demand network access, access to configurable computer resource sharing pools (resources include network, server, Storage, application software, service), which can be quickly available.

Compared with the previous company to build a information system to support its own business, we must build a machine room, buy a server, and a system, and develop a variety of applications, and set up special person. This traditional information system is very high; it is difficult for the company’s business, it is difficult to make rapid expansion; its third, the utilization efficiency of hardware and software resources is low; its fourth, usual maintenance troubles.

The occurrence of cloud computing can solve the above problems, and cloud computing first provides a business model for rent. Customers need to build an information system, just need to use the cloud to cloud computing providers ( For example, Huawei Yun) Rent all the calculation resources he want, and these resources can be accurately charged. For example, the cloud computing is like a water plant, and the company drinks water and does not need to do well itself. You can purchase the water of the water plant directly.

In short, cloud computing is not a new network technology, but a new network application concept, cloud computing core concept is based on the Internet, providing fast and safe cloud computing on the website. Services and data storage allow each of the users who use the Internet to use the huge computing resources and data centers on the network.

Second, the five major characteristics of cloud computing

1. Large-scale, distributed “cloud” generally has considerable scale, some well-known cloud suppliers can have millions of levels Server size. The “cloud” built on these distributed servers can provide users with unprecedented computing power.

2. Virtualization cloud computing will use virtualization technology, users do not need to pay attention to specific hardware entities, just choose a cloud service provider, register an account, log in to their cloud console, Go to buy and configure the services you need (such as cloud server, cloud storage, cdn, etc.), and then do some simple configuration for your app, you can let your app service, which is more than traditional in business. The data center to deploy a set of applications to be simple and convenient. And you can control your resources through your PC or mobile devices anytime, anywhere, which is like a cloud service provider provides an IDC (Internet Data Center) for each user.

3. High availability and scalability Those well-known cloud computing vendors generally adopt multiple copies of data, compute nodes, and other measures to ensure high reliability of services. Cloud service-based applications can continue to provide services (7 * 24 hours), and the size of the “cloud” can be dynamically expanded to meet the needs of applications and users grow.

4. On-demand service, more economical users can purchase services according to their needs, and even use the amount of use. This can greatly save IT costs, and the overall utilization of resources will also be significantly improved.

5. Safety network security has become a problem that all enterprises or individual entrepreneurs must face, and the company’s IT team or individual is difficult to deal with malicious attacks from the network, and the use of cloud services can be more Professional security teams to effectively reduce security risks.

3, cloud computing type

1, cloud computing can be divided into three categories according to service types:

1), Infrastructure is a service IAAS (Infrastructure as a service)

2), platform is a service PaAS (Platform as a service)

3), software is serving Saas (Software AS A Service

We can use our own house own to stay with three service types computing.

First of all, the infrastructure is the service IAAS, before the company’s information system, where is the infrastructure? It is necessary to build a machine, server, network, and supporting facilities. It is better than yourself to build a house, you need yourself to buy land, buy materials, design a house structure, build a house. That’s now, the infrastructure is told you, you don’t have to build a house yourself, I am ready, you are rented directly.

Secondly, the platform is a service PaAS. After the company built the information system, it has to build an operating system and configure the environment. It is better than you have a house after you have a house, and now the platform is a service tells you that you don’t have to renovate your house, I can provide decoration services, you can buy it directly.

Finally, the software is serving SAAS. Previous companies have developed various application software after handling the operating system. It is better than your house hard work, you have to make a soft installation, with a casual and entertainment facilities, sports and fitness facilities, etc. Now, the software is a service to tell you that these apparatus I have ready, you can also rent it directly.

2, can be divided into three categories according to the deployment form: public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud .

Cloud points, first is public clouds, mixed clouds, private clouds.

This picture will help us explain the concept of cloud, public cloud emphasizes elasticity and sharing, a single cloud host, a single cloud host, a few-hundred thousand cores, You can be available on demand.

Private cloud belongs to a secure special infrastructure, it is more suitable for a certain size and has different enterprises with high security requirements, and the private cloud emphasizes “clouding”. Based on a series of virtualization and automation technology, private clouds can provide “elastic” and “agile” experiences similar to public clouds, while providing more flexible features and more controllable security. For users, the starting threshold is low, flexible and adjustable, suitable for enterprises or innovative business from an unsuccessful, rapid growth.

Public cloud and private cloud combination, part of the business uses public clouds, part of the business uses private clouds, which is a mixed cloud. Strictly speaking, mixing clouds are not a cloud’s form, but a deployment model, but companies need some techniques to achieve unified management, monitoring, scheduling, data synchronization, etc. of two clouds. Mixed cloud deployment is more complicated than clouds that use only one form.

4, cloud computing

1, safer

Avoiding the server paralysis and data loss caused by viral intrusion.

Avoid suffering from DDoS attacks, the server is forced to close.

Avoid rising due to an increase in visits, host traffic exceeds the standard, the server cannot access. Avoid threats from the natural environment of the surrounding natural environment, so that the server is damaged.

Avoid using normal use because of the stop network.

Avoid hardware server damage, resulting in data loss.

2, more expensive

eliminating the electricity fee consumed by the local server, about 3000 yuan / year.

to save the hardware server procurement fee, saves thousands to tens of thousands of yuan per year.

eliminates the cost of broadband fees, hosted fees, and domain analysis (IP wizards).

Provincial labor costs for special people.

3, more expensive

to save a series of work of the local server installation and deployment.

eliminates the professional server operation and maintenance work.

eliminates the software version number upgrade, data migration, cross-version upgrade.

eliminates that the server technician does not understand the software. The problem that caused software issues that cannot be solved.

eliminates the problem of time after delivery, time, efficiency, etc.

The province has remained the negative emotions that cannot be given to customers.

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