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Editor Press: 30 years ago, when Stephenson’s first mentioned “Metaverse” in “avalanche”, he must I can’t think of this concept is so hot. But what is MetaVerse? What can METAVERSE implement? Just like “there is a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people”, everyone’s statement is different. This article can help us clarify the concept of “Metaverse”. Articles come from compilation, space relationship, we are published in two parts, this is the first part.

Now, it seems that everyone and their mother busies are discussing “MetaVerse”, regarding it as the next big thing that will completely change our online life. But for “MetaVerse”, everyone seems to have their own ideas – if they do know its meaning.

“metaverse” The word is invented by Neil Stephenson. In 1992, he invented the word in the pioneering Sai Bohike novel “avalanche”. In the book, MetaVerse (Metaverse, Stephenson’s novel is always uppercased) is a shared “imaginary place”, “opens through the global fiber network” and is projected to virtual reality . In MetaVerse, developers can “build buildings, parks, signs, and things that don’t exist in reality, say more than huge light show hanging on the top, ignoring the special block of three-dimensional time and space, and everyone can hunt Free and strike zone. ”

In the recent announcement of the company’s renamed Facebook Connect theme speech, Meta (original facebook) CEO Mark Zachberg and his colleague are within 90 minutes The number of words to “metaverse” is more than 80 times. But Stephenson said very clearly. “I have zero between the communication with FB, and there is no business relationship.” This means that Facebook’s explanation of “MetaverSe” may be completely different from Stephenson’s initial description.

Although Meta’s brand reshapes most of this time about MetaVerse dialogue, since the “avalanche” has reflected some of the Stephenson books in the past 30 years since the “avalanche” Or most of the content online network has appeared in a large number. These efforts to create “MetaVerse” include many online games and party venues, although they don’t use MetaverSe to modify themselves, but they have captured some of the most important concepts in Metaverse.

John CARMACK John Carmack recently said: “But now we are here. Mark Zakberg has made a decision, and now it is time to build MetaVerse, huge The wheel began to turn, the resources are flowing, and they will also make a corresponding effort. ”

So, is MetaVERSE? Still, just re-encapsulate the existing technology into a new, inclusive concept? Or is it just the latest marketing hot word?

The answer depends on what you mean by “Metaverse”.

Definition MetaVERSE

In the nearest Facebook Connect theme, Zuckerberg said, “The best way to learn MetaVerse is personally experienced. But it is still difficult to do this because MetaverSe has not been fully formed. “Just look at our position, ask everyone to try something that does not exist, this seems not to let everyone fully understand the company’s bold new direction. Good way.

In the subject speech, Zachberg describes the grand vision of MetaVerse as “more immersive, authentic Internet”, in that place, “You can almost do anything you can think of Things – gather together with friends and family, work, study, play, shopping, create – and completely uninform the new type of activities that do not meet our views today’s opinions today. “This is a bit helpful to our understanding, But anything contains “almost anything you can imagine” is too broad, almost meaningless.

Decompose Meta’s vision – and puts MetaVerSe’s history is after the concept and multiple different online space – we determine some of the following elements, these elements seem to be You can define MetaVersE. Any business that uses MetaVerse will include one or all of the following:

shared social space, which represents the user’s avatar

this MetaVERSE The basic build block of the concept is what Zakberg calls for a more “authentic” Internet to be established. On websites or social media networks, you may use username or thumbnail to represent yourself. In MetaVerse, your image may become a gentle, talk and / or perform an avatar of animation action, and can be customized.

Since the 1990s, such avatars have become very common in various online games and social spaces (someone remember Habao Hotel?). But the fidelity and ability of the virtual image may vary from different services. The latest developments in virtual reality allow users to really reflect their fantasy embodiment, observe through their virtual eyes, and interact with virtual items with virtual items with their virtual eyes. Look at space like Vrchat will know how delicate these VR incarnations now.

A long-lasting “world”

in some cases, which means that the virtual world imitates the real world. The spatial limitations and land of the land are like a block inseparable in the second life. In other cases, this is only means that the user has a shared space specially developed specifically for specific games or special time sensitive events, which is the multimedia concert in the “Fortress Night”.

In the ideal MetaVerse, each user share the same virtual world. In this world, everyone can keep their own items and property across online sessions. However, due to technical reasons, many modern MetaVerse’s space will eventually seize the user from multiple shards, only a small number of users can interact.

With virtual property, it is as strong as Neopets JPG associated with your account. Equipment collection, which can represent anything. No matter what, your virtual property will be associated with you, and will not disappear after changing a session.

Recently, some people try non-homogeneous coins (NFT) to track and establish ownership of virtual goods, which will be independent of any control mechanism or company server, belonging to a customized way. In theory, such NFT allows virtual goods to move freely between MetAverse, different company-controlled MetaVerses. In practice, this portability requires a standard, requiring company to work closely, so it is still a daydream.

Creating your own virtual property

Let users make their own metaverse content for users (so you can create virtual world as you want to create) and MetaversE It is a kind of gospel if you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort to create every virtual object from the beginning. The game like Minecraft and Roblox is a good example, fully demonstrating how MetaVerse with relatively simple build blocks uses the network effect and the player’s creativity to make creative in various worlds.

But with a virtual object to fill MetaVERSE is not only “letting users go” is so simple. The issue of control, management, and copyright infringement may become very important, especially if your MetaVerse is controlled from companies that are hoped from all users (and if users want to share profits).

Exchange and / or selling virtual property capacity

From a professional golden money to “World of Warcraft” to exchange currency (no longer) Gray market, to strict regulatory cosmic economies (such as EVE Online), these are all counted. In this middle, there will be a game like “Second Life”, and there is a difference in the book because the “ownership” of the virtual land created by the player’s Linden Labs is different.

IP shared universe from many companies

MetaVerse’s element is popular by the “No. 5 player” (the novel launched in 2011) In 2018 was adapted into a movie). Introduced a virtual world that combines countless nostalgic media attribute elements, including “ostrich knight”, “Dragon and Dunge City”, “War Game” (Wargames), “Giant Pattern” ( Monty Python and “Holy Grail”, etc.

Media integration is a promotion in this concept, in such a virtual world, Gan Daof can wars Rabbit Bago because IP is the same as the motherhood. But the crossover situation of breaking the corporate wall garden is also more common: more than squares, SEGA, Square Enix, Capcom, Nan Dream Palace (Namco), Cologne Konami and other companies can appear in the “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate). At the same time, Disney / Mount John Wick, DC Manga, “Ghost Dead Team”, “War”, “Aura”, NFL and other official cross-border games can also be “fortress Play in the night.

Implementing a full 3D remote presentation

by VR or AR glasses

This is considered to be the final step of implementing “complete” MetaVerse. Through virtual reality and enhance reality, we have to go beyond the “magic window” of the tablet screen, enter another world. In this world, you will take the same location with other 3D avatars, and feel a “sense”. Just like meta said in the subject speech, “That feels like everyone in a room, uses the eyes to communicate, with a common sense of space, rather than watching a picture on the screen.”

Vrchat and Meta’s own Horizon Worlds and Horizon Workplaces are early efforts in this area. These are the strong conceptual verification of the operational mechanism of the world. However, as Carmack pointed out, the other 16 incarnation in Horizon shared a room “is far from the Metaverse we think.” To achieve Carmack’s ideas, you need to overcome many technical questions to have a “thousands of people around you”, and you can freely enter the VR virtual world of virtual rooms.

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