What is MetaVERSE? What opportunities have there?

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No.1 </ i> “MetaVerse” is a?

Currently, the community has different understandings for “MetaverSe”, but the basic consensus is that “MetaVerse” will become another new Internet form after the mobile Internet. Take a look at how industry people define “MetaVerse” –

President of the True Value of China Communications Industry Association Block Chain Chain Chain, Fire University Education President Yu Ning: </ B >

“metaverse” is essentially the third generation of Internet Web3.0. Simple, MetaVerse is fused, and the digital world and physical world will be integrated. It will build a new space for human future, learning, entertainment, and social, is the main carrier of future lifestyle, but also everyone The new world will participate in the new world.

“metaverse” will fusion application block chain, 5G, virtual reality, enhance reality, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, edge calculation, etc., Let everyone can really Get rid of the restraint of the physical world, based on the credible digitization of assets and identity, achieve better self in new fusion space, and maximize their own value.

China Private Science and Technology Industrial Association Metaverse Working Committee Deputy Secretary, “Metaverse” concept novel “The Player” “Yuan Wen” author Gao Zelong:

Today, the “Metaverse” concept of “Metaverse” concept has seen the dawn of “next-generation Internet”, which may be the flow environment in the new era, or may Future interactive form.

The current Internet content is rendered by text, sound, and video. E-commerce, social chat, video live, news information, etc. Effect. With the advancement and development of society, people may need more, more advanced experiences and interactions, which is the reason why “MetaverSe” is highly hoped.

The immersive experience of true and false is “Metaverse” core characteristics, future learning, shopping, education, travel, etc. in the future, may be “impetuous” Colorful “” Review “” Real-Time Interaction “. People think, in the future network world, will have virtual images, which can have “life” like the real world in the virtual world. “MetaverSe” is not just a future life, social, work, entertainment, and all walks of life may become forward because “MetaVerse”!

“MetaVerse” “Metaverse” “Metaverse Pass” “MetaVERSE: Investment Global Wave”) Author, easy stock World Group Chairman Yi Huan Huan:

The Internet is actually a state of planned information, “MetaVerse” turns this plane into a three-dimensional, multi-dimensional, real-time interaction space, greatly enriched, restore real The various relationships of physical worlds and humans, and the webbing form is included.

No.2 </ i> “MetaVERSE” is what is related to the digital economy?

For the relationship between “MetaVerse” and digital economy, industry insiders have their own different opinions.

Yi Huanhuan:

The current digital economy is part of the “MetaverSe” economy.

“MetaVerse” economy is divided into three phases:

The physical world is virtualized, and there is an incomparable huge in the scope of informationization. The virtual world, the economic activity generated in the virtual world is a digital economy;

has more participation mains in the virtual economy, thanks to our physico, There are many virtual people, and then endless virtual people participating, this will be the second phase;

The third stage is virtual real-life, combining the virtual world and the real world. “MetaVerse” is this very large economic state and model.


Review history, digital economy has created a large number of jobs, Tencent, Alibaba, Jingdong, US groups and other numbers The giants play a positive role in China’s economic development. As the next stop of the Internet, “MetaVerse” will also create a large number of employment opportunities and income sources. “MetaVerse” may become an important part of the digital economy.

“metaverse” is also highly valued by many countries as future strategic directions. Bloomberg Industry Research expects the “MetaverSe” market size will reach 800 billion US dollars in 2024, and Puhua Yongdao expects the “MetaVerse” relevant economy will usher in a substantial growth, and the market size is expected to reach $ 1.5 trillion in 2030.

“MetaVERSE & # 34; indeed emerging concepts, the views of international on this do not have a variety of views and arguments.” MetaVerse & # 34; in our country is also emerging things, Everyone is actively studying and discussing, and the authoritative department has no precise data and predictions.

No.3 </ i> “MetaVERSE” What value and opportunities?

Supporting “MetaVerse” Infrastructure, including high-speed network, Internet of Things, Ar, VR, cloud computing, edge computing, block chain, artificial intelligence and other infrastructure. In order to meet the “Metaverse” “immersion” and “anytime, anywhere”, a higher requirement is proposed.


Personalized content development system and benign economic system is the core driving force that guarantees “MetaverSe” operation. So, these technology’s hardware and software companies and industrial chain companies, content companies may have huge opportunities.

in Jia Ning:

“metaverse” is not a digital Utopia, but can make the real society better, the entity Generation of the Internet. It is not only a new space of a digital world, but allows the digital world and the real world to achieve strong interaction, which is deeply integrated, so that the social economy can advance to higher levels.

From essentially, “MetaVerse” achieved the “five bracing” of digital and reality, namely: the fusion of digital world and physical world, the integration of digital economy and entity, digital life The integration of social life, fusion of digital identity and realistic identity, fusion of digital assets and physical assets.

“MetaverSe” is a “smart economy” system, the block chain is the infrastructure of this economic system. Promote the efficiency of digital resources in “MetaverSe” in terms of authenticity, flow, allocation, transactions, etc., and realize the upgrade from “Everything” to “Everything Mutual Mutual Letter” to “Everything Transaction”. The company focuses on the advancement of “Metaverse” related technologies, which will decide which industries cannot be done again, which industries may benefit.

Easy Huan:

“metaverse” brings new opportunities to the entity of the company, because it is a chance to reconstruct all of the entire computing platform : From hardware to software, to the operating system, to participate in the way. Before the company, it is the leader of the enterprise. The future becomes a creator economy; The pricing mechanism will also be refactored as the basic data, so this is a matter of impact on all aspects.

No.4 </ i> “MetaVERSE” How healthre in China?

“MetaVerse” What development will China will develop? Several experts have their own opinions.


At present, China’s digital economy can basically be ahead of the world, and these world-honored achievements depends on the Chinese government. The eyes of vision, wide inclusive, and actively cultivated the development of development, of course, also include the intelligence of Chinese entrepreneurs and the spirit of struggle. China has the world’s largest market, rich industry application scenarios, stable and safe environments, which provide the necessary conditions for past my country’s information technology; Similarly, if “MetaVerse” has been affirmed by the authority, and its function and Scenes have been gradually verified, I believe in China “Metaverse” can still be the world leader, China has the best development space and ecological environment in the world.

Easy Huan:

“MetaVerse” era, China is very likely to lead the world, Because we have the world’s largest application scenario, We also have the best network technology, computing power, , but we also need to make up some disadvantages, such as artificial intelligence, core hardware, block chain application ecology, etc.

in Jia Ning:

“MetaVerse” development process is not linear, not to strive to invest resources, it can achieve breakthrough, key Requirement of underlying technological innovation and infrastructure construction can be implemented. From the technical level, the first is the entrance to “MetaVerse”, which is the level of user access, involving access terminals and the construction of the network high-speed low delay network. Second, there is enough computing power and data storage space. Once again, it is possible to realize the physical world map of the digital world. This requires accelerate the construction of new infrastructure, and promote the integration of digital economy and entity economy.

Yi Huan:

For the construction of “MetaverSe”, it is not a one-year-old, which is not a constant. The development of cycle reciprocation. Don’t overestimate it for 3 years, don’t underestimate this huge impact of this matter.

in Jia Ning:

“MetaVerse” development will experience a relatively long process, gradually iteration, continuous expansion of boundaries, and applications have access to extensive landing . At present, “MetaVerse” has gradually opened, but is still in a very early stage, If you don’t have any effect, it may cause a foam, will delay “MetaVerse” Development and construction process.


“MetaVerse” is not only an important emerging industry, but also the social governance field that needs attention. With the rapid development of the “MetaverSe” industry, followed by a series of new issues and challenges. For the public, whether it is “MetaverSe” or the Internet, it should comply with legal policies, obey the government supervision, pay attention to the morality, and make a civilized law, create a green network environment. In this regard, It is recommended that my country should speed up the research and argument of “Metaverse”. Under safety and controllable premise, we will actively try to develop “Metaverse” technology and industry, and should also be carefully treated to treat new things. A series of questions.

can be sure that under the promotion of technical evolutions and human needs, people will now turn on the more advanced future network, and “MetaVerse” as a generally optimistic next-generation Internet, as The extension and expansion of the real world, the huge opportunities and revolutionary effects brought about by expectations.

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