What is the function of the Internet of Things?

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For different people, the Internet of Things means that many different things are understood from any sense, it is not right. This is just a point of view. Equipment and sensor manufacturers are regarded as sensors in the Internet of Things Ecosystem, with many connectors and software around the sensor to capture and transfer data. Internet of Things service providers believe that the Internet of Things is a secure network that connects a bunch of commodity sensors to backend data storage. Business intelligence and big data platform providers believe that their role in the Internet of Things is the most important. Business intelligence and big data platform providers believe that their role in the Internet of Things is the most important. After all, if you cannot handle a lot of data and extract smart information, it makes sense to place these sensors and networks in this position.

The Internet of Things is an ecosystem comparing the Internet of Things and the ecosystem. It is a combination of strategic layout, with many different objects safely, and transmits the information required for the required. This technology uses information to make intelligence, value-added decisions, resulting in a clear action. The concept of ecosystem is well explained by Cisco Ioti’s visual effects seen in the Internet reference model issued by 2014. I saw this effect in the IoT reference model released by Cisco 2014. Although it is established when it is emerging and rapid development of the Internet of Things, it is still established when the Internet of Things is still very new and rapidly developed, but I believe this model has undergone time test. I think this model has experienced time test.

Internet of Things platform The IOT platform helps to manage the multi-level internet of this Internet of Things ecosystem, whether it is managed or collects and moves data or with backend ERP or Integration of other systems. Basically, the IOT platform implements real IT-OT integration. This is especially important because there is no real IT-OT integration, the value of the IoT ecosystem will be reduced. If we can’t allow real-world communication, online world, do not exchange related information, scenario information, and action, then we have returned to the way we do before the Internet of Things.

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