What is the & quot; MetaVerse & quot;

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In this past year, MetaVerse concept fired, head Internet companies have entered the game, becoming a scientific and technological circle, and the annual hot discussion of the capital circle. In the absence of the people in front of the ancestors, do you really understand what MetaVerse?

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1. How to understand MetaVerse

metaverse, English name MetaVERSE .

In 1992, the “avalanche” in 1992 has proposed MetaVerse (MetaVerse), which describes a world that interacts freely in space in space, this world is called MetaVerse.

Simple point understanding, MetaVerse is a concept that describes a virtual world parallel with real world, in which people can have exclusive digital images, and can learn, work , Social, entertainment, creation, etc.

You can refer to the Oasis Oasis

II 2 in the movie “No. 5”.

MetaVerse’s concept has been a long time, this year’s buckle is not unreliable to push. There is the first Roblox on Metaverse, and there is a Facebook to rename Meta. The current Internet environment, the competitive landscape is fundamentally, lacks new concepts, new technologies, metaverse may be a breakthrough. This also leads to the heat of MetaVerse, it is really MetaVerse.

III. Is the chain of MetaVerse?

MetaVerse concept is the game is the game, so many people do me in touch with Metaverse and games. Single 拎 Now most chain page rendering, animation effect, character model is comparable to page tour of the 1990s, and its integrity requires a long way to go. From a certain point of view, the chain is only one of the scenes of MetaverSe, which is the pilot industry of MetaVerse.

4.MetaVERSE technology support

Metaverse first company & # 34; roblox & # 34; proposed eight elements that Metaverse should have:

identity, friend, immersion, low latency, diversification, attachment, economic system, civilization

to build a parallel real world MetaVERSE, underlying technology support, in addition to the Internet of Things, virtual reality (VR), increasing the development of reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR), improve interaction and intuitive body, becoming a bridge connected to the real world and MetaVerse. Game engine, 3D modeling, solve multiplayer simultaneous online interaction, etc..

Of course, the most critical or block chain technology, this traceable chain data structure, the data is not tampered with the data on the lifetime, not forge, use intelligent contract guaranteed to support MetaVerse Stable operation.

Five. MetaVERSE is a bubble?

Metaverse itself is just a broad concept, achieving multi-party support for MetaVerse needs technology, application, and hardware and software, wants to truly land, and needs to see the development of technology industry. Most of the MetaVerse projects are now in the initial development stage, but they have built a prototype, each for the camp, not growing to the real global community model. The concept of overheating, there is no corresponding landing support, there will be bubbles, which is also a concern for MetaVerse, but the development of new technology industries must have bubbles, and there will be capital, technology, and development, risks and Opportunity.

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