Network Security Job Social Guide

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The security industry is large, the personal capacity is limited, and the four years of the four-year-old college can be developed in 2013, and the different safety enterprises can promote the recruitment communication, safety position demand communication, and students. The graduates’ entry post and remuneration, as well as subsequent professional routes (hopping trends), personal safety projects such as safety integration, such as safety, government-affairs tax finance, etc. Only some of the parties here, more posts can search for all kinds of recruitment websites, such as [], you can also understand the requirements of different types of security positions; you can also go to the official website of well-known safety company, WeChat public number Learn about the information of their school recruitment and social tricks; the following is the more jobs that are usually recruiting / pushing in the tips, directly posting their recruitment needs = & gt;

[security engineer] (product After-sales direction) Job Description Responsible for product commissioning in network security projects and delivery is responsible for customers in the network security project Safety emergency and after-sales parking

position requirements have solid computers and network principles, familiar with all kinds of network and security equipment (routing, exchange, Firewall, VPN, Vulnerability Scanning) The network data package has analyzed practical capabilities, skilled use of packet analysis tools; familiar with common network communication protocols (TCP / IP, switching routing protocol, VPN protocol, etc.) < Br /> is familiar with the principle of firewall, skilful to configure firewall strategy; familiar with the mainstream network and security manufacturer products (Cisco / Hua Ya / Hua 3 / Juniper …) better document writing ability, language expression and Communication skills.

[Security Service Engineer] Job Description responsible for the implementation of the security service project, including: vulnerability scan, penetration test, safety Baseline inspection, code auditing, emergency response, etc. After breaking high-risk vulnerabilities, the analysis of the long-term vulnerability; the back-end support of the company’s safety products; (> Focus on industry situation and hotspots.

position requirements master one and above programming languages; familiar with common safety offensive and anti-defense technology; Ability, can quickly learn new technologies; familiar with risk assessment, emergency response, penetration test, safety reinforcement, etc. have good language expression capabilities, document organization capabilities.

[Safety Operation Engineer] Job Description The security of the server and the network infrastructure; the safety event investigation Analysis, cooperation with regular preparation safety analysis reports, focus on the safety events; track the latest vulnerability information, the safety inspection of business products; Responsible for Web vulnerabilities and system vulnerability repair work advancement, tracking solutions, and problem collection.

position requirements familiar with mainstream web security technology, including SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, etc. OWASP TOP 10 security risk; TCP / IP protocol, routing exchange, common application layer protocol; familiar with security configuration and reinforcement of system and software under Linux / Windows; familiar with common safety products and principles, such as IDS, IPS, firewall Waiting for one or more languages ??such as C / PHP / Python / shell; a better document writing ability, language expression and communication skills.

[Web Security Engineer / Permeation Test] Job Description Safety to the company’s various systems; Website, business system for safety assessment test (black box, white box test); respond to company security incidents, clean up the back door, according to the log analysis attack pathway; “safety technology research, including security technology, including security technology, Hacker technology, etc. track the latest vulnerability information, and perform safety inspections of business products.

position requirements Familiar with Web penetration test methods and offensive technology, including SQL injection, XSS cross-station, CSRF forgery request, command execution, etc. Security vulnerabilities With defense; familiar with Linux, Windows different platform penetration tests, in-depth understanding of network security, system security, application security; familiar with domestic and foreign mainstream security tools, including Kali Linux, Metasploit, Nessus, NMAP, AWVS, BURP, Appscan, etc .; at least one programming language C / JS / Python / PHP / Java / JS, etc .; Code audit and vulnerability analysis and excavation ability; strong team awareness, high sense of responsibility, good documentation and communication skills;

2.4 security position summary </ b >

The engineering direction of the safety industry, in fact, there is a lot of overlap, throwing the factors such as Party B, post name, job responsibilities, as a learning technology, and according to the past us Give the students to recommend employment and entry, As long as you have the following technologies (network protocol and security equipment, Linux operating system, Web service deployment / development, mainstream penetration test / security tool, one or more programming 2 to 3 in the language) can better qualify for work needs.

Of course, from the industry newcomer to the truly leading to the gods, here is the difference between “0 to 1” and “1 to 100”, to the work scene, can you according to work needs , Again and longitudinally expands the personal technology stack, this practice is completely rely on individuals, for example, the graduated from this side, there is from safety and warranty and after-sales, there is a safe research and development from safety seepage. There is a security company jumps to the Internet company, and there is a new Internet company to safety startup enterprises …)

3. What are the companies recruit security talents? How is the compensation standard? What is the salary standard for the security industry? Where to find the right security company and position

3.1 What are the companies in recruitment?

Security Engineers have become a must-have, so they have not been able to listen out again. Whether it is Internet company or network and security, or bank, operators, governments, etc. There is a need for security talents to join, so more information on the campus recruitment taken by the college graduates.

Network Security Company: 360 Enterprise Safety, Green Alliance Technology, Heavenly Letter, Enlightenment Star, Deep Convisions, Blue Shield Technology, Net Kang, Fighting Technology (FreeBuf), Huawei, Rui Network … </ p>

Internet company: Tencent (Security Implementation – DDOS direction), YY (Safety R & D), 4399 (Safety Operation) ….. </ p>

operator / State-owned enterprises: China Mobile (Safety Operation), China Telecom (Safety Operation), Ping An Technology (Safety Operation) …… </ p>

System Integrator: Shenzhou Digital (F5 Engineer), Huaxun Network (safety project deployment, YAXI Technology (Safety Operation and Maintenance), Zhongtong Service Technology (Safety after-sales and Delivery) …… </ p> </ ul>

Related Recruitment Links and Screenshot: Tencent : Http:// Ali: Baidu: /jobs/2568043.html knows: Source = position_rec & amp; i = position_rec-1 millet: https: // www.> 启 启 启: Deep Association: 182070.html # Company_NAVS

3.2 Security Industry Remuneration

salary, according to the post-job salary of the post, generally Follow: Security R & G & gt; Safety Service / Permeation Test / Web Permeation & gt; Safety after-sales / Safety Technical Support] . Of course, the salary given in different types of companies and development will also be Difference, Guangzhou, here, according to the overall situation of the students in the job, [Internet Corporation & gt; Network / Safety Company ≈ Operator / State-owned & gt; System / Safety integrator], salary (college students graduate graduation) mainly divided into three files (monthly salary): 6 to 8k, 8 to 10k, 10 to 12K ; from these years of safety pay trend The salary of this industry that is just entering is getting higher and higher. I think of the 2013 Guangzhou, the students just entered a well-known safety company. At that time, it was 5K, and now is 9k, and some of the special examples, for example, get a convincing security The 18W annual salary of the attack and defense officers … In addition to the employment salary, if you want to see the development momentum and future growth, it is recommended to go directly to the recruitment website like (Zhilian, 51Job), or to Enterprise’s official website recruitment page, search for the number or company talked above, see their recruitment needs, such as the compensation difference between different engineer levels from 1 to 3 and 3 to 5 years, or give yourself a small goal. Screenshot Example:

Search [Network Security Engineer]

Search [Security Engineer]

< B> Search [Permeation Test Engineer]

Search [Web Security Engineer]

3.3 Network Security Number Summary (for The new university student and workplace, the newcomer is mainly) P>

360 security service engineer (Liu Tongxue)

China Mobile Information Security Engineer Economics (小 鸣)

< B> [Recommended reading] Is there a total list of domestic security companies, or the ranking of safety companies, help me better choose the security company?

The following two articles are for reference only. Why do you want everyone to see these two articles? Because many small friends are learning technology courses, they can complete the names of networks / security before they enter the security industry. There is only 360 or Huawei, so know more of several security companies, and go to them. The official website, what is the core product of different security companies, check their talent recruitment needs and the skill demand of different positions, cultivate their own & # 34; safe smell & # 34;, this is also necessary for entry and job hunting .

From [ Security Cow ]: 2017 Network Security Company Rank S / LBK2T55ZK9LSOGFY8PC1NQ </ u>

from [ Ranger Safety Net ]: Domestic Network Security Company Full Reference http: //mp.weixin.qq .com / s / v0ralj1nrkfadertpjv5Wa </ u>

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