What should I do before entering the industrial Internet?

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I want to share today, I as a fast 40-related design consultant, how did I enter the industrial Internet from zero? The first step is a key to knowing oneself, there is no need to get a lot of situation, it is impossible to make good decisions, and this time is a major choice for my second half of life, this is a gamble, so I need scientific data. And in fact, see if this road is suitable for yourself.

I understand one thing, I am used to the definition, has two versions, one is the definition of the domestic industry Internet industry alliance :

“The essence of industrial Internet is based on the network interconnection between machines, raw materials, control systems, information systems, products, and people, through comprehensive deep sense of industrial data, real-time transmission exchange, rapid calculation processing and advanced modeling analysis, Implementation of intelligent control, operational optimization and production organization. ”

The other is proposed by the American Industrial Internet Alliance IIC, what is the industrial Internet, the original text is:

Industrial Internet – internet of things, machines, computers and people, enabling intelligent industrial operations using advanced data analytics for transformational business outcomes. and it is redefining the landscape for businesses and individuals alike.

can be seen that the Internet is a complex industrial The system’s things, companies that can do full link industrial Internet systems are very small, which can have unique status in the segmentation, which is already good.

Before I analyze how I go to analyze, I hope everyone knows that my source of information is mainly from the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Industrial Internet Industry Alliance, and Sogou, Zhi, 199IT report, Baidu. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology compares the authority, and Sogou, I mainly search for WeChat public account, turn it from the first page to 100 pages, 10 per page, there is 1000 articles. Finally, a valuable information is collected into an impression notes, which have been collected to have 210 articles, including reporting industry research reports and white paper. Finally, by the method of affinity, the classified knowledge point is collected.

My analysis has a certain amount of quantitative research reliability, but because as an analysis of the current industrial Internet, it is impossible to do too deep and comprehensive research, so I can only start from cutting. , Can help us know about it, can help me solve this two questions:

1, I can always do industrial Internet?

2, what is the ecological position of the industrial Internet system?

then let us go! I like to analyze the status of the industry with “ stadium, track, racing, hose, audience “. “Stadium” is an environment, what is our location, how these local political and cultural economies are macro dimensions. “Track”, you can simply understand the industry, or industry segmentation, such as the energy industry, or a finer solar industry. Then, “Racing”, we can understand as a company, a company represents a car. Then it is “Salary”, it is a person who racing a car, and corresponds to the company’s person. Finally, let’s talk about the “audience”, they are spending people who spend the ticket to watch the game, that is, the customer group of the payment.

1, the game

Can I entrust the rest of your life in the industrial Internet? The answer is ok, because the scale is large enough, the state is sufficiently supported, and the time cycle is long enough, and the operation of the industrial Internet is more than the time accumulation. These judgments come from the analysis of “stadium”. The stadium is the basic physical carrier of the car. It is a big environment. It is a big era background relative to the company. You can understand it into a trend. I will break two dimensions to observe the field, one is the domestic market, and the other is foreign market.

First, look at the domestic market dimension, focused on three issues. Is the industry important for national development? What is the development goal of domestic industrial interconnection? What support policies?

The first question Global manufacturing added value is close to one-third. Below, we can learn about these data:

2016-2019, my country’s industrial added value increased from 24.54 trillion yuan to 31.71 trillion yuan, an average annual growth of 5.9%, far higher than the world industry 2.9% annual growth rate.

2018 China GDP reached 900 trillion yuan, of which the manufacturing industry is 265 million yuan, accounting for 29.4% of China GDP, about one-third of GDP.

In 2019, my country’s manufacturing added value reached 26.9 trillion yuan, accounting for 28.1% of the world, and the world’s first manufacturing status was maintained for ten consecutive years.

my country is the only country with all 41 industrial categories, 207 industries, and 666 industrial small classes in the world.

See these data, in fact, there is no common sense for our ordinary people? Yes, I am also like this. I understand the meaning of the above data is that the country attaches great importance to the development of the industry, so the government will “kindly” about the people in the left, welcome everyone to pay in the industrial field.

Next, let’s take a look at The second question , what is the development goal of domestic industrial interconnection? The total goal of industrial interconnection is: based on national conditions, facing the future, building an industrial Internet ecosystem that is adapted to my country’s economic development, so that I have taken my industrial Internet development in the forefront, and strive to achieve and even lead. This overall goal is divided into three long-term sub-objectives:

1, in 2025, basic forming an international competitive infrastructure and industrial system.

2, in 2035, the international leading industrial internet infrastructure and platform are built.

3, in this century, the industrial Internet network infrastructure has fully supported economic and social development.

Understand this, we can know the clear time node, especially the 2025 years of our recent 2025, is also the practice of national fourteen five. We focus on the “China Manufacturing 2025” program released in 2015. China Manufacturing 2025 needs to understand – five projects, nine tasks and top ten key areas, I will pay special attention to “Top Ten Key Areas”, because there are too many industrial sector, which direction we should choose, this “ten Big “can undoubtedly narrow my industry selection range.

“five projects” is:

1, national manufacturing innovation center construction project;

2, intelligent manufacturing Engineering;

3, industrial strong baseline;

4, green manufacturing project;

5, high-end equipment innovation project;

“nine tasks” is:

1, improve the innovation ability of national manufacturing;

2, exiting the informationization and industrial depth;

3, strengthen industrial basic ability;

4, strengthen quality brand construction;

5, fully implement green manufacturing;

6, Dali Promote future breakthrough development;

7, in-depth development of manufacturing structure adjustment;

8, actively develop service manufacturing and productive services;

9 Improve the international development level of the manufacturing;

“Top Ten Key Areas” is:

1, a new generation of information technology industries;

2, high-grade CNC machine and robot;

3, aerospace equipment;

4, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ship;

5, advanced rail traffic equipment;

6, energy saving and new energy vehicle;

7, electric equipment;

8, agricultural equipment;

9, new material;

10, biomedicine and high performance medical equipment;

This top ten key fields, I compare two fields “high-grade CNC machine tools” And robots “and” energy saving and new energy car “, why? For “high-grade CNC machine tools and robots” because they are automated core, especially CNC machine tools, it is equipped with HMI, is a very good cut entrance of Internet practitioners, and from the development of GE, in equipment Manufacturing companies can better implement industrial Internet because they are manufacturing equipment, industrial Internet connections, must have accessible, controlled centers, other manufacturing are produced by purchasing their equipment, so go to the source It is a good choice for equipment manufacturers. For “energy saving and new energy vehicles”, they own the central control platform, but also the ability to support the human computer interaction, and they will pay attention to the TOC market, will pay attention to the differentiation of design.

Understand “China Manufacturing 2025”, there is another point to: “China Manufacturing 2025” is used as the main line. The two fusion is the high-level depth combination of information and industrialization. Taking information on informationization to promote informationization in industrialization, take new industrialization roads. The core of the two integration is: the implementation of information supporting industrialization, promoting the generation and playback of the company’s sustainable competitiveness. And the development steps of the two are: from the basic construction, to single applications, and then integrate until collaborative innovation.

Last question : Is there any support policy? We look at some policies issued from 2015:

  • 2015-5, the State Council promulgated “China Manufacturing 2025” </ li>
  • 2016-5, “About Deepening Manufacturing Guidance of Amateur Huahan Bay Fusion Development “</ li>
  • 2016-12,” Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan (2016-2020) “</ li>
  • 2017-1,” software and information technology services Industry Development Plan (2016-2020) “,” National Information Industry Development Guide “</ li>
  • 2017-11,” The State Council’s Guidance Opinion on Deepening “Internet + Advanced Manufacturing” Development Industrial Internet “</ li >
  • 2018-5, “Industrial Internet APP Cultivation Engineering Implementation Plan (2018-2020)” </ li>
  • 2019-10, “Manufacturing Design Capacity Body Sheng Special Action Plan (2019-2022) “</ Li> </ ul>is just like a lawyer, do not understand regulations, how professional! If it is an industrial Internet practitioner, these copys, at least read. In the future, I will also go for everyone to read sharing.

    The above is a macro policy in China, and then let’s take a look at the foreign market. I have no focus on research in foreign markets. The focus is to learn about their industrial Internet strategy, and their lighthouse companies, the enterprise part will tell you in the “Racing” module.

    The following is a foreign industrial interconnected strategic positioning:

    • 2013, Germany presents the “Industrial 4.0” concept, promoting the information physics system CPS, to produce high digitization , Networked, machine self-organized industrial revolution. </ li>
    • In 2014, the United States proposed “Industrial Internet”, which is established by IBM, Intel, AT & AMP; T, Cisco and GE (IIC). </ li>
    • 2015, Japan proposed “Industrial Value Chain Initiative). </ li>
    • In 2015, China put forward the two integration of “China Manufacturing 2025”. </ li> </ ul>Sino – US IAAS infrastructure ability Development is relatively lagging, but they have advanced management philosophy. China’s Internet ecological foundation is best, and SaaS has the best potential. In terms of challenges, the United States sells gross profit margins from my country, from 2015 – 2019, the United States is about 28% level, China is 13.5%. China’s manufacturing industry is in the middle and low-end status of the global value chain, with lower added value, and resistance to risk is to be improved. China’s manufacturing industry is still in the industrial 2.0, and part has reached 3.0. In the chip and design simulation analysis integration, domestic capacity is abroad, there is a considerable distance. The 19th National Congress of the Party pointed out that manufacturing and service industries are moving towards high-end levels.

      II, track

      We are seen from a macro environment, and the industrial Internet is a national strategic significance. Now we say “track”, will understand how much the market size of the industrial Internet? Which industries walk in the forefront of industrial interconnection? Which provinces and cities are worthy of our concern?

      How much is the market size of industrial Internet? Let’s take a look at the data below: “Industrial Internet Industry Economic Development Report (2020)” The size of the economic value is 2.2.13 trillion yuan, accounting for 2.2% of GDP. </ li>

    • Essezhe pointed out in “Industrial Internet Prospect Report (2015)”, in 2015-230, industrial Internet is expected to bring about 1.8 trillion US dollars to China GDP. </ li>
    • Xinxint Institute data shows that the number of domestic industrial Internet platforms has been less than 50 in 2014, and in March 2018 to 269. </ li> </ ul>It can be seen that the industrial Internet is a trillion market, and the players in the admission are still not much, this is also because the current industrial Internet platform is still in the early stages of development, and there is still a long from the maturity period. time.

      Let’s take a look at which industries walk in the forefront of industrial interconnection? In 2018, the company’s distribution of industrial Internet platform applications, the system of industrial Internet platforms in the mechanical and energy industry is the highest, 36% and 22% respectively. Second, 11%, petrochemical, 9%, 8%. Why is machine and energy rankings? There are two reasons, on the one hand, their output value, high equipment value, high energy consumption, equipment use and generation process, can bring considerable cost reduction; the reason is that the cause of them is high, existence More companies, large customers have strong payment capacity, high digitization, and management relatively regulations.

      From the willingness to try and land the will, the strongest industry is: electricity, car, home appliances, electrons, because these industries can achieve high mechanical and flow rate. There are also state-owned enterprises, such as petroleum petrochemical, high-end equipment, steel metallurgy, aerospace manufacturing, high-speed trains.

      We will then look at the top ten key areas of “China Manufacturing 2025”. The three industry directions are popular: high-grade CNC machine tools, robots, new energy vehicles.

      Talk above, there is also a key industry. Let’s take a look at the popular areas of industrial Internet from a geographic location. Here, the research and analysis of Malone, the Weihai City Economic and Information Commission, who organized the 2017 provinces and cities (including Xinjiang Construction Corps, excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), industrial data, 2017 The total industrial added value of 333 levels of cities is 33081616 billion yuan, which has increased by 5.21% from 3144.355 billion yuan in 2016, and it can be divided into three groups in three or three systems.

      The first group is a total of 6.91% of the total number of urban cities

      including: Suzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Foshan, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Wuxi, Beijing, Changsha, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Quanzhou, Nanjing, Tangshan, Zhengzhou, Dongguan, Yantai, Ningbo, Changzhou, Nantong, and its industrial added value exceeded 300 billion yuan. In 2017, the total industrial added value was 33.39.637 billion yuan, accounting for 33.98% of the total industrial added value. They are the Yangliao City of China Industry.

      The second group is a total of 21.73% of the total number of urban cities

      include: Hefei, Xuzhou, Weifang, Nanchang, Changchun, Jinan, Zibo, Dalian, Dongying, Shijiazhuang, Fuzhou, Yancheng, Taizhou, Yangzhou, Shaoxing, Jiaxing, Huizhou, Zhenjiang, Yulin, Fuyang, Yichang, Erdos, Linyi, Jining, Luoyang, Wenzhou, Shenyang, Wuhu, Zhangzhou, Taizhou, Xi’an, Baotou, Zhongshan, Jinhua, Xiamen, Liaocheng, Texas, Baoding, 邯郸, Daqing, Xuchang, Zhangzhou, Jiazuo, Weihai, Tai’an, Liuzhou, Heze, Zhuzhou, Yueyang, Suqian, Zunyi, Binzhou, Nanyang, Jiangmen, Harbin, Zaozhuang, Huai’an, Nanning, Lianyungang, Maoming, Kunming, Changde, Xianyang, Zhuhai, Jieyang, Baoji, Shantou, Langfang, Huzhou, Zhangzhou, Zhoukou, Hengyang, Jiujiang.

      The added value of its industrial has exceeded 100 billion yuan. In 2017, the total industrial added value was 120.7186 billion yuan, accounting for 36.43% of the total domestic industrial added value. They are a bismuth city in China.

      The third group is a total of 71.17% of the total number of cities in the city

      number of urban numbers, and the importance is not high, this is not listed. . The industrial added value of these cities is less than 100 billion yuan. In 2017, the total industrial added value was completed as 97.90993 billion yuan, accounting for 29.59% of the total industrial added value. They are chasing cities in China.

      We can see that approximately 20% of the city contributes nearly 80% of industrial added value. The depth of the north is still the key city area in the industry. The two places of Sichuan are among the growth rates and the “double TOP 10” ranks.

      In the track, industrial Internet is a trillion market, Key to follow three popular industries: high-grade CNC machine tools, robots, new energy vehicles. In the of the area, in addition to the depth of the north, you should pay attention to the Sichuan District. Let’s go to the “Racing” link to see what kind of business is on this track.

      three Macroless thing. And you can actually see how participants in the industry do.

      I have currently endorse the “Industrial Internet Platform White Paper (2017)” About Industrial Internet Platform Industry System. The entire system is divided into three industrial chain systems. Upstream of the industrial chain is the IAAS and the marginal, mainly providing technical support; The industrial chain is the industrial platform PAAS layer, which is the core layer of the industrial Internet. This layer is divided into four major areas: equipment / automation, ICT enterprise (information With communication technology companies), software companies, manufacturing companies. If the players of the industrial Internet can be classified in these four fields; the last industrial chain downstream is the SaaS application layer, the vertical field users and third-party developers are involved in the platform through application deployment and innovation. the value of.

      We take the two corporate representatives of the foreign countries to see the achievements of industrial Internet, they are GE and Uptake.

      Understand GE, you need to know its “1%” value concept . According to the “Industrial Internet: Breaking the Border of Wisdom and Machines”, in the next 15 years, several key industrial areas will increase huge benefits. According to the calculation of Anxin Securities, the efficiency of the industrial Internet increased by 1% in the industrial field is equivalent to bringing 298 billion yuan in economic value to my country.

      GE is the old brother, let me talk about the new show uptake in just this year. US Class 1 truck company, there is approximately 14,000 trains in the United States to help them save $ 8.5 million in income every year by enabling Uptake artificial intelligence to save. Ameren American Power Plant, annual use of uptake’s artificial intelligent application platform to save $ 9.9 million. Palo Verde nuclear power plant, use uptake every year to save $ 10 million.

      is good, the above shows so many platforms, is it dazzling, can’t catch the focus, here can refer to an evaluation criteria, is “Lighthouse Factory”, English is lighthouse network, simple understanding, intelligent manufacturing field Excellent representative is “Lighthouse Factory.” The “Lighthouse Factory” project was established in 2018 by the World Economic Forum support in 2018, and seals leading enterprises in the fourth industrial revolutionary cutting-edge technology application. The “Lighthouse Factory” assessment is dominated by the World Economic Forum, McKinsey assists.

      January 10, 2020, there are 44-bit “Lighthouse Factory” network members, 12 companies in China :

      1.zymergen Biotech Company Biotechnology, United States </ TD> 12.Phoenix Contact Industrial Automation, Germany </ TD> 23. Saudi Ale Natural Gas Treatment, Saudi Arabia </ TD> 34. Weichai Industrial Machinery, China </ TD> </ Tr> 2.UPS shares Fast Radius additive manufacturing, United States </ TD> 13. Aiko Agricultural Equipment, Germany </ TD> 24. United Lili Consumer Goods, A Joint </ td> 35. Component, Italy </ td> 25. Tata Iron and Steel Products, India </ TD> 36. Haier Household Appliance, China </ TD> 4. Renault Group car, Brazil </ TD> 15. Bayer Pharmaceutical Department, Italy </ TD> 26. Siemens Industrial Automation Product, China </ TD> 37. Johnson DEPUY SYNTHES Medical Equipment, China / TD> </ TD> 16. BMW Group Motor, Germany </ TD> 27. Infineon Semiconductor, Singapore </ TD> 38. Bosch car, China </ td> </ tr> 6. Johnson & Johnson Depuy Synthes Medical Equipment, Ireland </ TD> 17. Procter & Consumer Products, Czech </ TD > 28. Schneider Electrical Electronic Components, Indonesia </ TD> 39. P & G Consumer Goods, China </ TD> 7. Glaxo Trick Pharmaceutical, United Kingdom </ TD> 18.SANDVIK COROMANT Industrial Equipment, Sweden </ TD> 29. Magic Semiconductor, Singapore </ TD> 40. Baoshan Steel Steel Products, China </ TD> </ TR> < Tr> 8. Schneider Electrical Electronic Components, France </ TD> 19. Nokia Electronic Equipment, Finland </ TD> 30.Ptrosea Mining, Indonesia </ TD> 41. Haier Electric, China </ TD> </ TD> 9. Renault Group Car, France </ TD> 20.ar?elik A.?. Household Appliance, Romania </ TD> 31. Foxconn industrial Internet electronic equipment, China </ TD> 42. Pohang iron steel products, Korea </ TD> </ TR> 10. Tata Iron and Steel Articles, Netherlands < / TD>21.PETKIM chemical, Turkey </ TD> 32.Futon Cummins Automobile, China </ TD> 43. General Electric Medical Medical, Japan </ TD> </ TR> 11. Hangao Consumer Products, Germany </ TD> 22. Ford Out Sang Auto, Turkey </ TD> 33. Danfoss Industrial Equipment, China </ TD> 44. Calendar Industrial Equipment, Japan </ TD> </ TR> </ TBody> </ table>It is especially concerned here that Haier, Haier is not only the first company in China’s first “lighthouse factory” in China. And the only enterprise that contributes two lighthouse plants in the same country.

      For racing, we should remember the four areas of industrial PaaS platform classification: equipment / automation, ICT enterprises (information and communication technology companies), software companies, manufacturing companies. I have focused on enterprises: Haier, General Electric GE, Siemens, Tree roots, Foxconn , because they have a deep industrial foot.

      four, the race

      Emerging industries and companies, people’s role is a light, while mature industry and company, it is more dependent on the system. The first-level market is just a new model, and the new company accounts for mainstream, and the role of people will be highlighted. The secondary market, companies are more likely to be listed relatively to mature stages, and the natural system is more valued. Since I have just exposed to the industry of industrial Internet, I don’t know the leading characters in this industry, and there are also business management systems. So this module focuses on the industry-gathering places – industry associations and public accounts , from these two places, see what kind of network connection point is there. Finally, coupled to the capacity requirements for industrial Internet talents.

      About the Industry Association representative, China is the “Industrial Internet Industry Alliance” , English is: Alliance of Industrial Internet, referred to as AII, official website is: http: // www. Aii-alliance.org. Foreign foreign countries “ American Industrial Internet League “, English is: Industrial Internet Consortium, referred to as IIC, official website is: https://www.iiconsortium.org. It was initially formed by General Electric, AT & AMP; T, Cisco, IBM and Intel.

      Next, I quoted Malone of the Weihai Economic and Information Commission, and evaluated 1477 units of “Industrial Internet Industry Alliance”. Let’s learn about the regional distribution and industry distribution of AII members. First look at the distribution of member regions:

      Particivity </ TD> High </ TD> Low </ TD> Low </ TD> Area </ TD> Beijing enterprises account for 28.84%, accounting for 13.61% in Guangdong; Shanghai accounts for 10.36%; Jiangsu accounted for 8.94%; these four provinces accounted for 61.75%, becoming industrial Internet Regional participation “high” area </ TD> There are 15 provinces and cities: Zhejiang, Shandong, Hunan, Liaoning, Hubei, Sichuan, Fujian, Tianjin, Chongqing, Henan, Shaanxi, Anhui, Hebei, Shanxi, Xinjiang. Their total participation reached 467, accounting for 31.62%. </ td> There are 12 provinces and cities: Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Guangxi, Yunnan, Jiangxi, Ningxia, Guizhou, Gansu, Qinghai, Tibet, Hainan. The number of companies participating is only one digit, and the total unit participates in 43, accounting for 2.92% </ td> </ tr> </ tbody> </ table>

      because I am in Shenzhen, so I will pay more attention Guangdong, Guangdong has 9 municipal participation in AII, namely, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhaoqing, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, a total of 198 units.

      The above area can be said that the first-line big cities account for a lot of proportions, let’s take a look at the number of industries participating in the AII company:

      For the US IIC member, you can go to them In the official website, it is seen in Membership in MEMBERSHIP. The website is more human, leaving member’s official website, here you have to praise.

      Next, I collected the public number about the industrial Internet, according to the average article reading, from high to low sort:

      above is the association and public account gathering popularity Wherever, it is said that it is engaged in the capacity requirements of industrial Internet talents. It doesn’t start here, just talk about my feelings. The team members of the future industrial Internet need a composite talent. They must understand technology, and understand the production process, understand the pain points in safe production, and explore specific needs in the production of a line of service market. In industrial enterprises, nearly half (47.3%) enterprises only put into the team of 0 to 5 people for data management.

      5, the audience

      For industrial companies, state-owned enterprises and central enterprises are active participation in industrial Internet queues, they will be cautious than small and medium-sized industrial enterprises. manner. In 2018, my country’s small and medium-sized enterprises have reached 369,000, accounting for 97.6% of the industrial enterprises above all scale. If the guest bill of SMEs, the market size is 184.5-55.35 billion. The customer’s guest bill price is estimated according to 100 ~ 2 million, and the market size is 91 to 18.2 billion.

      Good, simple summary, starting the two issues I put forward.

      I have been doing industrial Internet for half a life?

      In the next 231 years, my country’s population aging and born The population gradually decreases , industrial automation is an inevitable Demand, and China as the second largest economy, the industry will develop to high-end development, need more high-end talent demand. The industrial itself is an important part of the national GDP, and the market size is trillion market. At present, “my country’s industrial Internet is the beginning of the technology development curve in the starting phase

      . The barrier of the industry is , which is biased towards the accumulation of technology, not in the morning, so the more precipitation, the more market differentiation. In combination, I can pay for the second half of this career.

      What is my ecological position in an industrial Internet system?

      Due to the industrial Internet is a complex system, think about it, the traditional industry is complicated, plus the field of Internet information, these two horm big things should be coordinated, not a The company platform can easily monopolize, requires a lot of division of labor to complete, just like the field of automobile and real estate, their synergistic network is complex. In the 4 years of my business notes, I have repeatedly appeared, it is: In the system, find your own ecological bit . Combine my own specialty and hobbies, in the industrial Internet, I will do a good job in human-machine interface and human-machine interaction, becoming an expert, in this ecological bit, join the industrial Internet this value network, transfer value.

      If you think the article is good, please share friends around you.

      I am a sea brother, I look forward to your different sentiments, we will see it next time.

      Now that you have known about the Salary of Network Security Engineer, you must be attracted to achieving it. If you wish to have it, you must have to do lots and lots of studies, unless you have a good and reliable CCNP 350 801 CLCOR Dumps provider like that of the EveDumps.

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