When CAR-NK met the idealist Li Huashun – Dr. Li Huashun, founder of Antco

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p> In 2007, Dr. Li Huashun created the Huaxi Developmental Stem Cell Institute. In 2013, he founded the Stem Cell Transformation Medical Center of Tongji University Oriental Hospital and served as the first director. When I returned to China, Dr. Li Huashun took on a major scientific research plan for the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Major Natural Science Foundation, and served as the chief scientist of major new drug creative projects.

Multi-gene editing is carried out by NK cells, Azco’s concept of multi-functional anti-tumor integration drug (ID), and has developed original Robo1 Carst, which can be largely industrialized. NK immunocytocytes, which showed outstanding direct killing + secondary immune in the clinic.

The proud Valley team has been visited to the TG-BIO 2021 cellular gene immunization technology conference speech – Antco founder: Dr. Li Huishun .

Through this interview, Dr. Li Huashun shared his experience and its own experience in the study of cellular immunotherapy research. From 2013 Tongji University to 2015 to the company to develop. In the seven years, Dr. Li has been committed to the development and application of CAR-NK cell therapy. In terms of him, NK cells as a CAR modified effect cells have a unique advantage in safety, standardization and modularization </ B “.

Although the study of NK cells and T cells at the same time in the immunization of NK cells simultaneously, due to the presence of cell amplification problems in NK, it is far less than T cells in the substantive progress. And now Asco’s primary work is to solve this challenge. With the continuous development and progress of technology, it is believed that the CAR-NK will also become an important pillar in the field of cellular immunotherapy, and Azco, the first layout is also expected to become the bridge of this track.

佰 傲 谷 Biovalley: What do you think of the current individualized cell therapy? Why did you choose a CAR-NK area?

Li Huashun: We started a broad-spectrum multifunctional cell therapy at first. In a study of a series of cells such as T cell, NK cells, found that T cells have a problem that the problem is always solved , especially for advanced cancer patients, T cell function defects, etc. In vivo activity is not very high, it is difficult to reach an effective level.

NK cells are mainly without GVHD reactions. Mode cell NK92 has the ability to naturally kill cells, but it is still not enough, it also needs to be further processed, allowing it to have other killing capabilities, this is CAR-NK origin. When developing, it is possible to consider , especially with the emergence of genetic editing, especially with the emergence of genetic editing, it is possible to let it kill tumors on the one hand. On the other hand, mobilize the entire body immune response.

NK cells have actually been prepared for many years. It is that it cannot proliferate in the body, and the survival time is short. In fact, Any natural product exists too long, and there will be a problem to generate . The immune system produces a limited cell species, with different functions, NK cells, despite short time, but killing activity is still very high, causing a lot of facts after killing. In fact, in the case of inflammation, NK cells will play a very important role in killing tumors, released new antigens, and releases factors, like interleight factors, IL-10, IL-15, IIL-12, CCL1 , CCL2. Inflammatory Factors will mobilize the entire collective intrusion and mutant cells, in one aspect, promote the maturity of target DC, and T cells are activated, such as TREG cells, to prevent excessive immune responses.

In addition, NK is safe relative to other cells, and does not excessively produce an inflammatory factor that causes cytokines to release syndrome, although these factors must be produced. The generation of cytokines is actually beneficial to fight an anti-inflammation, and it must not completely eliminate it. Based on the above reasons, we finally selected NK cells, and insisted on now.

傲 谷 BioValley: What is your continuous emerged new type of cell therapy such as Car-Nkt, Car-M, Car-Treg, etc.?

Dr. Li Huishun: Hundreds of flowers, the immune system is not relying on a cell, all of which are likely. After editing multi-function editing through this gene, these immune cells can be made in various possibilities. The problem of the previous gene editor has been solved, and the problem is the process, one is crystalline, one is glass, one is dry powder, and I have been thinking. Overall, the most happy thing is that there is a new thing that has emerged.

佰 傲 谷 BioValley: In many immune cell therapies such as Car-T, TCR-T, TIL, what role do you think CAR-NK plays?

Dr. Li Huashun: The immune system is a system, all of which have different cells. The cells have complementarity, positive regulation and negative regulation, different places in different parts. Choosing NK cells, there is a personal preference, and there is also the development of the entire field. First, CAR-NK cells are naturally killed cells. From the 1970s, you have attracted everyone’s interest. Second NK cells are easy to achieve multi-functionalization. The biochemical properties of NK cells integrated in the function is more stable. In the future, it can be used as soluble cell drugs, and it can also be dry powder. After the process, it can be used immediately after freezing, and we need further in this regard. breakthrough.

佰 傲 谷 BioValley: The company’s CAR-NK did not use Car-T ‘s successful target, and excavated the new target. How do you consider this?

Li Huishun: I think this is the shortcomings of scientists is also the advantage, because as scientists, I don’t want to do the same thing as others.

The preferred target Robo1 is not intended to choose, and has a historical inevitability . At the beginning, a lot of targets were at the beginning, including these blood tumors, including CD19, CD20, etc. During this screening process, it was found that this target was found, in the study of this target, for eight years, we conducted a series of work and a unique moment to this target.

We studied that Robo1 has high expression in 80% of physical tumors, and normal tissue expression is very low. So I think it is a very good target. In accordance with this target, we have posted the national major new drug creation project in 2013, and a single project is also the largest fund support to arrive at RMB 30.48 million, got a strong support of the country. The global pharmaceutical companies are only doing this target, although other companies are difficult to imitate, but for us is also huge, we still choose to have left such a difficult road.

佰 傲 谷 Biovalley: View of large-scale industrialized CAR-NK immunocyte drugs?

Li Huashush: Push forward, push it back, you want your future product what is like, according to this goal, advancement. The purpose of all studies can be a medicinal and practical humanity. Personalized treatment can only meet some people, I think it is a Corner Market, I hope that our drugs have a year, Hundreds of patients. In the current market, it is very impossible to treat 5,000 patients with personalized treatment. At present, some production platforms that can be quickly produced are very good for the entire industry, and every progress in the industry is exciting.

佰 傲 谷 Biovalley: How can China’s cell treatments can build their own international competitiveness?

From the psychology will never change the world, must have innovative in the target, and on the other hand, capital needs to be integrated, and we now cultivate the research and development, not enough Capital has been innovated, and the company has been to innovate research and development is very difficult. In 13 years, the country’s project funds are my angel fund. Capital is boost, but also a quick return, like we Select an innovative road, may not be a successful business path, but ultimately you will find that this may be a correct way , because it is the global First.

佰 傲 谷 BioValley: Antco’s product line layout and CAR-NK product progress?

This pipeline has more than a dozen products. In the future, we have four forming products in the future, we also have some protein drugs, nano-antibody drugs in research, but our cell medicine is us The first push. In the past few years, from 19 years, CAR-NK companies gradually show the head corners, and all major pharmaceutical companies in the United States began to lay out in Merzha East, GSK, Sanfi, and more than one in the field of CAR-NK. Many other companies do not have reported. In the next five years, NK will gradually become a new wind direction standard in the field of cell therapy.


During the process of each drug product, the lack of way is not a way, the lack is dare to be a first, original innovation the spirit of. Dr. Li Huishun describes himself, a reasonable idealist, a rational scientist, is like a person who wants to be tied to firecrackers, and they are both before the modern aircraft and space rocket inventions. Humans flying toward the universe of the sky, and the victims of human development history.

About Azco Li

Askili Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Abbestation Askili) was established in China’s biomedical research and development Jieni – Suzhou Industrial Park Biomedical Industry Park, registered capital of 30 million, founder Li Huishun, as Chairman and General Manager. It is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to R & D, production and sales of immunotherapy drugs and NK cell health products. More than 70 invention patents have been applied, including 14 global invention patents (PCTs).

Askili is the world’s leading chimeric antigen receptor CAR-NK R & D enterprise, and the Antco force team led Dr. Li Huishun, and sets more than 30 years in the US and China’s research and development experience, based on human natural killing The cell line NK92 has developed more than 10 kinds of CAR-NK92 series of cell drug products that can be produced, stably expressed, covering 90% of blood tumors, solid tumors. Among them, Robo1car-NK has a good response to more than 80% of the physical tumors. It has been a good response through non-registered clinical trial treatment, and there is currently no significant side effects and has the effect of continuous relief and secondary immunity. The products developed have a variety of global exclusive CAR-NK cell line drugs. The company has seven core technology platforms, namely tumor antigen antibody screening platform, antibody expression platform, antibody affinity mature and humanization engineering platform, Car construction platform, gene editing platform, CAR cell engineering process platform, large-scale production and quality assurance platform .

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