Why is cloud computing more and more popular? 9 characteristics summary of cloud computing

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Today, cloud computing is increasingly popular. The reason behind this is the company that requires companies that require storage data. Therefore, many companies provide large space in the competition to store data and various functions and quality services. It has been found that cloud computing is a model for achieving a common, convenient and on-demand network access. Cloud computing has many services and functions. Let’s take a look at the 9 characteristics of cloud computing together with Qianfeng Guangzhou Xiaobian!

1, the availability of resources is high. This service is designed to serve multiple customers, which is done with the help of multi-tenant model. Many physical and virtual resources are available, and can be modified according to customer needs. It can be said that customers don’t know the storage location of the data, even they can’t control data.

2, self-service is available. It is one of the important and valuable features of cloud computing because users can continue to monitor the server’s normal running time, functionality, and allocated network storage. With this feature, users can also monitor computing functions.

3, easy to maintain. The server is easy to maintain, and the downtime is very short. In some cases, there is no downtime. Cloud computing will provide updates every time you improve it. These updates are more compatible with the device and faster than the old version and fixes the error.

4, large network access. Simply use the device and internet connection, users can access cloud computing data from anywhere or upload data to the cloud. These functions are spread throughout the network and can be accessed through internet.

5, usability. The function of cloud computing can be modified as needed and there are many extensions. It analyzes storage usage and allows users to purchase additional storage spaces at very few costs when needed. This service is available at any time and can be accessed anywhere.

6, automation. Cloud computing automatically analyzes the required data and supports certain service levels of metering. This method can be monitored, controlled, and reported to provide transparency for hosts and customers.

7, economy. This is a one-time investment because companies must purchase stores, one of whom can provide many companies, monthly or annual costs can only save basic maintenance costs and a few more expenses.

8, security. This is one of the best features of cloud computing. It creates a snapshot of the stored data, so that even if one of the servers are corrupted, the data will not be lost. Data is stored in a storage device and cannot be attacked and utilized by any other person. The storage service is fast and reliable, just access from anywhere with the device and internet connection.

9, it is currently available. In cloud computing, users only need to pay for services or their space they use. There is no hidden or additional cost. This service is very economical, most of which are free.

The above is 9 characteristics of cloud computing, how do you know?

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