Will you be replaced with rapid development of artificial intelligence?

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Countless sci-fi movie shows a beautiful future:

When you have a soft smart voice from the dream in the morning, the robot is ready to prepare a rich food for you, and Remind you today’s itinerary;

The wearable intelligent terminal has been connected to the network, search for your attention, automatic broadcast;

intelligent health perceived equipment according to your physical condition, recommended The corresponding treatment plan;

Smart driving transportation can bring you free to gallop, fly over the horizon;

robot partner becomes a friend of human beings;

artificial intelligence When the robot can sleep in humans, instead of human management spacecraft, carry a long intersteration;

The robot has replaced human beings, and humans become parasites they have disgusted.

Of course, there are artificial intelligence evolution with human emotions, began to wake up, they start to lose control, betrayal, began to control their own destiny, human beings are forced and the robot is the ultimate battle. This war, the relationship between life and death, is related to the future of bio group and machine ethnic groups.

Some people say that artificial intelligence is still very low, it is not that step.

People have no hangout, there must be near worry.

The thinking of the Alpha GO of the Human War Alpha Go, the humanity has lost an important city. Is the robot going chess? The robot will not play chess, it is just through the algorithm, it is more than one step more than humans. It has learned a few steps through its speed and mass storage. Heart.

From Deep Blue to Alpha GO, accompanied by a new round of artificial intelligence. There is IBM before, there is Google, and there are major companies to promote the boost before and after. From the earliest map foreground testing machines, there is human mind, and today’s artificial intelligence is widely involved in human life, and it has triggered the widespread concern of mankind to artificial intelligence. Regarding whether artificial intelligence is beneficial to humans, humans will be replaced and arguing never stopped.

Human speed runs fadeta, invented the car; flying flying birds, invented the aircraft; the invention of various detection machines expanded and extends human perception. The development of machines greatly enhances human own capabilities. The development of artificial intelligence is itself is the improvement and unsatisfaction of human beings on self, but the various functions of human beings are also gradually degraded.

The abuse of artificial intelligence is also deeply affected by human society.

Artificial intelligence to human recent threat:

1 Calling social turmoil.

Second, the machine has accumulated user information with massive storage, it collected your many years of shopping habits, personal interest, and even your political tendency. May lead to personal privacy leakage.

Third, the abuse of intelligent algorithms is difficult to ensure the fairness, just and disclosure of the algorithm.


Mid October 2018, Amazon closed (experimental) artificial intelligence recruitment engine, the engine was originally scored for job seekers, then score The resume of high people is pushing to the human resources department responsible for recruitment, and the resume of people with low score is eliminated.

But in practice, developers found that artificial intelligence prejudice to “women” job seekers. If the word “female” appears in a specific context, it may be automatically downgraded.

This is not a developer deliberately designed, to be prejected, but a model that manually intelligently draws from the company’s history Shanghai’s number of job hunting and recruitment data. As a technology company, about 60% of the Amazon is male, male job seekers are far more than women. With the application of artificial intelligence, how to ensure the fairness, impartiality and safety of artificial intelligence algorithms become a top priority.

When you buy a wealth management product, the machine algorithm makes an intelligent assessment, saying that you are not suitable for buying;

When you go to the loan, the machine algorithm evaluation says that it is recommended to give you Loan

Artificial intelligence should help human beings make better decisions, rather than making a decision for humans.

Artificial intelligence to the long-term threat of humanity:

The Japanese government “brain” is open, launched a AI (artificial intelligence) wedding system, encouraging young people to talk about love, marriage . It is reported that the artificial smart wedding system can not only do the door to the door, but also “potential fitness” indicators, that is, the door of the spiritual level is correct, so that the two sides become a spiritual partner of each other.

The robot partner walks into life from film and television.

1. Artificial intelligence abuse may trigger ethical truth and law conflict.

Second, military robots will take a military conflict.

Artificial intelligent robot’s ultimate threat to humans:

It will self-study, self-manufacturing and maintenance, self-service.

How to redefine the relationship between the person and the robot, the machine slave, the main servant, partner, the enemy?

Human development requires artificial intelligence, but it also puts double-edged swords, humans should have worry about the development of artificial intelligence, with a precedent as a war, taking the rules, respectful, knowing the fear, such humans Talents can be made, there is something wrong!

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